Astral Pet Store

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Blazing Ray Acquired!

At the Astral Pet battle stadium.

A burst of cheers erupted; the ordinary students who had no chance to compete were also very excited to watch from the spectator seats.

As of that moment…

The participants that could pass the preliminary matches were the outstanding students among the top 100 on the power rankings in the academy. Some celebrity students that could hardly be seen were among those participants as well.

The contests had been more exciting. The pets that could come out were of at least the third rank. Rarely would any second rank pets be summoned to the contests. Even if there were, those second-rank pets would be defeated with no exception.

When it was a fight between powerful students from the power rankings, the stadium would be filled with the rioting sound of excitement!

“We have more than ten minutes. No rush.”

Lan Lele and Su Yanying arrived at the stadium as well. They found the seats of their class and sat down.

At the moment, other contests were taking place. The two parties were among the stronger students. Neither could get the upper hand.

Su Yanying watched the contest. All of a sudden, she felt that someone was glaring at her. She turned her eyes and noticed that the glare came from her front; there was a cold looking person sitting upright. It was Jiang Hanbing who was nicknamed “Ice Jiang.”

There were no grievances between Su Yanying and Jiang Hanbing to begin with, but they had somehow become competitors after people had built up rumors about them.

Gossip was a fearful thing.

Time moved on in their student lives.

She would take notice of Jiang Hanbing every now and then.

As time passed, they had become rivals.

Naturally, that glare came from Jiang Hanbing. Su Yanying’s eyes flickered. She had tested the strength of her pets. She was confident that she could defeat him, instead of having their battles hang in the balance like before!

Lan Lele saw the names on the digital board. She gave Su Yanying a pep talk, “Yingying, your turn is coming up. Be careful… I will be waiting for your victorious return.”

Su Yanying smiled. “Don’t worry. I know my opponent. Just the Fallen Phoenix alone will be able to overwhelm him.”

At this time, the commentator called out Su Yanying and her opponent’s name.

The other students cheered for them.

Su Yanying was somewhat famous in the academy. As a girl in the senior classes who was in the power rankings’ top 10, she would attract much attention.

Soon, her opponent came. It was a roly-poly boy.

“Miss Su, if I win against you, can you sign your name on my chest? I promise I will never take another shower again in my life!” As soon as the chubby boy came to the stage, he thus announced.


The other students started booing.

“Senior Su belongs to all of us. Nobody can take her as his own!!” The students were bellowing.

Su Yanying frowned at this jeer. She said coldly, “We will talk when you do win.”

“Good!” The short and fat boy seemed to have been encouraged by this. He called out his pet at once. It was a middle-rank bloodline pet of the water family, the Cloaking Water Beast.

This pet was human-like and made up of water, proficient at hiding and assassination.

The pet was holding an element dagger that could shift into water streams like the pet itself.

Su Yanying called out her Fallen Phoenix without thinking.


The Fallen Phoenix caused a burst of exclamation as soon as it appeared. After all, the Fallen Phoenix was a pet with an advanced bloodline; such pets would become advanced pets as soon as they reached adulthood. Pets of this kind were rare and far superior to other lower-rank pets.

A fiery flame lingered close to the Fallen Phoenix, making it appear as if on fire.

Since mutual forbearance existed in the two pets’ properties, it all came down to whose pet was stronger in a fight.

As soon as the judge announced the start of the match, the chubby boy shouted, admitting defeat.

This was just what people expected.

Su Yanying felt the boy was smart. However, all of a sudden, she noticed a trace of a smile that indicated he had attained what he wished as he called back his pet.

She frowned. Something was not right.

Then, the roly-poly boy called out the second pet, one of the rock family.

Given its property, the pet was not as formidable as the Fallen Phoenix but it had a strong resistance to fire as well.

“It’s the Earth Seizer!”

Su Yanying’s expression changed a bit the moment she saw this pet. The Earth Seizer was one of the most outstanding pets of the rock family. The Earth Seizer could not deter pets of the fire family, but it was an invincible opponent for flying pets!

“I am sorry, Miss Su. I have recently been searching for all the information about your past contests and have a basic understanding of your pets. Of all your pets, the Fallen Phoenix is the most difficult one to deal with. You have the Ugly Stone Beast and the Fanged Tiger, which are strong, but they can only be good in face-to-face combat. I just have to crush them in such a fight and that will be fine.

“It’s just this Fallen Phoenix. Even a fifth-rank pet will find it hard to defeat it. Rather, the former will be tortured by the latter.

“Of course, you have that genius little rat. But it will be of no use in a contest like this. My Earth Seizer alone will be able to defeat that rat.”

The fat boy grinned. He was convinced the outcome of the contest had been determined.

Su Yanying felt her mind weigh down. She had collected his information as well but failed to find the Earth Seizer in his data. That was why she had sent out the Fallen Phoenix so readily.

“Right, I forget to tell you, Miss Su. For this tournament, I spent all the pocket money I had saved in three years. I rented this Earth Seizer a month ago. It is a trump card I prepared just for this tournament.”

The fat boy smiled and looked at the audience. “I want everyone to remember my name and know my existence after this tournament! I shall no longer remain in obscurity when I graduate!”

Su Yanying gasped.

A three-years worth of pocket money…

What was he saying?

“So, you’re saying that you lived without any pocket money for three years, right?” Su Yanying asked.

The chubby boy raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “That’s right.”

“Then, you don’t eat any snacks?” Su Yanying could not imagine how horrible a life would be without chips, cola, fried chicken, and other snacks!

The short and fat boy frowned. “Of course not.”

Was this a proper question at the time?

“Then, why are you still so fat?” Su Yanying threw out another question.

Boom! A critical strike!

The short and stout boy felt as if he had received a punch, making him feel suffocated. His mouth twitched for a while but eventually, he held down his anger. “Miss Su, you will regret those words,” he cautioned her, in a hoarse voice.

“Will I?”

Su Yanying lifted her hand. A blasting power was added to the Fallen Phoenix who was already light and graceful. It could move around faster.

Even though the Earth Seizer was a formidable foe to the Fallen Phoenix, Su Yanying chose to stick to the fight.

“Hmm. Courting death.”

The roly-poly boy’s face was clouded. He passed along his instructions to the Earth Seizer in his mind. “Dungeon Imprisonment!”

Bang, bang, bang!

Dozens of thorns suddenly protruded from the ground, quickly rushing into the air toward the Fallen Phoenix.

“That is Dungeon Imprisonment that Earth Seizers are best at!” The commentator exclaimed.

Hostility filled Su Yanying’s eyes. How could she know which one of them was weaker without a fight?


For sure.

But if her pet was strong enough, it could shatter its overwhelming shackles!

“Blazing Bird!” Su Yanying ordered the Fallen Phoenix to attack.

“Flame Breath Cut!”

Two pet skills were applied at the same time. A bird burning in flames came off from the Fallen Phoenix and dived toward the short and fat boy.

He sneered. “Earth Guardian!”


Several earthen walls were erected to protect him.

The flaming bird smashed into the wall and dispersed in sparks instantly.

The Flame Breath Cut turned out to be useless as well.

Su Yanying was taken aback.

This was indeed a formidable opponent.

Pets of the earth family were born with a strong resistance to fire; the dirt walls were just too strong!

“Time for this to come to an end.”

The short and stout boy used “Sense Extension” to observe the situation beyond the walls. He grinned sarcastically when he saw the Fallen Phoenix’s efforts were futile. “Did you think that I would buy a piece of garbage with my three years’ worth of pocket money?”

Su Yanying had used her Sense Extension as well. She could hear what the chubby boy was saying behind the dirt walls. She was alerted. She was shocked the moment she cast another look at the Earth Seizer.

“It’s an adult Earth Seizer!


Su Yanying looked awful as she counted the number of horns on the Earth Seizer’s jaw.

Her Fallen Phoenix could fight back an average third rank Earth Seizer regardless of the fact that their properties were mutually deterrent. But this one was of the fifth rank… Her Fallen Phoenix had barely reached the upper position of the third rank!

“Come back.” Su Yanying was frustrated. She had fallen into his trap. She admitted defeat.

That being said, she still had the Lightning Rat and the Fanged Tiger, trump cards for her win.

When she was calling out for the Fallen Phoenix, she felt that it was resisting. At the same time, being forced by the thorns on the ground, the Fallen Phoenix moved to a corner made by the walls.

The Fallen Phoenix used Flame Breath Cut many times, but the flames could not inflict much harm as they fell on the thorns. The flames just scorched them.

“Come back.” Su Yanying hurried to use the power of the contract.

Right at that moment, a long cry of anger echoed in the air!


A flame burst out suddenly, and at the same time, an extremely hot ray suddenly swept out, slashing all the ground thorns that were flying and chasing the Fallen Phoenix in the field!

The commentator that was about to say that the Fallen Phoenix was being targeted suddenly felt that all words had disappeared at the tip of his tongue.

What did he just see?

Was it Blazing Ray, an eighth-rank pet skill of the fire family?!!

The entire stadium instantly fell into a short moment of dead silence.

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