Bank of the Universe

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Trade Complete

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Truthfully, Li Xiandao also didn’t know how amazing the Prophet talent was!

  Seven explained to Li Xiandao, “Once the Prophet talent forms, one will be able to see the past of everything, one will be able to see clearly through the nature of everything, a talent that everyone desires!”

  ”From ancient times till now, there have been so few times the Prophet talent appeared. In history, it was recorded that the last prophet, who had the ability to cross space and time, was from long ago in the Ancient Era!”

  ”In this era, there are numerous geniuses and many special bodies. However, the prophet had existed long ago. Zhou Tianyu’s talent obviously hasn’t been developed, resulting in him not knowing how terrifying it was!”

  Li Xiandao’s eyes shone and he memorized all of it. He looked at Zhou Tianyu.

  Zhou Tianyu held a pen and he looked carefully at the contract.

  ”After I sign it, will you all really take revenge for me?” Zhou Tianyu was still a little worried. It wasn’t that he wasn’t willing, but he was afraid that if he signed it and Li Xiandao didn’t help him, then it would be a problem.

  Also, he wanted to know how he was going to help him take revenge!

  Tian Guangming looked on from the side. He wanted to see how this mysterious master allowed someone as crestfallen as Zhou Tianyun to kill Young Master Mingtu?

  Li Xiandao nodded his head, “Of course I will. The contract is written in black and white, so whatever is written will be followed!”

  Zhou Tianyu raised one thumb, “One last question; how are you all going to help me?”

  ”I will give you a treasure and allow you to personally fight Tiandao Sect and end Mingtu!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

  ”What treasure is so strong?” Zhou Tianyu frowned as he didn’t believe that explanation.

  Tian Guangming couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Tiandao Sect is a top sect in Dali Land; there are many experts there. You actually want to rely on one weapon to kill them, what a pipedream!”

  Li Xiandao didn’t bother about Tian Guangming. He waved his hands and a brush with a jade-like body, covered in a red glow, appeared.

  Heaven Emperor Brush!

  ”This is a Celestial Artifact, I will lend it to you for a week. Within this week, you will head to Tiandao Sect and kill Mingtu. The Celestial Artifact will use all its strength, so you don’t have to worry. Tiandao Sect wouldn’t dare to fight you head-on.” Li Xiandao smiled.

  He desired Zhou Tianyu’s talent; even if he lent Heaven Emperor Brush out and spent some God Source, he would do it.

  ”Celestial Artifact!” Zhou Tianyu’s eyes opened wide. He only heard of one but had never seen one before. Each Celestial Artifact was favored by the heavens and was extremely strong.

  Tian Guangming looked on solemnly. He didn’t expect that this mysterious person would actually give a Celestial Artifact to Zhou Tianyu.

  ”If it is a Celestial Artifact at full power, it will be hard for Tiandao Sect. Zhou Tianyu only wants to kill Mingtu, so those Elders definitely won’t stop him!” Tian Guangming understood the situation within Tiandao Sect, which was why after acquiring the Heaven Emperor Brush, he knew that he could take revenge on Zhou Tianyu.

  The price he paid was his talent!




  This was what he felt; he didn’t dare to underestimate the Bank of the Universe anymore.

  ”Okay, I will sign it!” Zhou Tianyu looked at the Heaven Emperor Brush and his gaze was really firm. He signed right away and wrote his own name down.

  The moment it was signed, it flew into Li Xiandao’s hands. He checked it carefully and said with satisfaction, “Very good. I will take away your talent first and then I will pass the Heaven Emperor Brush to you.”

  Zhou Tianyu said worryingly, “How are you going to take it away?”

  Li Xiandao smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt your life!”

  He walked slowly behind Zhou Tianyu, reaching out and touching his forehead, “Relax and don’t think about anything. It will be done in a moment.”

  Zhou Tianyu relaxed and cleared his mind.

  He was really well-behaved!

  Li Xiandao was really satisfied. Zhou Tianyu being so cooperative was the best scenario for him.

  Weng weng weng!

  Li Xiandao reached out toward Zhou Tianyu’s forehead and his five fingers became a claw as he reached out!

  It was like he was grabbing something extremely heavy, but his expression didn’t change and he continued.

  But pain appeared on Tianyu’s face as he struggled and cried out.

  His talent was being separated from him, and naturally, the pain would be unbearable.

  Li Xiandao looked on coldly. He wouldn’t stop, he had to acquire this talent.

  ”It hurts!”

  His whole body was filled with pain!

  Zhou Tianyu hollered in pain and struggled, but he couldn’t break free from Li Xiandao.

  ”Hold on, it will be over in a minute.” Li Xiandao’s expression was cold but his tone was soft like a summer wind blowing, which made Zhou Tianyu grit his teeth and persist.

  Time passed, second by second, and Li Xiando pulled out a five-colored glow. Numerous futures appeared on it and if a mortal took a look, they would enter a state of confusion, unable to ever break free.

  Even Tian Guangming, who had high cultivation, felt dazzled; his thoughts were in a mess and he couldn’t control himself.

  He shifted his gaze away immediately.

  He was shocked. Tian Guangming didn’t expect that Zhou Tianyu’s talent would actually be so terrifying!

  This terrifying talent now belonged to this mysterious person. Tian Guangming was even starting to hesitate about whether or not he wanted to trade?

  Li Xiandao didn’t worry about Tian Guangming. A minute later, he pulled out Zhou Tianyu’s talent.


  Zhou Tianyu’s body became much lighter and the pain faded. He became calm once more and he no longer felt pain throughout his sweaty body.

  At the same time, the light in his eyes was gone and they became murky. From now onward, cultivation wouldn’t be so simple anymore.

  His Prophet talent was now in the hands of Li Xiandao.

  Seven picked up a jade box and opened it. She asked Li to place the talent in and then she backed off.

  Li Xiandao returned to his spot and looked at Zhou Tianyu before reaching out.


  The Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush appeared. The thick and heavy aura made it hard for Zhou Tianyu and Tian Guangming to breathe, his skin felt like it was about to crack open.

  Li Xiandao waved forward, the Heaven Emperor Brush became ordinary and he passed it to Zhou Tianyu.

  ”A week later, I will send someone to collect it. You only have a week. Make good use of the time.” Li Xiandao reminded.

  Zhou Tianyu picked up the Heaven Emperor Brush, and the hatred in his eyes nearly turned physical; it was so thick that it couldn’t be dissolved. He gritted his teeth and said, “One week is enough. I will definitely head to Tiandao Sect and take revenge for my father, mother, sister, and brother!”

  ”I wish you luck!” Li Xiandao smiled.

  He injected 10,000 God Source into the Heaven Emperor Brush, allowing it to use as much as it wanted to help Zhou Tianyu suppress Tiandao Sect.

  Li Xiandao didn’t feel troubled after paying 10,000 God Sources, instead, he felt like he had earned it.

  ”You can leave now, but remember, you only have a week!” Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and Zhou Tianyu disappeared right away.

  In the hall, only Li Xiandao and Tian Guangming were left.

  ”Now, will you trade?” Li Xiandao looked at Tian Guangming and asked calmly.

  Tian Guangming was hesitating. He had witnessed the first trade, so he definitely wouldn’t suspect whether or not it was real.

  But the problem was, would he trade?

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