Astral Pet Store

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Genius’ Second Fabulous Show


There was a sudden uproar in the stadium.

Blazing Ray!

A rare advanced skill of pets in the fire family!

The aptitude and rarity of advanced pets were determined depending on whether they had mastered rare pet skills.

There was no doubt.

A Fallen Phoenix that had learned “Blazing Ray” could be counted as one of the best in the “Fallen Phoenix” species.

“An eighth-rank pet skill…”

On the spectator’s seats, some people with overwhelming but restrained presence had their eyes fixed on the fire bird that was soaring and calling in the sky.

The Fallen Phoenix was far from being an adult, judging by its size alone.

While the Fallen Phoenix enjoyed an advanced bloodline, the Blazing Ray was not included among the inherited pet skills.

The Fallen Phoenix could learn the skill by itself as it grew up. Even they had to be envious of a pet of such talent.

“Is that girl its master?”

“I remember her.”

Compared with the pets, given their battle pet warrior status, those people were more interested in the master.

After all, the pet’s changes and strength were closely linked to their masters’. When some talented pets were controlled by weak masters, the pets would gradually forget some of the rare skills that they had mastered. It would be difficult for those pets to put their strength into full play and eventually, they would disappear into the common crowd.


An outstanding battle pet warrior could tap his or her pets’ full potential even if the pets were of a poor aptitude. He or she could train excellent pets.

All of a sudden, someone said in surprise, “Ah, I remember. Isn’t she the one that used a Lightning Rat on her previous match?”

The name “Lightning Rat” rang a bell. The others came to realize this fact instantly.

Three days before, that Lightning Rat took their breath away…

Back then, they already had a feeling that the Lightning Rat’s master had to be a genius. Otherwise, if the Lightning Rat were to rely on itself alone, no matter how talented it was, it couldn’t have learned so many advanced pet skills.

Being once again amazed by the same person never crossed their minds.

Not only had she trained a talented Lightning Rat, but she had also nurtured this outstanding Fallen Phoenix!

Even though this Fallen Phoenix was less talented than the Lightning Rat, the former was an advanced pet. This talent and the potential that lay within its bloodline determined that the Fallen Phoenix would grow to be a formidable advanced battle pet!

A red headed lady turned around and asked, “Vice Principal Dong, what is the girl’s name?”


Was she trying to grab the girl for her team?

The other people turned to Dong Songming and fixed their eyes on him.

Everyone was thinking that if this talented student could join their team, after several years of training, she could play a big and important role in the future when they explored uncharted lands!

Next to them, Dong Songming was inwardly excited while he kept a straight face.

The life of the academy would be prolonged if talents emerged from it.

If this talented girl could join a team and build a reputation with her contributions, she would have a glorious future. For the academy, she would be a strong connection they could rely on!

“She is Su Yanying, from Class Two, Grade Three,” Dong Songming answered calmly.

Su Yanying!

The eyes of those present sparkled. They had committed this name to memory.

After the contest ended, they would find out everything there was to know about the girl.

On the stage.

Su Yanying had no idea that some big potatoes had noticed her. Her attention was on the Fallen Phoenix and her brain was ringing.

The power of the Blazing Ray was terrifying. The flames did not fan out; they formed a concentrated burst of energy. With more energy converged together, this was no weaker than a physical attack!

Wherever the Blazing Ray swept across, the protruding spikes on the ground were cleaved in two, as if they were just pieces of paper.

Along with the Fallen Phoenix’s angry calls, the Blazing Ray was reaching toward the short and stout boy surrounded by dirt walls.


The fat boy stared at the scene.

When had the Fallen Phoenix learned the Blazing Ray skill?

During the contest?

He was so unfortunate, to have encountered something this terrifying.

“No kidding…”


The dirt walls collapsed, and the astral shield shattered. The ray cut a narrow crack on the ground. Although the crack was only as wide as a finger, it was bottomless…


The fat boy was saved by the judge in the nick of time, but it had also been announced that the boy had lost this round.

Burning in flames of wrath, the phoenix came back slowly. Its flaming wings had grown, creating a scorching heat.

“Its rank has risen…” Su Yanying stared at the Fallen Phoenix. From the information passed along from the contract, she could tell that her Fallen Phoenix had broken through to the fourth rank from the upper position of the third rank!

A Fallen Phoenix of the fourth rank already had the combat strength of a middle-level pet.

Besides, since the Fallen Phoenix had learned a rare eighth-rank pet skill, the Fallen Phoenix could compare favorably against a pet of the fifth rank!

“Yelp, yelp!”

The Fallen Phoenix chirped happily.

Su Yanying came back to her senses. Looking at the happy Fallen Phoenix, she felt she was dreaming.

She originally thought that she would lose this round. She never expected that the tables could be turned.

“It was able to learn an eighth-rank pet skill…” Still, Su Yanying found it surreal. How strong must the Fallen Phoenix’s power of understanding be to achieve this? She didn’t give it any guidance at all!

Suddenly, something struck her.

She remembered that pet store…

The calmness of that store owner…

“The power of understanding… and constitution… can be improved…”

She was dumbstruck.

At the moment, the judge had already returned to his seat. He declared the start of the third round.

Once again, it was the fat boy against Su Yanying.

The third round commenced thusly.

While it was true that the outcome seemed to have been determined, there were instances in previous matches with a score of 2:0 with the latter winning three times in a row in the last round in an amazing comeback.

“Even heaven is against me!”

The roly-poly boy was indignant. Gradually, the sorrow in his eyes transformed into resentment and violence!

There would be no more miracles!

While the Fallen Phoenix could not be taken care of and he was not sure that he could win, that didn’t mean that he was defeated!

He had prepared a trump card!

He suffered in silence for three years just so he could climb to the peak at this moment, to make the world notice his presence. He was not willing to stop now!

“Come on out, Wind Warcraft!” the short boy shouted.

Astral power around him was draining wildly, pouring into the contract in front of him.

Astral power was needed to summon pets.

To summon a pet with a rank lower than himself, the astral powers needed would not be much. On the other hand, if he were to summon a pet with a rank much higher than his, a large amount of astral power would be needed!


Wind sprang out from nowhere in the stadium.

It was soft and slow.

But the ground in front of the fat boy suddenly cracked and opened.

A pet that was almost five meters tall with strange, dark cyan patterns came out slowly from the contract space.

The pet floated quietly in front of the fat boy. The moment the pet came, the fat boy fell on his bottom, exhausted. The summoning had almost sucked him dry!

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