Astral Apostle

Chapter 199 - Tied Through Benefits (2)

Chapter 199: Tied Through Benefits (2)

Zhou Jing perked up.

These rewards were generous.

Most people in the world pursued nothing more than fame and fortune, and Bill gave others the impression that he was unscrupulous and wanted to pursue profits. Only wealth could move him.

Therefore, the King had put in a lot of effort. The new Mutant Blood Potion was practically a strategic resource to him. The Empire would definitely produce it in large quantities, and the dividends would be given based on the huge output every year. To the Empire, this actually was an unnecessary additional expenditure.

The title of Chief Pharmacist of the Empire was also a huge honor. With witnesses from the officials, Bill would become the official leader of the pharmacists in a single leap.

Giving away shops and providing research materials unconditionally was also very practical.

“Thank you for your generosity, Your Majesty.” Zhou Jing pretended to be flattered.

Becky waved his hand and continued, “Also, I’ve decided to invite you to stay in the Golden Castle. The Royal Guards will protect you at all times. In order to reduce the risk of yourself being harmed, try not to leave the Imperial Circle in the future.”

“Stay in the Golden Castle?”

Zhou Jing’s heart stirred.

The Golden Castle was the royal palace of the capital. Only the royal family, the ministers of the Empire, and their servants were qualified to stay here. Now that they had invited him to stay here… they were probably trying to keep him under their noses so that they could monitor and control him.

Meanwhile, the Royal Guards would even follow him at all times. This was both protection and surveillance. This was very obvious.

It seemed that the previously mentioned benefits were all for this condition. He had decided to use the carrot and stick method, giving him enough benefits so that he would not be so disgruntled at being put under the control of the Royal Family.

Zhou Jing could understand Becky’s thought process, but whether he accepted it or not was another matter.

If it were an ordinary person, there was nothing to hesitate about such good treatment. It was fine to give up some freedom… However, this body was an Astral Apostle, and what he pursued was different. Actually, he did not have any worldly desires.

Seeing that Zhou Jing did not speak, Becky took a deep breath and said slowly, “Master Bill, a talent like you will definitely leave your name in history. I wonder if you plan to give yourself a surname and pass down your bloodline?”

Zhou Jing blinked in surprise, “I haven’t thought about it… Why did you suddenly mention this?”

Becky’s tone was serious as he replied, “Because I want you to marry into the royal family. If you want, any woman of the right age from the Tarn Royal Family can be your wife.”

Zhou Jing was stunned.

Good lord, isn’t this the method of marriage between nobles in history?

Bill was a rootless duckweed. If he became a “royal relative” and became part of the royal family, this would ensure that he supported the royal family and was loyal to the Empire. If he sat in the royal family’s position, he would automatically lean towards the Royal Faction, allowing them to successfully recruit him as a talent.

Becky stared intently at Zhou Jing, waiting for his reply. He was confident that this combination of cards he laid out would make Bill scramble to accept his offer.

Even if other tribes came into contact with Bill in the future, it was impossible for anyone to offer a higher price than the royal family!

If he could, he really wanted to lock Bill in the dungeon and teach him a lesson on obedience, treating him like a tool to be used.

Unfortunately, the research and development of potions required a lot of effort. The other party could slack off if he tried to be forceful. It would be difficult to obtain anything from them.

In the future, he still needed Bill to continue to perfect the new potion. Therefore, Becky finally decided to use the method of tying the both of them through benefits to make Bill volunteer his talent.

Not only that, but he also had to spread Bill’s achievements and take the initiative to increase Bill’s reputation… As the number of Enhancers increased, it was impossible to completely hide the existence of the new blood potion. All Becky could do was ensure that the formula was under control. Other than the workshops in the capital, there would be nowhere else that could make such potions.

At this moment, Zhou Jing opened his mouth and asked curiously, “Any woman of the right age is applicable?”

“Of course.” Becky nodded decisively.

“Then…” Zhou Jing couldn’t help but turn to look at Irene.

Irene was originally watching the show expressionlessly, but when she saw this, her expression changed, and her fists stiffened.

Becky froze.

He had not expected Bill’s taste to be so unique that he would dare to have designs on his guard captain.

To be honest, Irene was indeed charming. Sometimes, he would also have some thoughts that he shouldn’t have… But what kind of physical fitness did she have? Trying to do her forcefully would probably turn into a tragic murder case, right?!

Besides, Becky didn’t dare force a person who was responsible for protecting him from doing something they did not want to do.

“Ahem, I don’t object, but it depends on Irene…” Becky hesitated, then said helplessly, “But I suggest you reconsider.”

He was just short of saying it directly — For the sake of your weak body, can you not court death?

Irene paused for a moment before crossing her arms and rejecting him directly, “You have a lot of guts. I don’t hate this… but I’m not interested in men.”

“Nonsense. You’ve obviously taken a fancy to Jason, and you probably don’t like the fact that Bill’s physique is weak, right?”

Zhou Jing cursed inwardly.

Becky coughed and brought them back to the point, “Master Bill, so are you willing to marry into the royal family?”

…Since you’ve already asked it like this, if I refuse, wouldn’t I die on the spot?”

“Yes, of course!”

Zhou Jing hurriedly replied, as if he was afraid that the King would regret making this offer.

Seeing this, Becky nodded in satisfaction and smiled kindly, “Stay in the workshop for now. When I announce your appointment, I’ll send the guards to pick you up and bring you to Golden Castle.”

He chatted with Zhou Jing for a while more before leading the guards back.

Zhou Jing pretended to send them to the door before being stopped by the guards. Only then did he slowly walk back to his room.

After closing the door, Zhou Jing’s face fell.

“Tsk, this is bad. The royal family wants to completely tie me to their faction.”

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