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Chapter 1528 - Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Luo (2)

Chapter 1528: Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Luo (2)

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Every living creature had limited potential.

That potential would be the deciding factor for the upper limit. It was like a bloodline.

However, potential could be improved. As a trainer, Su Ping successfully did just that.

An excellent teacher could teach so well that a kid who failed an exam would get a full score in the following test. However, when it came to geniuses, getting a full score was just the beginning; it was normal for them to skip grades. That was the difference in upper limit between geniuses and ordinary people.

There was a huge gap in intelligence.


Even the most distinguished teacher was unable to improve the upper limit of an ordinary person to that of a genius, unless they were gods!

By activating and changing their bloodlines, Su Ping had fundamentally improved the Dark Dragon Hound and his other pets to the mythical creature level. He reshaped their bloodlines with the aura of chaos, making them veritable mythical creatures that gathered the essence of power in the world.

Time flew.

Su Ping returned from cultivation sites every once in a while, then asked Elaine for updates.

To his delight, the journey was rather smooth and they hadn’t encountered the Heavens on the way.

One day—

Su Ping made calculations and returned from a cultivation site. He then went to see Elaine and said, “We’re almost there, right?”

“Yes. According to the time system in your place, we’ll arrive in one week,” she replied.

Su Ping nodded. The time was too short for him to enter another cultivation site. After all, he would probably not be able to react in time in case of a conflict upon arrival.

“Can you tell me which Sorcerer Ancestor we’re going to meet?” asked Su Ping.

He only hoped it wouldn’t be the Original Dragons’ leader. After all, he had just had a conflict with the latter and he would rather not meet him again without the system’s protection.

“It’s fine to tell you now. It’s Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Luo…” Elaine released her Great Dao power and weakened her voice countless times. He wouldn’t have heard her if not for his Ancestral God cultivation.

She only did so because she didn’t want to be disrespectful. It was all to prevent Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Luo from sensing that his name had been uttered.

Ti Luo… Su Ping thought to himself and felt relieved. It was fine as long as they didn’t meet the Original Dragons.

“I can make introductions when we get there, but it’s best not to talk about it here,” said Elaine.

Su Ping nodded.

One week passed fairly quickly.

Su Ping stopped going to cultivation sites; instead he stayed in the store and ran the business with Joanna and the others.

It had been a long time since he devoted himself to working in the store. He once again experienced the joy when he just obtained the system.

Unfortunately, many of his customers from back then were already gone.

For example, the lovely girl named Su Yanying, who was the Lightning Rat’s first master.

With his current power, he could resurrect her by calculating the girl’s past with causes and consequences and copying her memories.

In other words, the recreated person would be identical, with the same memories and personality. However… They wouldn’t be the same person.

That was the reason why he never tried doing that. It seemed like a disrespectful thing to do.

The Lightning Rat was also aware of that, so it didn’t try doing it, either. It had only been waiting for its real master from the past.

It would rather not create a “toy” to play with.


Su Ping sensed something. He vanished from the store and reappeared high in the sky.

“We’ve arrived,” Elaine said to Su Ping with excitement. It was as if she had finally seen land after helplessly drifting on the ocean for a long time. She was hopeful again.

Elaine disappeared. She turned into a wisp of smoke and seeped out of the Dao Crystal.

Su Ping also flashed out of the green glass world. He then saw a vast and brilliant continent in the silent darkness further ahead.

There were infinite lights and shadows flashing on the continent, like an ancient and primitive world. He could see gargantuan beasts the size of planets.

“So big…” Su Ping narrowed his eyes and said, “It wouldn’t be detected by the Heavens, right?”

“No. We’ve come here through special coordinates,” said Elaine, “Also, I received the calling of the ancestor three days ago. It sensed our presence and realized that we weren’t related to the Heavens; that’s why it allowed us to approach. Otherwise, we would have never reached this place…”

“That’s good.” Su Ping nodded.

Very soon, the two Dao Crystals continued their onward movement, one after the other.

They approached the vast continent.

A boiling aura suddenly appeared in the vicinity. It turned out to be an enormous ancient beast with countless tentacles. The end of each appendage had an oval, pink thing that looked like a suction disc. It sent out an ancient voice, “Which race are you? Why are you here?”

That was Su Ping’s translation of the guy’s transmitted thought.

Before Elaine replied—four Ancestral Gods of the cyborg clan flew out of the Dao Crystal in the rear. Among them was exactly one of the leaders that Su Ping had seen in the past. He said with a mixture of excitement and respect, “We’re the cyborgs that derive from the Silicon Creatures. Our universe was attacked by the Heavens, and we’re hoping to seek refuge here!”

He simply told the truth. He had obviously learned from their historical records that no tricks would work on the twelve Sorcerer Ancestors.

“There’s also the aura of other races here…”

The Ti Luo Clan’s Ancestral God rolled its dozens of eyes and gazed at Su Ping.

It was actually more concerned about that inconspicuous figure than about the cyborgs.

“We’re human beings; we were also attacked by the Heavens, and we’re here to seek protection and to establish an alliance,” said Su Ping.


Elaine and the others were shocked by the word. They hurriedly looked at Su Ping.

The host ancestor shivered, as if amused by what Su Ping said. However, after its tentacles floated for a while, it said, “You carry the smell of the Primitive Chaos Clan. You’re lying.”

“I’m not lying. I simply received the power of the Primitive Chaos Clan, but I used to be a human,” said Su Ping calmly.

The tentacled ancestor gazed at him for a while, then said, “Whether you’re from humankind or the Primitive Chaos Clan, we welcome you. Besides, the Primitive Chaos Clan ancestor made great contributions to the resistance against the Heavens. Come on in!”

After saying that, it slowly dissipated in ripples.

The cyborg Ancestral Gods felt relieved, but they looked at Su Ping in astonishment. They had complete historical records and knew how terrifying the Primitive Chaos Clan was. It had one of the twelve Sorcerer Ancestors in the age of chaos!

Su Ping glanced at the cyborg experts. They had obviously lied about the number of top experts they had, making him think that they only had three Ancestral Gods.

However, given his current power, it made no difference even if they had thirty of them.

Led by Ti Luo Clan’s Ancestral God, everybody followed and flew into the ripples. They finally arrived on the continent, which seemed to be right in front of their eyes but was actually countless spaces and timelines away.

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