Astral Pet Store

Chapter 1527 - Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Luo (1)

Chapter 1527: Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Luo (1)

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Su Ping said goodbye and left after chatting with the Chaos Perception Dragon for a while. His instincts told him that everything would be different next time they met again.

Ever since his advance to the Ancestral God realm, his instincts weren’t simple illusions. This came as a slight surprise, but he knew that gut feeling was related to fate; he could only let nature take its course.

Su Ping took the young Chaos Beast away with him.

He led both his customers’ pets and his own to the desolate lands in the world of gods. He searched for Dao Heart and Ancestral God beasts while training them, so he could loot their Great Daos.

Concurrently, the Dao Power he had obtained from suppressing the Seven Great Clans and killing the Rain Ancestor allowed him to condense six universes in a row. Yet again, he was much stronger than before.


Even with such attainments, he didn’t slack off. When compared to the Sorcerer Ancestors, he would probably have to condense all the three thousand core Great Daos that made up everything in the universe and turn them into his universes so he could resist them.

Su Ping traveled in the world of gods for half a year, killing three Ancestral God beasts and condensing three universes during that time. Given the extreme pressure, the Dark Dragon Hound also became an Ancestral God too, evolving into a silver Chaos Dragon Wolf. Its body was like a mountain and its claws were like pillars. It had a truly ferocious look.

However, the Great Dao it had consolidated was focused on defense and its damage dealing was only reasonably good. It was able to remove the power in everything; only the extremely offensive Great Daos could hurt it a little bit.

Even Su Ping would have to use the power of his chaos universe and three other universes in order to kill it. It was easy to tell that it was truly good at keeping itself alive.

“You’d be one of the best in terms of survival means, even among the twelve Sorcerer Ancestors.”

He couldn’t figure out how the Dark Dragon Hound had managed to attain such a powerful Great Dao, which was on par with those of the Sorcerer Ancestors. Was the fellow inspired by the Great Dao that he taught it?

Unfortunately, even though the Great Dao was powerful, it had reached its limit.

Su Ping had also imparted his multiple universes to them, in order to improve their potential. However, it was truly difficult for them to condense more universes like he did; they didn’t have the time and the corresponding cultivation resources…

Once he summoned the Inferno Dragon, Su Ping found that Joanna was obviously much gloomier than when they parted last time. It seemed that she was bothered by something.

“What’s wrong?” asked Su Ping. “Did someone bully you?”

He didn’t think it was likely, though.

After all, the Inferno Dragon had been protecting her; the former was an Ancestral God already.


Joanna slightly shook her head and then stared at Su Ping, as if there was something she wanted to say. But eventually, she only replied with, “If we’re gone one day, would you remember us?”

Stunned, Su Ping replied without thinking, “Of course I would. But why would you be gone?”

She looked relieved by his answer. She then put on a charming smile on her beautiful face and said, “I will always remember you, too.”

“Are you running a fever?” Su Ping touched her forehead.

Joanna knocked Su Ping’s hand away angrily. “Don’t you want to go back? Hurry up!”

What a puzzling woman. Su Ping asked the Inferno Dragon, “Where did you take her?”

“We just wandered around. Let’s just head back,” Joanna replied for the Inferno Dragon. She urged Su Ping angrily, as if she found the guy annoying.

Lost for words, he could only communicate with the system and return to the store.

After a long time away, Su Ping telepathically communicated with Elaine up above and asked the estimated time of arrival to the Ancestral God’s land. Once he got word that there was still a long time to go, he simply went to other cultivation sites for training.

Time flew.

Su Ping traveled to many high-rank cultivation sites. The ones of middle rank were no longer challenging for him; even the strongest forces in most middle-rank cultivation sites only had Dao Heart State experts.

Some of the top mid-rank sites had Ancestral Gods, but they were the minority.

He condensed more Undying Universes as he looted more Great Daos from the high-ranked sites. There was no more suppression from his chaos universe. It couldn’t stop him from condensing more universes anymore.

As for the Purple Python and his other pets, they became stronger and stronger through many battles.

The Vast Sky Thunderous Dragon became his third Ancestral God pet. The Great Dao it attained was called Eternal Tribulation, which was even more destructive than the Heavenly Tribulation itself.

After testing, Su Ping found that it was another Great Dao on par with the Sorcerer Ancestors’ bloodlines.

The result was surprising to Su Ping. He asked them to replay the process of how they consolidated their Great Daos, only to find that they had fused their experiences in all the cultivation sites and the knowledge that came from the multiple small worlds that Su Ping had condensed and imparted to them.

Those Great Daos accommodated their short yet glorious lives, and contained their experiences and understandings.

Without them realizing it, the Dark Dragon Hound and the other pets—which had always been by Su Ping’s site—had almost always entered the cultivation sites every time he went there. They were already the best among their peers, and they had been trained countless times. Although the effects of training would decline with repetition, their potential had been improved to the maximum.

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