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Chapter 1525 - Destroying the Rain Clan (1)

Chapter 1525: Destroying the Rain Clan (1)


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The world was quiet at the moment.

All the Ancestral Gods were so befuddled that none of them dared to move. They trembled like moths, overtaken by the fear of death they had almost forgotten.

That long lost feeling refreshed their memories and reminded them of what they were like when they were weak.

“I’ll be in charge from now on. Any objections?” Su Ping looked down at them, and his voice resounded in the world.

After witnessing the deep seated arrogance of the Seven Great Clans, Su Ping was determined to become a dictator.


The greatest advantage of a dictatorship was efficiency. All instructions would be carried out, swiftly, without arguments.

Dictatorships had existed in every era. It was just that some were the acts of individuals while others worked in groups. Just like the great clans had ruled over the godly world together.

Their group effort had rendered all others incapable of resisting.

All the gods answered with silence, while looking at the mythical figure who was surrounded by bead-like universes. The immense pressure made it hard for them to breathe.

Su Ping had easily suppressed them with only the power of four universes. He could instantly kill any of them at the moment.

Such power would make you see them all as ants. You wouldn’t even feel sorry for wiping them out!

That was why emperors were ruthless in ancient times.

The tendency was for them to act with indifference when they could decide other people’s fate with one word.

This had nothing to do with what was right and what was wrong. It was just an instinct developed in a certain environment.

Su Ping snorted after seeing them bow their heads. It was true that negotiations couldn’t be done without fists and blades. The truth would be in his hands when he had absolute power!

“Come here!” Su Ping said indifferently.

The Ancestral Gods looked at each other in bewilderment, and flew towards him in fright.

Su Ping moved his feet to let Ancestor Fei get up. She didn’t dare resist his summons, and turned back into her beautiful, green-haired appearance, clearly afraid. She obediently approached.

The sight of the magnificent figure before them was the clear announcement that the age of the Seven Greatest Clans was in the past. That Human Ancestor had exceeded the limits of what Ancestral Gods could achieve. It was possible that he had already reached the end of all cultivation.

While the godly experts’ hearts were in turmoil, Su Ping said indifferently, “Inform all the clans. Tell them to be prepared for the war against the Heavenly Dao in the future. This is my command, understand?”

All the Ancestral Gods shivered and said, “Understood.”

“Get lost right now!”

Su Ping sneered.

He withdrew his universes and resumed his human appearance.

He didn’t boter looting the Seven Greatest Clans’ training resources. Although intimidated, none of them suffered any losses. He didn’t make a move to collect fortunes for the sake of humankind. Given his status, humankind would surely receive all kinds of gifts after establishing their territory.

They were still too weak, and could choke if they ate too much, too fast.

Su Ping thought it would be enough for humans to be respected in the world of gods. His real enemies were the Heavens. Without settling that matter, the world of gods would only be destroyed, even if he reformed it according to his wishes.

All the Ancestral Gods left in frustration. Some of them anxiously took away the remains of the experts from their clans who died in battle. They were relieved to see that Su Ping didn’t fly into a rage.

Su Ping didn’t refine the Great Dao fragments he had absorbed just yet. He approached Ancestral God Wen Tian and said, “I have something else to do. I’ll leave this place to you, Brother Wen Tian. Tell me if they act arrogantly again.”

Wen Tian was rather flattered by this. He had been slightly nervous after having seen Su Ping’s unstoppable performance. After all, he could easily kill an Ancestral God.

“I will.” Wen Tian accepted the request, while smiling bitterly in his heart. As long as the seven clans weren’t stupid, they would probably never challenge Su Ping’s authority.

The fellow had single handedly suppressed them. Such power couldn’t be resisted by any schemes or tricks. They could only obey him.

The elders of the Heaven Path Institute were surprised and delighted to see Su Ping. Having Ancestor Su’s backing, the Heaven Path Institute would certainly become the best school in the godly world, one that everyone would revere.

Su Ping didn’t stay for much longer. He took Joanna away from that place.

“Ancestor Su is truly the greatest genius in history. I’ve never seen anyone cultivate as fast as him.”

“Ancestor Su’s current level… Is he already beyond the Ancestral God realm?”

“Beyond the Ancestral God realm? Isn’t it the legendary unparalleled state?”

All the elders were shocked. They had to look up to Ancestral Gods, and even those existences had to look up to Su Ping.

Yan Qing and the others had mixed feelings. There was once a time when Su Ping was a little kid who needed their help. He had suddenly grown and become a towering tree.

“Humanity will become the Archean Divinity’s biggest clan in the next hundred thousand years,” remarked an elder.

“Maybe, the world of gods will need a name change…”

Su Ping’s battle had already become legendary, making everybody wonder.

He wasn’t too bothered with it. He had no feelings about gods anymore, after having seen Sorcerer Ancestor Hun Yu fight the Heavens with billions of mythical creatures. Gods were only life forms slightly stronger than normal; they could not compare to mythical creatures.

“Have you reached the end of all cultivation?” Joanna looked at Su Ping curiously. She found it hard to imagine what he was capable of at the moment.

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