Bank of the Universe

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Slave For 14 Years

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Tian Guangming sat opposite Li Xiandao and said seriously, “I need 500,000 God Source!”

Li Xiandao nodded his head and said, “I have them!”

Lady Ah Qing exchanged a million God Source with him, which was enough for him to trade with others. Otherwise, Li Xiandao really wouldn’t have had enough to trade.

”How much do I need to pay?” Tian Guangming asked warily.

He didn’t want to pay his talent!

Although he didn’t know why Li Xiandao wanted talent, he was sure that in the trade between Zhou Tianyu and Li Xiandao, Zhou Tianyu was the one who lost out.

If Li Xiandao knew what Tian Guangming was thinking about, he would burst out laughing and tell him that his talent was very lousy. Since Seven wasn’t even reminding him, it meant that his talent was really average.

”500,000 God Source can solve your problems and give you hope. Without these 500,000 God Source, you will slowly weaken.” Li Xiandao saw Tian Guangming’s thoughts and spoke right away.

Tian Guangming’s expression changed, becoming much darker. He didn’t expect that Li Xiandao would actually see through him.

Li Xiandao said calmly, “Similar items are valued differently in front of different people!”

”He was in bad need of these 500,000 God Source, otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here. I can give them to you, but the price you need to pay is…” Li Xiandao said but then paused.

Tian Guangming stared right at Li Xiandao, “The price I need to pay is?”

Just as Li Xiandao said, Tiandao Sect Sect Leader sealed his channel for God Source and locked him in White Emperor City. The White Emperor was actually going to wither down over time?

This was something that Tian Guangming couldn’t accept, no matter what.

Li Xiandao’s lips rose up and he said, “I will make you a slave for 14 years!”

Tian Guangming’s expression changed. He got up and his eyes opened wide as he said furiously, “Impossible!”

He was an Elder of Tiandao Sect, White Emperor who was famous in Dali Land, his attack strength was unparalleled, and he was very prideful. To actually want him to be a slave for 14 years?


White Emperor Tian Guangming stared at Li Xiandao furiously, venting out his own frustration.

Li Xiandao acted as though it was a really simple matter; he made Seven prepare a contract. He picked up his pen and said, “Stop acting strong here. Despite how famous you were in the past, as time passes, you will still become weak. If you were really filled with anger, you would have flipped the table and left.”

Tian Guangming’s face turned green. He didn’t say a word as he stood in front of Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao’s words hurt him.

Tian Guangming’s reputation was huge, and as such, he was really proud, but in front of time, he was nothing.

If he was 500 years younger, he wouldn’t hesitate to flip the table to leave and not even turn his head back.

But now, he couldn’t be that determined!

”14 years?” His expression changed, becoming really bitter. Would he really become a slave for 14 years?

Li Xiandao nodded his head and said, “14 years in exchange for a chance. With these 500,000 God Source, you will have a chance to enter the next realm. Once you do, you will have thousands of years of lifespan, enough for you to expand your legacy.”

These words were written clearly in black and white on the contract.

Tian Guangming remained really silent; he found it really hard to make up his mind.

”After you sign it, I will send you out to support my envoy and set up a bank in Dali Land. You will serve him for 14 years and after that, you will regain your freedom!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

He was buying insurance for himself as it was too dangerous to roam outside without some help.

”Just 14 years?” Tian Guangming considered a little and then confirmed.

Li Xiandao reached out and pointed, “The Bank of the Universe follows the contract and it is written really clear that I won’t make you kill the innocent, nor will I make you go against your morals. But at the same time, if you go against the contract, I will kill you and bring your corpse back, sealing it in ice forever.”

Tian Guangming carefully looked at the contract and confirmed that it was correct. With much difficulty, he finally signed his name.

Once he signed his name, the contract would come into effect. Li Xiandao looked at it with satisfaction and waved his hands.

Seven took out 500,000 God Source and passed them to Tian Guangming.

Tian Guangming took them and was satisfied; he finally obtained the God Source. He lost 14 years of freedom and pride but it was still really worth it.

This was because this was something he had to do.

”From now on, I will be controlled by you for 14 years.” Tian Guangming said expressionlessly.

”Not me but my envoy. He is outside, so go meet him.” Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and Tian Guangming was swept out of the Bank of the Universe.


Within Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s 100,000 large mountains, Li Xiandao took off his robe and golden mask and was back to normal as he stood back on the peak.

In a short moment, Tian Guangming appeared behind his back and looked on in shock.

Li Xiandao had no cultivation at all, so how could he be the Bank of the Universe’s envoy?

Li Xiandao turned around and looked at Tian Guangming, “You are the helper who Sir found for me?”

Tian Guangming looked at Li Xiandao with a wronged expression. Helper, it is then; it was better than being called a slave.

”Right, I am!” Tian Guangming said expressionlessly. Deep down, he was unhappy. He thought that the envoy was an expert, but who knew that it would be a young man who had no cultivation at all?

He was the White Emperor and he had actually become the helper of a normal person with no cultivation at all!

If this was announced, it would be really embarrassing!

But since the contract was signed, Tian Guangming was unable to resist.

”This is Spirit Illusion Holy Land?” Tian Guangming looked around and found it familiar. Didn’t this place belong to Spirit Illusion Holy Land?

”These 100,000 mountains belong to my Bank of the Universe now. What Spirit Illusion Holy Land, that thing has already disbanded.” Li Xiandao placed his hands behind his back. The wind blew his shirt, but he didn’t move at all as he spoke calmly.

”Spirit Illusion Holy Land disbanded?” Tian Guangming’s eyes opened wide as he looked on in disbelief.

”Spirit Illusion Holy Land has a Celestial Artifact, so how were they disbanded?” Tian Guangming asked curiously.

”His Celestial Artifact belonged to the Bank of the Universe. 10,000 years ago, he signed a contract to borrow the Heaven Emperor Brush, but he chose not to pay it, so I came to collect debts.” Li Xiandao entered the golden main hall.

Tian Guangming followed behind. His heart was filled with shock; Spirit Illusion Holy Land was disbanded just like that?

Till now, everything all didn’t seem real!

What even was this Bank of the Universe?

It was actually so terrifying?

”Is there anything you need me to do?” Tian Guangming asked Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao thought about it, “Nothing. Just return to White Emperor City and break through. If you can break through, then you would be of greater help to me. I will give you time.”

Tian Guangming said in a weird tone, “If I go back and take 14 years to break through, then wouldn’t the time be over?”

”I don’t care. For you to be a slave for 14 years is not an insult, but an opportunity. How big are the Nine Skies and Ten Lands? My Bank of the Universe needs helpers and if you are unable to take the chance to become a dragon, then you will be the person who will have lost the most while in seclusion for 14 years.” Li Xiandao didn’t care at all.

He had enough watches, but did he lack a so-called White Emperor to be his helper?

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