Astral Apostle

Chapter 200 - Tied Through Benefits (3)  

Chapter 200: Tied Through Benefits (3)

The conditions given by the King were enough to knock out most people, but the goals of his Astral Apostles were different.

Zhou Jing secretly analyzed his possible future situation.

After a normal craftsman completed a project, he could end the closed development session and regain their freedom. However, Bill could forget about having that option. In the future, he would definitely be closely monitored and live under the control of the royal family. Wherever he went, he would be followed by guards. It would be difficult for him to leave the capital.

With his personal freedom limited, he could only become a tool for developing potions for the royal family.

Although he could always take the path of a pharmacist and farm some Astral Realm Points and Information State particles, the benefits would slowly decrease. This was because, with the technology level of the Mutant World, the results of the research and development of potions would ultimately hit the ceiling.

Back then, Bill’s goal in learning pharmacology was to quickly become famous, farm Information State Particles, and increase the progress of his Apostles. Now, the results were not a loss. The only problem was that the winds howled around the highest peaks, so with gains naturally came losses.

His freedom being limited was not in his own interests. Bill’s value was not only in making potions but also in the possibility of becoming an Eternal Apostle. Therefore, he needed to let Bill learn something that would prove more useful to his main body, such as trying to cultivate sorcery to obtain a new supernatural system.

Trapped in the capital, he would be constantly monitored by others. He would not even be unable to study sorcery, let alone go out and find a natural spirit.

So I have to think of a way to escape the situation of being controlled by the royal family…”

After thinking about it, Zhou Jing suddenly had a thought.

Why not… just die a heroic death? Transfer his ability to the next Astral Apostle?

He smacked his lips, ruminating over it for a bit, but eventually pushed away this unreliable thought.

Now that Bill had gotten to this point, he was a valuable asset. Right now, because his Life Objectives had not been met, he could not become an Eternal Apostle. It would be a loss if he died so easily.

Moreover, even if he achieved Permanence, Zhou Jing did not want to perform the settlement scores for the time being. This was because it was different from before. He was not in a hurry to clear the level, unlike before.

He was more inclined to farm more Information State Particles to increase his settlement evaluation and let Bill continue to grow. This way, he could choose a better ability when he performed the conversion, saving a lot of resources and earning more.

“Let’s use an overboard method to try and solve the problem first… However, I’ll agree to the royal family’s conditions first. No matter what happens next, at least I’ll get this achievement first.

After this, it seems that I have to take the initiative to contact Roman… This person doesn’t know that I know part of his background. Perhaps I can do something to make Roman think that he can use me and use his power in turn…”

Zhou Jing’s eyes darted around as his brain worked quickly.

A few days later, the royal family announced something that quickly swept through the entire capital.

King Becky·Tarn had conferred upon Bill the title of Chief Apothecary of the Empire. At the same time, he announced that Bill would marry into the royal family!

Due to the closed-off development of the Mutant Blood Potion, Bill’s name had disappeared for a few months. Many residents of the capital had already forgotten about this famous “Aphrodisiac Master.”

But there were many people who remembered Bill—most of them were his customers who had bought energy potions. In the days when Bill had disappeared, they often missed their former vigor.

As soon as this news spread, the entire capital went into an uproar.

As the news of the new blood potion was still under lockdown, in the eyes of the residents of the capital, this was akin to his aphrodisiac allowing him to rise to the top. It was extremely puzzling, and they could not help but guess at various possibilities.

A person who made aphrodisiacs was actually qualified to be the Chief Pharmacist of the Empire?! Did he make the King experience some otherworldly pleasure?

Furthermore, this person could actually marry into the royal family? Could it be that all the men of the royal family had been castrated and needed Bill to help them stand up again?!

For a moment, all kinds of rumors started spreading.

The rumors all differed in nature, but there was one thing that became the consensus of the residents of the capital…

Bill was truly the epitome of awesomeness!

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