Astral Apostle

Chapter 201 - Putting a Mistress In A Golden House; Recommendation (1)

Chapter 201 – Putting a Mistress In A Golden House; Recommendation (1)

The next morning…

Tap, tap, tap… Irene personally drove the carriage along the main road into the Golden Castle and stopped at the square in front of the main castle.

The guards clustered around Becky.Tarn. The latter could not help but smile as he watched Bill get out of the carriage.

“Your Majesty.”

Zhou Jing got out of the car and greeted him respectfully.

Becky smiled and nodded, “Master Bill, I personally conferred upon you the Chief Pharmacist of the Empire. In the future, we’ll be family. Don’t treat me like an outsider. Just treat me as an Elder.”

Who would believe you…

Zhou Jing rolled his eyes inwardly but flattered the King on the outside, “His Majesty’s majesty is really admirable. Anyone who sees it can’t help but respect him.”

He did not know if it was a psychological effect of his Eloquence Aptitude, but when he was controlling Bill’s body, his skin was very thick, and he could say any sort of mushy words.

Becky was, however, quite pleased with his flattery and laughed.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Today is the day you move into the Golden Castle. I came specially to pick you up.”

Zhou Jing hurriedly put on a touching expression and flattered him with a series of words like “I’m grateful for Your Majesty’s kindness” and “Respecting the wise and virtuous is really the model of a wise ruler.”

A few days ago, he was still sealed in the secret workshop and could not come into contact with the outside world. One day, the achievement of being the Empire’s Chief Pharmacist suddenly appeared on the interface. Only then did Zhou Jing know that the King had already announced this appointment in a hurry.

On the second day after triggering the achievement, he was brought to the Golden Castle by the Royal Guards. Along the way, he was not allowed to leave the carriage and was still unable to come into contact with external information. Zhou Jing had to learn from Irene about the impact of this appointment in the capital.

It was quite strange that the king did not reveal the reason for his appointment… Not only did he want to block the news of the new potion, but he also wanted to give an honorary title to the pharmacist who was developing the project. Those in the know about it would probably be able to guess that there was a breakthrough in the research…

This time, he sealed the information, yet it was not completely sealed.

However, after some consideration, Zhou Jing roughly understood the King’s intentions.

The new potion would not be kept a secret forever. In the future, it would definitely be made public to inform the citizens everywhere. The safety of the V2 Potion would subvert the views of ordinary people and arouse the courage of more people to pursue the supernatural route. This would produce a new source of soldiers.

However, the new potion was not popularized and was only produced by the royal family. The other workshops were still using the original medicine. Thus, it was likely that there would be a rule issued soon that the new potion would only be supplied to the direct troops controlled by the Empire and the royal family. It would become an exclusive benefit for the Empire and would no longer be available to the public. This would force those who were tempted to join the army. Not only would the direct forces of the Empire grow stronger step by step, but they could also ensure their control over the new potion.

Therefore, the King had no intention of delaying and directly appointed Bill… At the same time, this move was also made in helplessness. In order to rope him in, the founder’s credit could not be hidden. He had to spread the news of Bill’s achievements. Otherwise, he might incur Bill’s displeasure. If he did not even obtain the title rights of developing a new potion, would he not just end up slacking off instead?

So Becky hurried to announce the appointment, to show Bill the benefits he had promised before he had seriously followed through.

Although this would cause Bill to receive the attention of the other tribes, after the appointment, Becky had Bill brought to the Golden Castle immediately. If he did not interact with the outside world easily, he would not interact with the other tribes. In Becky’s opinion, this was enough to solve the problem.

“It’s as though he’s taking mistress and putting her in a golden house.”

Zhou Jing cursed inwardly.

Although the royal family planned to put him under house arrest, the reward for being appointed as the (Empire’s Chief Pharmacist] was considerable. He was awarded 2,000 Astral Points and 30 Information State Particles.

Currently, Bill’s Apostle’s constant progress has reached 96/120. He was only one step away from reaching the minimum requirement to achieve Permanence.

80 points were obtained from the two achievements of [Mutant Blood Potion Improvement) and (The Empire’s Chief Pharmacist). The other 16 points were gotten through the daily benefits after he made a name for himself as an Aphrodisiac Master, bringing many blessings to the men of the capital.

Now that his freedom was limited, his Life Objectives would not be easy to achieve. Zhou Jing was currently looking forward to the dissemination of the new potion. It would have a huge impact and produce more Information State particles that would count towards his evaluation progress.

While he was distracted, Becky.Tarn turned around and waved for two tall and burly men to step out of the crowd.

“These two are the royal guards, Hudd and Lake. They have undergone three enhancements, each in charge of leading a four-man team. Their members are at least single enhanced Mutant Blood Warriors. I specially transferred them to protect you in the future.”

Zhou Jing looked at the two of them.

Hudd looked honest, calm, and down to earth.

Lake’s face was cold and unsmiling.

Got it… One unhappy, one brainless, a classic combination.

The security had been upgraded again, and so had the surveillance level. It was not enough to put him under house arrest in the Golden Castle. But he also had to let ten Mutant Blood Warriors act as his bodyguards. How extravagant. Did they have to follow him to the toilet as well?

Zhou Jing was speechless. He could only continue to flatter Becky and thank him for “valuing” him so much.

Becky.Tarn quickly brushed aside the subject, smiled, and waved again.

This time, a dozen young women walked up from behind him.

“They’re all blood descendants of the Tarn Royal Family. Come, meet Master Bill.” Becky chuckled.

“Master, you’re so young! He looks so friendly!”

The dozen or so young women of the royal family greeted each other. They looked at Zhou Jing with curiosity, shyness, scrutiny, and admiration. They whispered to each other and discussed softly, giggling from time to time.

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