Bank of the Universe

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Strength Of Celestial Weapon

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Tiandao Sect, a top power in Dali Land, was much stronger than some ancient holy lands.

In front of Tiandao Sect, Spirit Illusion Holy Land could be totally disregarded.

Spirit Illusion Holy Land had over 10,000 disciples and was passed on for 100,000 years, occupying 100,000 mountains, and had numerous resources.

Tiandao Sect had a few hundred thousand disciples and was passed down for a million years, occupying many secret areas. It also had a bit of a relationship with the Celestial World and was connected with the other Nine Skies and Ten Lands.

This was also the reason why Tiandao Sect disciples were so overbearing.

This was because, in Dali Land, they were the bosses; it might have even been right to consider them the top power.

Tiandao Sect didn’t even think that one day someone would target them and insult them at their entrance.

This was something they always did to the outside world.

When Zhou Tianyu brought the Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush to head over to Tiandao Sect, he made no effort to suppress the hatred in his eyes.

His parent’s debt!

His family’s debt!

His beloved brother and sister!

The girl he grew up with since he was young!

Everything in this life was ruined by Tiandao Sect!

Zhou Tianyu would even enter the demon path to borrow strength to wipe Tiandao Sect out!

Luckily, the Bank of the Universe gave him this chance, otherwise, he would have gone crazy from the daily torture he suffered.

”Today, I, Zhou Tianyu, am here to claim my blood debt!” Zhou Tianyu’s eyes turned red as he stepped toward Tiandao Sect. His aura swelled up.

Although he was only at Dao Pursuing Realm, he used his talent to exchange for a Celestial Artifact.

He was confident in this Celestial Artifact.


The moment Heaven Emperor Brush floated out, its jade-like body shone brightly, attracting a great deal of attention.

In the next moment, Heaven Emperor Brush lightly brushed in the sky and a word appeared.



The mountains all around Tiandao Sect collapsed. In front of Zhou Tianyu’s eyes, a series of fireworks spread out and it was extremely beautiful.

”Who is so bold to act so arrogantly in my Tiandao Sect? You are just asking to die!”

”I haven’t revealed my strength in a long time and someone actually dares to come and bully, preposterous!”

”No matter who it is, an expert of the righteous path, or an emperor of the demon path, you will die today.”

”Tiandao Sect disciples listen up, lock down the area such that this person can’t leave!”

Everyone cursed out and those sounds filled up the whole area, reverberating through the mountains. They were filled with rage and hatred.

When had Tiandao Sect ever been humiliated like that?

The enemy had reached their entrance and even shattered their mountains; he was just asking to die!!!

When Zhou Tianyu heard these words, he gave out a mocking smile and said, “I didn’t think about fleeing. In the world, the power of reason is the most important thing; I am here to reason with you all.”


This was what Zhou Tianyu insisted on.

I didn’t offend you but because you were interested in my fiancee’s looks, you killed my entire family and raped my fiancee!

You were wrong!

  This is why even if I risk my life, I will reason with you all.

  The killer must pay with his life and that is the law of the land!

  This reason will be birthed from the Heaven Emperor Brush!

The Tiandao Sect Elders and disciples all gathered, but Zhou Tianyu didn’t fear anything. He stepped out and stood on the Tiandao Sect square.

”Mingtu, come out and pay!” Zhou Tianyu said coldly.

”Bold. Is Senior Brother Mingtu’s name something you can call directly?” A disciple cursed.

He was the best at sucking up and he knew it.

Zhou Tianyu looked at him, his eyes were calm and unaffected. You protecting Mingtu means that you are an accomplice.

  Since you are an accomplice, then you too must die!

Zhou Tianyu held the Heaven Emperor Brush, as it moved, a ‘death’ word appeared. Instantly, that disciple, who sucked up, died.

There were no signs of what happened at all; he died just like that.

Such that Tiandao Sect disciples were terrified. They couldn’t help but move away, what was going on?

”People who help Mingtu today will be seen as his accomplices and I will kill you each and every one of you!” Zhou Tianyu warned in advance and looked at the mountains as he shouted.

”Mingtu, the remaining person from the Zhou Family, is here to reason with you!”

”My Tiandao Sect doesn’t need to reason with you!” An old and cold voice replied. Along with a sharp and fierce palm that covered the area and wanted to kill Zhou Tianyu!



Many Tiandao Sect Elders looked on coldly at that strike.

They all felt that Zhou Tianyu, who was only at Dao Pursuing Realm, would definitely die.

However, Tian Guangming was not included among them!

He stood on a mountain peak and his eyes were really cold as he looked at Zhou Tianyu. Especially at the Celestial Artifact that Zhou Tianyu held in his hands, Heaven Emperor Brush!

He was probably the only person there who knew that it was a Celestial Artifact.

Tian Guangming’s Sect Leader attacked; he had to protect his son, to kill Zhou Tianyu. This made Tian Guangming laugh coldly.

”This is the outcome for spoiling your future generations, resulting in him being so lawless and arrogant. You made him fear nothing in the world, so you are pretty much scum. Tiandao Sect has too many of such people; generation after generation, it has become worse. If not for your foundations supporting, then it would have totally collapsed.” Tian Guangming laughed coldly. He didn’t have any children, so he could give his opinions rationally.

Mingtu’s sins would be repaid in full by Tiandao Sect!

He deserved to die!

If Tian Guangming was the Tiandao Sect Sect Leader, he would definitely order them to kill Mingtu.

But unfortunately, the Sect Leader was Mingtu’s father and he decided to keep Mingtu alive and tried to kill Zhou Tianyu, turning the big matter into a small one.

”You deserve to die!” Zhou Tianyu’s gaze became violent. He came to reason but the opposition actually slapped him without saying a word, wanting to kill him.

”Since you are not listening to my reason, then let the Heaven Emperor Brush reason with you!” Zhou Tianyu laughed coldly. He let go and allowed the Heaven Emperor Brush to float up.

”Kill him!” Zhou Tianyu gave a cruel order.

Heaven Emperor Brush swelled up; its body grew to 100 meters in size and it wrote a few words in the air.

Unstoppable Thunder!

The moment the few words were written, the color of the sky changed, many clouds gathered, and dark clouds covered the sky.


Many strikes of lightning shot down, slicing off Tiandao Sect’s palm. This caused many of the elders to look on with their mouths wide open.

”What artifact is that?”

”It wrote a few words and was able to cause such a huge earthquake. Is that a Celestial Artifact?” An Elder guessed.

”Celestial Artifact!!!”

”That is actually a Celestial Artifact?”

”How would a Celestial Artifact listen to a Dao Pursuing Realm kid?”

”If it is not a Celestial Artifact, then how would it be so strong?”

Tian Guangming looked on and smiled; Tian Guangming teaching clowns and failing was something he loved to see.

”Later on, you will know how big of a problem your son has caused for you. With just your bit of cultivation, you won’t be able to block at all.” Tian Guangming laughed coldly as he made his mind up to not interfere and just enjoy the show.

The Tiandao Sect Sect Leader who was hiding in the random area in the clouds didn’t bother about Zhou Tianyu at all. He treated him like an ant that he could casually smash to death.

But who would guess that this ant would bite him? Although he wasn’t injured, he lost all his face.

The Tiandao Sect Sect Leader stepped out, crossing 300 miles. He wanted to land on the hall and cut Zhou Tianyu into eight pieces.

But at that moment, Heaven Emperor Brush showed off its strength once more. He locked onto him and wrote a word in the air.


A sharp sword glow appeared in the sky and flew forward. It caused the Tiandao Sect Sect Leader’s expression to change and he tried to block it. However, it was useless as his body was sliced into many pieces.

Tiandao Sect Sect Leader was dead!

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