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Chapter 1526 - Destroying the Rain Clan (2)

Chapter 1526: Destroying the Rain Clan (2)

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“I’m not even close.” Su Ping shook his head.

Stunned, Joanna asked, “Not even close?”

“Above the Ancestral Gods are the Chaos Ancestors. I’m only stronger than ordinary Ancestral Gods at the moment. Chaos Ancestors can crush me with one word,” said Su Ping.

He wasn’t exaggerating. The horror of a Sorcerer Ancestor wouldn’t be understood until you saw them.

One of them had built a Dragon Prison with thousands of universes. Even the entire world of gods merely represented a single floor inside that prison.


“They can crush you with one word…”

Joanna was completely shocked. She felt that her head was exploding; it was already a level that she couldn’t understand using all her imagination.

The ever-changing view paused again after traveling for a moment.

“And this?”

Joanna came back to her senses.

“I’m just going to finish off an annoying guy,” said Su Ping.

He raised a hand and slapped a continent.

The gigantic hand manifested in the air struck the ground brutally and broke the protective array covering a territory.

That technique was called Natural Manifestation in the age of deities.

“Who’s there?!” was a furious roar that followed, and a figure rushed over. It was none other than the Rain Ancestor.

All the formerly calm people of the Rain Clan raised their heads in shock. They were frightened since the protective array had been broken.

Fear transitioned to excitement when they saw the figure in the sky.

For the past hundreds of years, that human being had been the most unforgettable existence for them.

The news of Su Ping becoming the Human Ancestor was disseminated all over the world. After all, the birth of an Ancestral God would be a shocking event for any clan.

And Su Ping finally showed up.

“It’s you!” The Rain Ancestor became gloomy, with cold light flashing in his eyes. “You recklessly attacked my clan and violated the rules. Nobody can save you today!”

“That’s right. Nobody can save you today, not even the Seven Great Clans,” said Su Ping indifferently.

He then raised a hand and moved to smash down violently.

Shocked and infuriated, the Rain Ancestor said, “The Seven Great Clans will punish you for starting an Ancestral God war!”

“Actually, I just punished them just now,” said Su Ping.

The hand pressed down ruthlessly. The Rain Ancestor detonated his universe and made stabbing moves with his spear, but all of it was easily destroyed by the Great Dao under the palm.

The terrifying power made the Rain Ancestor realize that something wasn’t right. It was too late for him to escape, though. His body was shattered by the palm, along with his universe.

The old expert’s universe was regenerated, but it was being entangled and suffocated by the aura of chaos.

“This is impossible. How can you be so strong!” roared the Rain Ancestor.


Su Ping wasn’t interested in further talk. He annihilated the guy’s soul and absorbed his broken universe. Everything was done in the blink of an eye.

The sky became clear again when he finished, but the fragrance of blood lingered in the air.

“From today on, you won’t be a high-ranked clan anymore. The Rain Ancestor is already dead. You may live and die on your own…” Su Ping showed no mercy to the Rain Clan. He didn’t destroy the Seven Great Clans because they would be needed in the war against the Heavens. But the Rain Clan… It only had one Ancestral God; Su Ping wasn’t interested in them, at all.

Besides, their grudge ran too deep. Too many humans had been killed by the Rain Clan in order to rescue him. They needed justice.

Panic and shock overtook the Rain Clan people after Su Ping’s declaration.

Lin Tianzhan, the Rain Emperor and the others shivered. They hoped that the Rain Ancestor would show up and deny those claims. However, they could somehow sense that their ancestor had truly been killed.

Could an Ancestral God kill another Ancestral God?

Has Su Ping already reached the level of the old monsters in the Seven Great Clans?

They didn’t know. They could only grumble as they watched him leave.

The Rain Ancestor didn’t return after a long time passed. Fury turned into fright. Their enemies wouldn’t let this opportunity go if something had really happened to the Rain Ancestor!

Su Ping summoned the Inferno Dragon and said to Joanna, “I’m going to meet some old friends. I’ll leave the little dragon to accompany you. Tell him if you want to go anywhere.”

She was completely lost for words upon seeing that the Inferno Dragon had evolved into an Ancestral God too. She could only nod in response.

After saying goodbye to her, Su Ping went to the Chaos Perception Dragon’s residence.

The great dragon stood up as soon as he arrived. It stared at Su Ping with anxiety in its crimson eyes.

The beast was keenly able to sense the aura of chaos coming off of Su Ping. Unlike before, he had completely evolved and turned into a true member of the Primitive Chaos Clan.

The Chaos Perception Dragon stared at Su Ping and said, “You’ve gotten even stronger…”

Su Ping smiled. “Isn’t it only natural?”


Do you even hear what you’re saying?

The Chaos Perception Dragon didn’t know what to say. Even after becoming an Ancestral God, the guy was still improving at a fast pace. The great dragon even suspected that Su Ping was the reincarnation of a Chaos Ancestor—

If that wasn’t the case, he should have hit the bottleneck after becoming a peak Ancestral God, even with the training of a Chaos Ancestor.

“Are you here to pick him up?”

The Chaos Perception Dragon figured out why Su Ping was there.

Su Ping nodded and looked ahead, then saw a spot of light darting towards him. Once closer, the round and fat figure turned out to be the young Chaos Beast.

It looked no different from its past image, except it was slightly bigger. However, Su Ping could feel the terrifying power inside its body. It had also evolved and turned into an Ancestral God.

“It seems that you do deserve to be its master,” sighed the Chaos Perception Dragon. It had never fought against Su Ping, but being a mythical creature allowed it to feel Su Ping’s strength. A blood-deep fear was felt even by him just standing there.

“I was lucky to meet the fellow.” Su Ping smiled.


The young Chaos Beast’s body shrank as it moved to hug Su Ping’s leg.

It had always regarded Su Ping as family, ever since he helped its egg hatch.

Su Ping helplessly petted the little one and said, “I’m not your daddy. Call me brother.”

“No, you’re daddy.” The young Chaos Beast was persistent.

“You make me sound too old if you call me Daddy…” Su Ping complained.

Chaos Perception Dragon: “…”

“Thank you very much for all you’ve done,” Su Ping said to the Chaos Perception Dragon, “I’ll ask the gods to stop hunting you.”

After some surprise, the great dragon shook his head and said, “That won’t be necessary. I’m fine being with ferocious beasts. I don’t like those gods anyway, and I want to eat them when I see them. This desolate land for you is actually a home for me; I like the soil and scenery.”

Well… Su Ping didn’t pursue the matter. “Fine then.”

“Given your strength, you only need to be careful about the Seven Great Clans in the future,” said the Chaos Perception Dragon.

“They’ve already been taken care of,” said Su Ping, “I’ll be in charge in the world of gods from now on.”


The giant dragon looked at Su Ping in shock. After a long silence, it said, “Then, it shouldn’t be a problem if I eat a few Ancestral Gods now, right?”

Su Ping was amused by the question. “Better hold that thought, unless they act and offend you. We’re bound to fight the Heavens in the future. I hope to unite all the power of the gods and meet with the mythical creatures to fight the Heavens. All the available forces should enter the battlefield.”

“The Heavens…” The Chaos Perception Dragon’s eyes glittered. It nodded and said, “I’ll be there.”

They exchanged glances; Su Ping couldn’t help but smile and pat the beast’s shoulder. He sighed like talking to an old friend. “I hope we can have real peace.”

“Peace is not a good thing, because it has to be defended by bloody wars,” said the Chaos Perception Dragon.

Su Ping found it ironic, too, but that was reality.

Even the most beautiful flowers grew from filthy mud.

Everything could be dependent on its opposite.

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