Astral Pet Store

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: All-round Thunder Prison

All the students were staring, aghast, at this unimaginably queer scene!

How could an adult Wind Warcraft, a being that was at the upper position of the fifth rank, be defeated by a Lightning Rat and in such a short time?!

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, who would believe this was true?

It was like an ant lifting an elephant and giving the latter a shoulder throw!

The judge by the stage was the first one to come back to his senses.

His mind was wandering away as well, but he was alerted by some profound killing intent.

To his surprise, the violent killing rage came from that figure surrounded by lightning.

The light produced by electricity was flashing around the Lightning Rat. Stimulated by homicidal will, the Lightning Rat slowly stepped toward the Wind Warcraft whose survival was uncertain at the moment. It seemed that the Lightning Rat would attempt the last, fatal strike!

Was the Lightning Rat trying to wipe out the Wind Warcraft?

The judge was surprised. He looked at the Lightning Rat’s master. Was this her idea?

Anyone who maliciously killed an opponent’s pet would be disqualified from the tournament, to also be punished severely after the game!

The judge was taken aback as he saw how confused this girl was. This was puzzling to him.

Wasn’t the Lighting Rat her pet?

Why would she be so surprised?

Could it be that she didn’t have a full understanding of her pet’s abilities?

Time was pressing. The judge could not waste time wondering nor to alert the girl who was stunned, clearly not in a condition to control her Lightning Rat.

He swiftly passed along instructions to his pet via his consciousness. “Hurry.”

As his instruction was received, a gust of wind swept through the air.


A fierce whirlwind suddenly swept through and in the middle of the whirlwind was an almost translucent bird. The bird was flying as quickly as a supersonic fighter plane.

The moment the bird entered the stage, the Lightning Rat who was making its way to the Wind Warcraft stopped. The Lightning Rat looked up and fixed its eyes that spoke of a violent thirst for blood on the bird that was approaching rapidly.

Buzzing, buzzing!

Once again, bolts of lightning surged out from the Lightning Rat.


Anything that attempted to strike should be exterminated!

This had become the Lightning Rat’s instinct after numerous painful lessons!


All of a sudden, the bolts of lightning surging out from the Lightning Rat converged into one thick bolt that landed on the whirlwind that was charging over with absolute precision.

All-round Thunder Prison, an advanced pet skill!


The bolt of lightning was traveling so fast that people could not see it with their naked eyes. Fast as the translucent bird was, it could not react in time. The whirlwind outside collapsed after the lightning strike and the wind faded away.

At the same time, the bird was forced to stop while it was still advancing quickly. The bird flapped its wings. Some electric arcs were traveling amid its feathers. Slightly burnt marks appeared.

“Wind Bird!”

The judge squinted his eyes, gasping with astonishment.

The Lightning Rat was able to hurt his Wind Bird?!

To make it even more stunning, the Lightning Rat could predict the Wind Bird’s trajectory?!

The Wind Bird was a pet with an advanced bloodline and this one had grown up and reached the seventh rank. This was a pet known for its fast speed. Not even pets of the same rank could have predicted its movements, not to mention a pet of an inferior level.

Let alone a Lightning Rat that was so much lower in the ranks!

“All-round Thunder Prison!”

On the spectator seats, the redhead lady, Dong Songming, and all the others were looking with their eyes wide open, completely astonished.

They had just seen the performance of one of the 10 special skills of the thunder family, “Thunder Flash.” After that, did they just witness the usage of “All-round Thunder Prison,” an advanced pet skill of the eighth rank?

This skill was comparable to the Blazing Ray that the Fallen Phoenix had grasped!


The Wind Bird flapped its wings and kept its green eyes on the Lighting Rat. The Wind Bird detected some danger from that figure surrounded by lightning bolts.

As an advanced pet, the Wind Bird was almost as intelligent as a human child. Low-level pets like the Lightning Rat were commonly seen in its life. But the Wind Bird could never foresee that it could be harmed by this kind of low-level pet!


The Wind Bird felt that its pride as an advanced pet had been challenged by this ignorant being!


Rich wind elements were circling the stage. The wind was even heavier and more overwhelming than the one produced by the Wind Warcraft. If the Wind Bird had such intentions, it could turn the entire stadium upside down in an instant!

That was the power that belonged to an advanced pet!

Sensing the fury from the Wind Bird, the judge came back to his senses at once. He calmed the Wind Bird down in his mind at once, while he said to the girl at the same time, “Make your pet stop, now!”

Su Yanying was pulled back into reality by this scream. Everything that went down happened within an instant. She was still trying to figure everything out.

“Why would the judge interfere?” Su Yanying’s thought still lingered, from the time when the judge sent the Wind Bird in. She was still baffled. But she didn’t have time to think. She just instructed the Lightning Rat to come back to her via her consciousness.

Having received instructions, the Lighting Rat gradually suppressed the killing intent. The Lightning Rat hopped back to Su Yanying quickly.

The judge was relieved to see the Lightning Rat was not on a rampage. Realizing that he had just been stressed out by a Lightning Rat, the judge could not help but feel speechless, smiling bitterly at such a thought.

The judge cleared his throat, adjusted his presence, and announced the result, “Su Yanying wins.”

There was no one cheering in the stadium. The silence was strange.

It was because the match had been strange.

How could a Lightning Rat defeat the Wind Warcraft and contend against the judge’s Wind Bird?

No student could keep their head straight to understand the reason.

After seven to eight seconds of silence, someone, nobody knew who, abruptly started to clap. Following that, more people clapped, and the applause became increasingly passionate. At the same time, people began to cheer.

While the students could not understand the match, they had to admit that it was marvelous. It was full of twists and turns and beyond everyone’s expectations. It had certainly been an eye-opener.

Su Yanying looked at the Lighting Rat by her feet, bewildered.

She was well aware of the horrors presented by an adult Wind Warcraft. The text books mentioned it more than once. However, such a terrifying pet had been defeated by her Lightning Rat, and within the blink of an eye no less!

Su Yanying remembered the shivering Earth Buddha from before. She looked at the Lightning Rat next to her; it didn’t seem to be unique in any way. Suddenly, she felt she couldn’t understand her pet.

“This little fella…

“How strong is it exactly?”

She remembered that pet store. Her heart was trembling.

What kind of person could train a regular Lightning Rat to this stage?

She had heard that some experts preferred going into noisy crowds to drown and silence their own clamor. Could it be that she had met such an expert?

“Is it a Lightning Rat for real?”

“Is it a mutant that only looks like a Lightning Rat?”

Off the stage, the red headed lady and Vice-Principal Dong Songming gradually came back to their senses.

They felt it was surreal that the pet by the girl’s heel could have released a special skill like “Thunder Flash”.

It was enough to inspire awe and admiration when an advanced pet mastered such special skills!

“How many advanced pet skills has this little guy learned?” a bulky man could not help but ask.

The others looked at each other. Their mouths began to twitch. Counting the Thunder Shadow Image, Thunder Slash, and the All-round Thunder Prison they had just seen… this was unnatural!

“It’s a pity that such genius qualities are found in a Lightning Rat. If it were any other pet, even one with a middle-level bloodline, that pet could have been sold at a whopping price!” The red headed lady exclaimed.

“Principal Dong, a word, please,” the bulky man said.

The others turned to him at once. The red headed lady snorted. “What’s the rush? The game is not over yet.”

A young man with his arm wrapped in bandages said coldly, “Guys, the Crimson Flame team will take her.”


The others sneered. They weren’t in the mood to reply to him.

They would take her?

He had to see if they would allow it. Who in that group of people would be scared by his remark, considering the groups they represented?

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