Bank of the Universe

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Merging Talent

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After sending Tian Guangming away, Li Xiandao returned back to the Bank of the Universe.

Thinking back to Tian Guangming’s, who looked like a fool, Li Xiandao felt really amused.

If a frog at the bottom of the well didn’t jump out, it would never know how wide this land was.

Li Xiandao had decided to let Guangming out to break through from the start. If he was smart, then he would instantly rush over after he broke through.

Li Xiandao, who returned to the Bank of the Universe once more, looked at Seven.

”Did anyone come?” Li Xiandao asked curiously.

”Not just yet and only 2 of the 10 watches found a master. The other 8 are still roaming to find suitable people.” Seven shook her head.

”There is no rush, we are also lacking items right now and only have a few hundred thousand God Source. I gave the Celestial Artifact to Zhou Tianyu and if someone comes to trade, it would be a little problematic.” Li Xiandao explained.

The watches didn’t randomly find people, but based on what the Bank of the Universe had, they would find people who lacked that item to trade.

There were many who lacked God Source, but very few who the Bank of the Universe was interested in, which was why one was unable to find any.

Li Xiandao wasn’t in a rush and he focused on all the talent that he had just received.

Prophet talent!

Seven said that this was a rare talent and one that one couldn’t wish for.

What Li Xiandao lacked the most was talent.

He was already 18 years old and currently, he didn’t even have a single bit of cultivation.


Li Xiandao was previously a slave and he didn’t have any resources or any cultivation techniques and that was the reason why he was unable to cultivate.

In the three months that Li Xiandao transmigrated, he tried to learn techniques and now he had the resources to do so, but he still hadn’t broken through. This was the problem with his talent.

”How is my talent?” Li Xiandao asked Seven.

”Truthfully?” Seven had a bit of an awkward expression on her beautiful face.

Li Xiandao nodded his head, “I want to hear the truth!”

”If I randomly find a beggar on the streets, he might have higher talent than Master.” Seven said truthfully.

Li Xiandao kept silent and found it a little hard to breathe.

Those words were just so painful to the heart!

”Switch, I have to switch talents.” Li Xiandao was decisive; if he did not switch talents, then he would be trash for the rest of his life.

Even if he developed the Bank of the Universe, he, himself, was still trash and Li Xiandao couldn’t accept that.

Seven smiled, “Master, do you know why I asked you to switch for that talent?”

”Why?” Li Xiandao asked.

”That is because I can help you switch your talent. Not only that, but I can also activate the Prophet talent.” Seven smiled gently and said.

Li Xiandao said with joy, “You can activate talents?”

If at the starting ages of the talent, one wasn’t able to allow it to come into effect, it would remain dormant and await the time that it was activated.

But there were many common people in the world who didn’t activate their talents.

Growing old and dying, greed, desire, love, hatred, bitterness… There were many such examples!

All sorts of examples would cause one to lose their focus in the journey upward, causing them to forget to activate and develop their talent.

This was why many people, when they were on the verge of death, wouldn’t know that as long as they worked a little harder, they would become an elite person!

Only the minority would be able to maintain their heart and focus on the climb and what would walk out from that would be the most amazing and true self.

Those kinds of people were called geniuses!

There were many elites, each generation had many elites that were uncountable!

But in the end, only a handful of people could become geniuses!

This was why Li Xiandao was so shocked that Seven could actually activate talent.

”I am the Artifact Spirit of the Bank of the Universe, but I am also a real person. I have my own emotions and abilities. Apart from being unable to leave Bank of the Universe, I am no different from other people. So, does master want me to help you merge talent?” Seven smiled as she asked.

Li Xiandao looked at the beautiful face of Seven and nodded.

”Sit down.” Seven instructed Li Xiandao to sit down.

”Close your eyes!”

Li Xiandao listened and followed her instructions.

”Clear your mind!”

Li Xiandao cleared his mind.

”Forget everything!”

Li Xiandao slowly forgot everything.

Seven took out Zhou Tianyu’s talent from the jade box and slowly pulled out Li Xiandao’s talent. In the end, he shoved Zhou Tianyu’s talent in.

This was the first step!

The second step was the crucial merging!

If the talent was shoved in but repelled by one’s body, then the problem would be huge and it would be easy for people to die.

This was why Seven was very well behaved and gentle as she carefully helped Li Xiandao merge with the talent.

Time passed really quickly during the merger.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed!

During those three days, Li Xiandao hid in the Bank of the Universe and didn’t worry about anything else.

But there was a storm surging outside.

First was Spirit Illusion Holy Land being forcefully disbanded. They lost their Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush and their Holy Lord level Luo Shui and Sect Leader level Feng Luo both died. Everyone was so shocked their eyes fell out.

The entire Spirit Illusion Holy Land was occupied by a mortal, who had no cultivation at all.

The remaining people split into many small sects. They didn’t have territory, so they snatched others. An ancient Holy Land suddenly falling caused many small sects to be established.

No one dared to find Li Xiandao for revenge!

Heaven Emperor Brush was so strong and terrified people to death. No one, from the elders to the deacons had the courage to do anything.

The long period of peace had wiped out Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s hot blood.

During these few days, Tiandao Sect wasn’t quiet either.

A Dao Pursuing Realm kid took a Celestial Artifact and charged outside Tiandao Sect, and said that he wanted to kill the son of the Sect Leader, Mingtu.

This spurred Tiandao Sect’s rage when Sect Leader, Mingkun, came out to deal with the matter.

Within White Emperor City, White Emperor openly broke through. On the third day after he returned, he burned 500,000 God Source and used this power to break through all at once.

”Heaven Essence Realm has finally been reached.” Tian Guangming’s body changed and his white-haired disappeared, turning dark black. His loose skin became strong and he now had 1,000 years more to live.

”Cultivation starts from Foundation, going through, Ascension, Life Wheel, Dao Pursuing, Nirvana, Emptiness, Earth Branch, and Heaven Essence!”

Reaching the Earth Branch Realm was what the people of Dali Land commonly called the Sect Leader level.

Dali Land had many Sect Leaders who were at this realm.

Tian Guangming was at this realm a few days ago. In addition to the overbearing techniques he cultivated, he could fight one against 10, which was why he was called White Emperor.

But even someone as strong as him was unable to fight someone of the Heaven Essence Realm.

Heaven Essence Realm was the Holy Lord level of strength.

It was the realm that Luo Shui was at.

Now, Tian Guangming had reached that realm and completed his wishes.


Just as Tian Guangming was feeling happy, at the Tiandao Sect entrance, a giant aura surged, causing Tian Guangming to look over.

”This is… The power of a Celestial Artifact!” Tian Guangming’s expression changed. He didn’t expect Zhou Tianyu to head to Tiandao Sect so quickly.

”Go take a look, I want to witness the strength of a Celestial Artifact too!” Tian Guangming took in a deep breath and headed toward Tiandao Sect right away.

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