Bank of the Universe

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Tian Guangming, Step Out!

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Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush’s attacks instantly and unexpectedly killed Tiandao Sect’s Sect Leader.

Even if everyone guessed that it was a Celestial Artifact that was really strong, they didn’t expect that it would be so strong to instantly slay Tiandao Sect’s Sect Leader.

Tiandao Sect Sect Leader Mingkun had Holy Lord level of strength. Even if he wasn’t that strong, he shouldn’t have been killed by a Dao Pursuing Realm kid, right?

Even if this kid held a Celestial Artifact in his hands, could a Dao Pursuing Realm person utilize a Celestial Artifact?

The strength of the artifact depended on the strength of the user.

Dao Pursuing Realm probably wouldn’t even be able to use a Celestial Artifact, much less kill a Holy Lord expert?

Everyone from Tiandao Sect, from bottom to top, was totally confused.

Even Tian Guangming, who knew what was going on, was stunned.

He only guessed that Mingkun would suffer, but he didn’t expect Mingkun to be killed right away.

That was just too much, right?

”Can a Celestial Artifact be used without a master?” Tian Guangming couldn’t help but ask himself.

Zhou Tianyu didn’t care about their shock. He saw the Heaven Emperor Brush kill the Tiandao Sect Sect Leader instantly and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

”Father, mother, brother, sister, your spirit in heaven can rest. Today, I will definitely take revenge for you all, I will make him pay for what he did!” After smiling, Zhou Tianyu hollered in rage. The rage that he suppressed at the bottom of his heart could finally be released.

”Who are you? We have no animosity with one another, so why did you bring a Celestial Artifact to cause problems at my Tiandao Sect?” A Tiandao Sect Elder stood out and chided.

They didn’t dare to underestimate Zhou Tianyu, who had a Celestial Artifact.

”No animosity?” Zhou Tianyu laughed and his gaze turned cold.

”You should ask your Young Master Mingtu whether or not he knows me!” Zhou Tianyu said coldly.

”Mingtu!” This Elder’s expression changed. He immediately thought about Mingtu’s arrogant personality. He turned around and hollered, “Bring Mingtu over!”

Even the Sect Leader was dead so no one was protecting Mingtu. The atmosphere around Tiandao Sect was a little different.

A moment later, Mingtu cried out as someone dragged him over.


Mingtu was tossed on the square. When he saw Zhou Tianyu, he was terrified. His legs went soft and he retreated.

When Zhou Tianyu saw Mingtu, the energy in his body went berserk.

This person had wiped out his family!

This was the person who raped his fiancee!

This person made him give up anything and everything to take revenge!

”Mingtu, do you recognize me?” Zhou Tianyu gritted his teeth and said.

Mingtu looked at Zhou Tianyu’s gaze; he could see that he wished to swallow him alive and rip his skin apart. He was instantly terrified and said, “Zhou Tianyu, I am sorry about your family. I can compensate Source, Spirit Meridian, Artifacts, techniques, but just let me go.”

Mingtu personally witnessed his father being killed and at this point was petrified, so how would he be courageous enough to fight and argue with Zhou Tianyu? He even wanted to take out all his assets and pass them to Zhou Tianyu, in exchange for a chance to live.

”I had all of that, but you destroyed everything. Now, I have nothing. Can you return the girl I loved?” Zhou Tianyu roared out viciously.

Mingtu was so petrified that he fell to the ground. Zhou Tianyu looked just like a ghost that had climbed out from hell and wanted to take his life.

”Great Master save me.” Mingtu looked at the top Elder under his father and begged.

The Elder sighed and stepped out, “Friend, Mingtu has paid the price; you have killed his father, but can you let him off? ”

”Why are you helping him?” Zhou Tianyu asked coldly.

The Elder said bitterly, “After all, this is my disciple.”

”Arrogant only because of the backing of these elders; otherwise, he wouldn’t have become so bold, and wouldn’t have wiped out my family and raped my fiancee. Today, you even dare to say such bold words. He made a mistake and you are at fault for that too. Die!” Zhou Tianyu raged, he couldn’t suppress his rage any longer as he activated the Heaven Emperor Brush.


Heaven Emperor Brush directly landed and a giant ‘death’ word appeared in mid-air, smashing into the Elder’s head.

The Elder was unable to find back. He was quasi Holy Lord level of strength and his death was just too tragic.

Mingtu was stunned as he looked on; his eyes were filled with despair. The two backers behind him had all died!

Now, who would save him?

The other Elders of Tiandao Sect were solemn and felt like this was really problematic. He stared at Zhou Tianyu, but they weren’t able to do anything.

”This is the strength of a Celestial Artifact. The core Celestial Seals have been opened which is why it is so strong. Unless a really strong person attacks, we won’t be able to block. What should we do?” An Elder frowned.

The strength of the Heaven Emperor Brush was too much for them.

A small Zhou Tianyu couldn’t be considered much.

”Go ask the Grand Elder!” An Elder said right away.

But the moment he said this, an old person floated above the square and appeared right in front of Zhou Tianyu. He stared at the Heaven Emperor Brush’s attacks and just walked like nothing was happening.

”Friend, I am the last Sect Leader of Tiandao Sect and have retired behind the scenes. Here I apologize to you on behalf of Tiandao Sect.” The old man bowed respectfully.

Tiandao Sect’s Elders all didn’t say a word.

Since the Grand Elder appeared, what else could they say?

”My Zhou Family has 149 people, my fiancee’s family had a dozen; all of them died because of your Tiandao Sect disciple. Can a simple apology wipe that away?” Zhou Tianyu laughed coldly as he didn’t accept that apology.

Tiandao Sect’s Elders stared at Zhou Tianyu in rage. He felt like he was too much. The Grand Elder was a person close to Holy Lord level and he actually didn’t accept his apology?

Do you really think that because of a Celestial Artifact you can do whatever you want?

”My Tian Guangming will hand everyone related to Mingtu over to you for you to handle them.” Tian Guangming walked over and said in a loud voice.

The Grand Elder looked at Tian Guangming and he frowned. But looking at the Heaven Emperor Brush, which was about to attack once more, he suppressed his temper and nodded.

”Friend, Mingtu killed your family, so now you can kill him. I will hand over everyone who is blood-related to him, including those disciples who have been causing problems with him.” The Grand Elder said.

Zhou Tianyu laughed coldly, “Okay, pick them all out. Tian Guangming, don’t try to con me.”

Tian Guangming shook his head, “Why would I dare?”

The two of them recognized one another and naturally they couldn’t bluff each other.

Tian Guangming knew who the Heaven Emperor Brush belonged to and he also knew how much Zhou Tianyu wanted to take revenge. He also knew how terrifying the Bank of the Universe was, which was why he stepped out after the Sect Leader died.

The Grand Elder looked at Tian Guangming and said weirdly, “White Emperor, you broke through?”

White Emperor Tian Guangming rose from Sect Leader level combat strength to Holy Lord level of combat strength. With his terrifying techniques, he could stabilize at that level.

This time, was it a blessing or a bane for Tiandao Sect?

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