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Chapter 1524 - Suppressing An Era! (3)

Chapter 1524: Suppressing An Era! (3)

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“Why have you stopped?” Su Ping looked around at the strongest Ancestral Gods.

The latter changed their expressions. They could assess that he had yet to use his full power as they looked at the fallen Ancestor Fei under his feet. That was the reason they were scared to make another move.

“What exactly do you want?” asked one of the Ancestral Gods.

“On your knees!” Su Ping bellowed.

The Ancestral God changed his expression and looked at Su Ping with shock and fury.


“I gave you a chance to talk on your feet, but you didn’t cherish it. The Seven Greatest Clans will be no more if you make the wrong decision!” said Su Ping.

“Don’t go overboard!” said one of the ancestors, clearly incensed. Does he want to rule over all gods?


Su Ping suddenly punched him.

The punch was just as powerful as the previous one.

The angry ancestor was then shocked; he hurriedly resisted by exploding his universe and the expert gods nearby helped him.

They knew they couldn’t afford any more casualties, or it would be even more impossible to resist the human’s actions.

The Ancestral Gods condensed the power of ten universes and turned it into a huge storm that blocked Su Ping’s attack.

The targeted ancestor felt a slight relief, seeing that the human’s punch was blocked. He immediately said, “Let’s just talk nicely…”

However, he was interrupted by Su Ping. “You’re not worthy enough!”


An explosion burst out as a fourth universe appeared behind Su Ping’s back!

The fourth universe exploded and the terrifying power was injected into Su Ping. His fist broke free from the storm and punched brutally again.

Even the colors of the world seemed to be changing. All the Ancestral Gods were appalled. They noticed Su Ping’s strange multiple universes earlier, but they never saw them clearly. Is that the source of Su Ping’s terrifying strength?

A resounding bang!

The Ancestral Gods gathered their strength again, but Su Ping’s punch was greater and fiercer than before; the storm they raised was torn apart. The god who was the primary target was instantly blown up. The dozen Ancestral Gods nearby were also sent flying.

In the distance, one of the ancestors yet to take action looked awful. He already knew it would be almost impossible to stop the human. “You’re being excessive!”

Besides, even if they stopped him, so what? Could they kill Su Ping? Apparently not.

Su Ping would be an undefeatable existence if they didn’t unite. No solution would be found if he chose to look for trouble with any clan in the future.

The balance in the world of gods would surely change. He only hoped to negotiate in a relatively peaceful way.


Su Ping glanced at him with eyes as massive as suns.

More dazzling universes appeared behind him. The fifth, the sixth, the seventh…

Each universe carried a glaring and scorching power, along with infinite Dao power momentum. It seemed that they could shatter a whole world if they spun a little bit.

The old Ancestral God was rendered speechless. He gazed at that scene and even forgot breathing.

The ancestors who had just returned from being hurled away by Su Ping’s attack were rooted on the spot. Their heads went blank as they saw such an unbelievable sight.

It was an epic moment that would forever be etched in their hearts.

The monster that stood there, with universes floating above his head, was like an ancient fiend that had returned to the world. He was producing so much pressure that nobody could possibly resist him.

“Ancestor Su…”

The elders under the protection of Ancestral God Wen Tian were just as shocked. It was beyond astounding. The Ancestral Gods were like fireflies in front of the sun when compared to Su Ping.

They were like flying worms in the presence of his gargantuan body!

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