Astral Pet Store

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Exploring Unclaimed Territories

At the Pixie Pet Store on Taohuaxi Street.

Su Ping was sitting in front of the computer, watching a video while cultivating.

He had the computer cleaned of viruses. The system was reinstalled, and it cost him 70 coins, which made his heart ache.

“Good, nice. Harder…”

A gentle and pleasant voice reached his ears from the small soundbox.

In the video, there was a pink linsang lying on all fours on a table and a young man was focusing on massaging the linsang’s front paws.

Standing at the side was a learned and refined middle-aged man that would now and then correct the young man’s massage skills.

“Can this be called training, too?”

Su Ping was speechless.

The video explained that with special massage skills, the young man could imbue the linsang with astral power and unclog the veins in its front paws. According to the middle-aged man who was wearing a middle-level trainer badge, after a long time, such a massage could strengthen the linsang pet’s front paws.

The difficult part of such training was that the trainer had to be extremely familiar with the internal structure of the astral pet. Otherwise, the astral power could not be digested, and this action could only backfire.

Su Ping had no interest in learning this skill. The fast forwarded the video to look at the scenes shot a few months later.

The young man grabbed a ruler and measured the linsang pet’s front paws. They were 20 centimeters long!

That was two centimeters longer than the front paws of average linsang pets!

Then there were more clips demonstrating attacks of the linsang pet… Anyways, the result was that the front paws were one fifth stronger in attacks after such a treatment!

And, the training only lasted for three months!

Su Ping was speechless as he browsed through the bullet screen comments whooshing by, “You have my respect, Mr. Lin+238,””I want to be that linsang pet+529,””Two centimeters longer? I have an idea… +1073.”

“That could be regarded as awesome?

“Three months!

“Every day for three months, which was a long time, the trainer had to invest his accumulated astral power. All that only to increase the strength of the front paws by one fifth?!”

Su Ping felt that those honeyed words in the bullet screen comments were hard on the eyes.

He closed the video and suddenly, an idea sprang to mind.

He had been frustrated since the store had not received any business for the last couple of days. People would say that good wine needed no bush. However, he couldn’t afford to wait for fame to expand.

“Distributing flyers won’t be effective and people may not believe what they say. To shoot a video and post it online can be a good way to advertise,” Su Ping thought.

While there was little worth shooting inside the store, and since he didn’t know any training techniques, he could film the cultivation planes.

For a trainer, the most important thing would be the cultivation planes other than some secret training methods.

The cultivation plane environment could exert the biggest influence on pets. That was why within a short matter of days, Su Ping was able to help the Lightning Rat and the Little Skeleton improve their abilities by several times.

“Compared to the cultivation bases that the trainers are at, my cultivation planes are entirely different worlds, vast and boundless. That would be eye-catching.”

“Every time I visit a cultivation plane, I can put a camera in my storage space to capture the views and the pets in the cultivation plane. When I come back, I can edit the videos and post them for promotion.”

“But I cannot shoot some of the special cultivation planes, like the Chaotic Realm of the Undead. The three crimson moons in the sky are too shocking. Someone may think that I doctored the images, since they will be able to tell right away that I’m not on this planet.”

The more he thought about it, the more plausible he found the plan. As for the specific ways to shoot the videos, he would think about it when the time came.

He opened up the most popular video website and started the registering process.

“Please type in your nickname.”

“The pretty, beautiful, and incredibly handsome man.”

“The nickname has been taken.”


“How could someone be this shameless?”

Su Ping frowned as he sunk into deep thought.

A moment later, he quickly typed in another nickname.

“The unrestrained good-looking man.”

“The nickname has been taken.”

“Your pretty boy is here.”

“The nickname has been…”

“What to do when I am too handsome?”

“The nickname…”

Almost 10 minutes later…

Su Ping finally finished the registration.

He had gained a full view of this ugly world just by experiencing this measly account registry process.

There were too many shameless people out there!

Su Ping sighed, exhausted both in mind and body. Then, he entered the “My Center” section of his page. There was a tutorial to teach people how to upload and post videos.

It wasn’t complicated. One read and Su Ping had learned it. The only thing he needed to do was to shoot the video.

“I have no other training orders at the moment. To self-finance a visit to a cultivation plane would mean losing money. Besides, I have to get a high-resolution camera…”

Su Ping felt a headache once he thought about the camera issue.

Good cameras were not cheap, with prices ranging in the thousands at the very least.

Besides, he had converted all the money he made in the store into energy points. Even if he had not done so, he wouldn’t have spent that money on buying a camera. So, he would have to ask his family for money to buy the camera.

“Right, there are still 20,000 in the card my mom gave me. The money is for me to buy offspring at pet bases but I can breed pets in the store now, so I don’t have to buy them anymore. I can use this money.”

Remembering those savings relieved a burden on Su Ping’s mind. This way, the matter of the camera had been resolved.

Next, he would have to decide which cultivation planes he should go to and how to shoot the video.


All of a sudden, he heard the noise made by a sports car engine outside the store.

Su Ping’s train of thought was disrupted. He frowned. The car parked outside his store.

His unusually acute hearing enabled him to hear when the car door was opened and closed, including the sound made by the magnets on the door. Then, two people stepped into the store.


Someone greeted him with a pleasant voice.

Su Ping looked up. He knew them, the siblings that came to find fault with him.

To be honest, he had to thank them. Without them riling up the system, he wouldn’t have obtained the free chance to access any cultivation plane he wanted.

“Sir, I see that you have some new items.”

Fan Xiaoyu, the slim girl, saw the shelf with more items on display. She said those teasing words with a grin. However, the grin froze on her face as she glanced through the prices.

No kidding.

Only a few days had passed since her last visit, and there were even higher prices on display.

Fan Xiaoyu soon came back to her senses as she recalled the benefits of the food they had purchased in their previous visit. Her eyes were glowing.

“Sir, long time no see,” Fan Yujing said, smiling. He didn’t seem to mind that his arm had been broken at the store.

Su Ping took a look at his arm. It was healed, good as new.

He had to admit that the healing techniques in this world were advanced. To heal a severed limb was not hard. The hard part was to pay for it.

“What do you need?” Su Ping could tell from their looks that the two must have come to know the benefits of the food sold. They were aware that his pet food was well worth its value.

Just as Su Ping suspected, Fan Yujing did stop by to purchase more pet food.

After his previous visit, he gave that Colored Buddha Leaf to his pet. Coincidence or not, shortly after the pet took it, his pet used a new pet skill by chance during a battle!

It wasn’t a rare, advanced pet skill, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

Therefore, he wanted to test his idea by visiting the store again. He wanted to buy some more pet food. Other than that, he came for another important mission.

“Sir, I wonder if you’re interested in exploring an unclaimed territory.” Fan Yujing looked at Su Ping with anticipation.

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