Astral Pet Store

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Instant Kill! Instant Kill!

“It is a Wind Warcraft of a middle-rank bloodline.”

“This, this one is an adult!”

The moment the Wind Warcraft presented itself, the wind in the stadium grew strong. The air was filled with killing intent.

Wind Warcraft.

Just as the name suggested, this was a pet of the wind family. The fact that it was named “Warcraft” was enough to reveal its brutal and barbaric nature. This was a very aggressive kind of pet amongst all the intermediate pets.

More importantly, the Wind Warcraft was huge; its four semi-transparent wind wings marked it as a full grown specimen!

The moment she saw the Wind Warcraft, Su Yanying’s face changed.

An adult Wind Warcraft!

This one was at the upper position of the fifth rank!

If it was talented, it could compete against a pet of the sixth rank!

Besides, as opposed to Lan Lele’s Earth Buddha, this was a pet of the offensive type and it could be very aggressive!

Lan Lele’s Earth Buddha had already become one of the few valiant pets in the academy. If it weren’t for the fact that Lan Lele’s own control abilities were low, the Earth Buddha would be one of the star pets that could help her win.

“There’s no information about this. Is this the trump card he had been hiding?”

Su Yanying looked awful.

She had been overly confident, thinking that her opponent was a nobody. Only, it turned out that he was a sinister viper!

And, as soon as the viper showed his hand, the move was fatal!

The audience was frozen as well.

They had thought the outcome had been predetermined. They did not see this shift coming!

This was such a grandiose comeback!

The judge took a look at the Wind Warcraft. His stares were ridden with worry. Then, he turned around and reminded Su Yanying, “Su Yanying, please send out your pet.”

She clenched her teeth as well as her fists.

Send out her pet?

Which one?

Her Fallen Phoenix had just reached the fourth rank. Even with the advanced Blazing Ray pet skill, the Fallen Phoenix could only match the abilities of the fifth rank after a fashion. At the very best, one at the middle position of the fifth rank.

As for the Fanged Tiger and the Ugly Stone Beast, both were at the fourth rank, several times weaker than the Wind Warcraft!

Even the Lightning Rat with the unusual power of understanding was merely at the third rank, even though it could use the Multiple Thunder Shadow Image!


The short and fat boy crawled up from the ground and patted the dust off his bum. He grinned and said to Su Yanying who looked pale, “Now you see how terrifying I can be without eating snacks for three years?”

Su Yanying felt her cheeks twitch.

This was such a slap to her pride.

It hurt.

She never thought she would lose to someone like this.


Even if she was about to lose, she would not admit defeat like a coward!

“Come on out!” Astral power surged in her as she called out the Fanged Tiger. She would let it spearhead the attack.

She had three chances. She could make the Fanged TIger and the Lightning Rat wear the Wind Warcraft down at first, then she could send out the Fallen Phoenix as the grand finale to make a last-ditch effort!

“Augmentation in strength, perception, firmness, and gale power!”

Su Yanying added all the four basic augmentation effects of the third rank on the Fanged Tiger!

It wasn’t an easy task to cultivate to the third rank in all of the four augmentation skills.

When the augmentation power reached the Fanged Tiger, the audience cried out in amazement after witnessing Su Yanying’s achievements in battle pet warrior skills.


The fat boy’s eyebrows were knitted together but he let out a sneer. “Take care of the tiger. Use Wind Slit to finish it!”

Not only did he want to win, but he also wanted to win in a shocking way. That was the only thing that could excite him!

Besides, only by doing this could he leave a deep impression on the powerful teams off stage!

The Wind Warcraft stayed absolutely still in the air.

The fat boy was surprised. He pulled a long face.

The Wind Warcraft was rented. Since its rank was far superior to that of his own, his control over the pet was difficult.

“Damn bastard!” He was clenching his teeth in hatred, but he couldn’t pass through such thoughts to the pet.


Facing them was the Fanged Tiger. It let out a roar all of a sudden with hair raised; its aggressiveness increased with the four augmentation effects. Promptly, the Fanged Tiger dashed over.


The Fanged Tiger opened its large, fierce-looking mouth and bit at the Wind Warcraft.


The soft breeze suddenly moved.

The next second, the Fanged Tiger froze on the spot. Then, a large amount of blood spilled out as if the Fanged Tiger had been cut by countless invisible sharp blades.

Then, as if struck by a bomb, the Fanged Tiger was smashed away.


The Fanged Tiger fell to the ground, disabled.

Instant kill!

The audience was silent.

Nobody expected that the Wind Warcraft could be this ferocious. Was this the strength of a pet at the upper position of the fifth rank?

Su Yanying was taken aback. She called the Fanged Tiger back into the contract space at once.

The Wind Warcraft was formidable!

The Fanged Tiger never stood a chance!

She had thought that she could wear the Wind Warcraft out with attrition warfare. She just then found that thought ridiculous.


Su Yanying said with a bitter mind. She was ready to give up.

Right at that moment, the gentle breeze that surrounded her suddenly closed in.

An air of murder was running in the air!

Su Yanying was scared.

The judge who was by the stage noticed what the Wind Warcraft intended to do at once. By the time he sensed that the wind elements around Su Yanying were increasing in density, the judge had turned pale.

Pff, pff!

The ground around Su Yanying was cut by the wind and she seemed to be in the middle of wind blades, right in the middle of a tornado.

“What is going on?”

The audience was taken aback. Was the Wind Warcraft attempting to attack Su Yanying?

However, since Su Yanying had lost the first match and had yet to send out her second pet, this was against the rules.

“The Wind Warcraft is getting out of control!”

At the spectator seats, the red headed lady frowned. She could tell what had gone wrong with one look.

Sitting next to him, Dong Songming’s face changed as he stood up in a hurry. Su Yanying was a rare talent. To let her get hurt would be a great loss to the academy!

As for the Wind Warcraft!

They could tell right away that the pet was rented. The master’s strength was no match for the pet’s!

“Damn it!” Dong Songming slapped at the desk. He used astral power to message the judge, ordering him to bring the Wind Warcraft under control.

Nobody noticed that the moment the wind elements were closing in on Su Yanying, something crawled up by her feet. It was the Lightning Rat.

The Lightning Rat’s whole body broke out with gooseflesh. In its little eyes were bursting with the desire for blood, filled with violence and ferocity!

The Lightning Rat fixed its reddening, gruesome looks on the Wind Warcraft facing them.



Stimulated by the murderous intent in the air, the Lightning Rat was pushed by its own hormones. The only thing on its mind was to kill!

To attack wildly without stopping!

Kill, kill, kill!


Nobody heard this ruthless and tyrannical cry. However, all of a sudden, many bolts of lightning were discharged, generating a glaring light. The electric snakes seemed to have come to life. They danced around and crushed the invisible wind blades around Su Yanying!

“Eh?” The judge who was about to take action was surprised by this.


Abruptly, all the lightning bolts traveled back to one spot and then vanished.

It seemed as if everything were an illusion, something completely unreal!

But four or five meters away, the lightning re-appeared out of nowhere!

It emerged for just one moment; the lightning vanished once again!

“Thunder Flash!!”

Off the stage, the group, including the redheaded lady, stood up at once. They stared at the stage with disbelief in their eyes.

Dash! Rush! Flash!

Lightning dashed around several times in a row. Taking advantage of the moment the Wind Warcraft was lost in thought, the Lightning Rat discharged a thick bolt of lightning from its back slashing at the Wind Warcraft in a fit of rage!


Glaring light illuminated the entire stadium!

The moment the lightning disappeared, everyone could see a huge body that had been burnt by electricity lying on the ground. It was the Wind Warcraft.

Instant kill!

People were so quiet that even the drop of a needle could be heard.

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