Astral Apostle

Chapter 198 - Tied Through Benefits (1)  

Chapter 198: Tied Through Benefits (1)

For a few days, many guards were placed at the secret workshop. The craftsmen were allowed in but not out, so the news was temporarily sealed.

Many craftsmen worked overtime to learn the formula of the new blood potion and began to create it en masse.

Due to the complexity of the formula and the lack of proficiency, even though the craftsmen in the secret workshop were all elites, it was difficult for them to produce the finished product in a short time. They were considered lucky to succeed even once out of ten times. Their current work mainly focused on practicing.

Only Bill, the developer, could steadily produce the new blood potion with the help of the item analysis function.

After a few days of this, King Becky visited the secret workshop again. This time, he brought those experimental subjects who had tested out the new potions.

Four strong men stood in the middle of the room, looking straight ahead as Zhou Jing and the other craftsmen examined their bodies.

On the stretcher beside them lay six weak men. Their faces were pale, and they coughed up blood from time to time.

“I chose ten people from the royal guards to take the V2 Potion. These four are those who succeeded. The six who failed did not die, but they are coughing up blood non-stop and are weak all over.”

Irene, the captain of the guards, came too. She stood beside King Becky and explained the situation.

Zhou Jing nodded to himself… 40% success rate was much higher than the original version.

The original version of the blood potion, when used by ordinary people who had not been trained, only had a success rate of about 4-6%. People had to train hard to have a strong body to increase the success rate, but it was estimated to be no more than 20%. It was only half the success rate of the V2 potion.

The initial strength of his Astral Apostle far exceeded that of ordinary people, which was an exception. However, to ordinary people, the original potion was a gamble of life and death. But now, not only was the success rate of the second potion high, but it would also not die if it failed. It was completely two different concepts.

The craftsmen present were all excited. They deeply understood what kind of change the difference between the two would bring.

The only problem was that the enhancement effect of the V2 Potion was much worse than the original.

Zhou Jing pretended to check. From time to time, he would pinch the muscles of the Enhancers, but at the same time, he secretly used the detection function on the successful Enhancers.

[Attributes: Physical Fitness 14, Resistance 11, Perception 7, Spirit 5, Energy 0]

“Their attributes are similar to Ross’ when he first enhanced… However, these Enhancers are soldiers of the Royal Guards. They are well-trained, and their basic attributes are higher than Ross’ clean slate of just 5 basic attributes. Previously, when I used detection on the normal Royal Guards, most of them had 7 points of physical fitness, 6 points of resistance, and 5 points of perception… Therefore, if I calculate it this way, the enhancement effect of the V2 Potion probably increased their attributes by 14 points.”

Zhou Jing came to a conclusion.

Back then, when Ross first underwent his enhancement, his total attributes had increased by 21 points, but the enhancement effect of the V2 Potion should only be two-thirds of the original.

The attributes of the V2 Enhancers were not even comparable to a dumb-dumb like Ross…

However, the main reason for using this was that there was an advantage in safety. In the future, there was a high chance that the original potion could be eliminated. There should be fewer and fewer hunters utilizing the original version, causing the average combat strength of supernatural beings in the future to decrease. This might also meet the needs of the empire… This was the analysis that Zhou Jing came up with.

He then checked on those who had failed the enhancement and found that their attributes had only been slightly weakened. The aftereffects of the failed enhancement resulted in many of their organ functions being damaged. It would probably cause a strong warrior’s body to collapse. He would be so weak that he would not even be at the level of ordinary people and would suffer from illness for a long time.

Although he could slowly recover from his injuries, he could not fully recover his health… However, it was better than dying suddenly.

After gaining a specific understanding of the V2 Mutant blood potion, Zhou Jing memorized it in his heart. He looked around and asked curiously, “Why aren’t there any users of Version 3?”

Irene shook her head in response, “I let five of the royal guards use the V3 Potion. All of them failed and died. I didn’t continue trying.”

“Are they all dead?” Zhou Jing shook his head. It was not surprising that the success rate of the V3 Potion was lower than the original.

Irene paused for a moment, then said in a low voice, “Things were different when they died. Some of them spontaneously combusted, and some of them were electrocuted to a crisp.”

Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows.

The original version of the potion was to vomit blood and die. The way those who died from the V3 Potion seemed to be related to the special ability.

According to the principle of the potion’s effect, during the enhancement process, the user would receive additional damage from special abilities, such as internal combustion and electric shock. This was the main reason why the success rate had decreased… In that case, if the user had elemental resistance, wouldn’t it increase the success rate of the V3 Potion?

Zhou Jing immediately perked up.

If the V2 Potion was considered a universal drug and not picky about who the users were, then the V3 Potion was picky about the user and was not suitable for newcomers. It seemed more suitable for the enhanced Mutant Blood Warriors to use. Moreover, it required the user to obtain some elemental resistance characteristics in the previous enhancement. On this basis, the user could choose the V3 Potion with special abilities.

“If he were to give Jason the third type of medicine, it would be best if it was an electric shock ability, followed by the wind element ability…” Zhou Jing thought.

Everyone checked through the enhancers once before recording the results.

Becky looked pleased when the results were read out.

He looked at Bill with a glint in his eye. The way he had been considering for the past few days came to mind, and he no longer hesitated.

“You guys go ahead,” Becky said. “Bill, please stay.”

Many craftsmen tactfully walked out of the house, including the guards.

Only Zhou Jing, King Becky, and Irene, the captain of the guards, were left in the room.

“Your Majesty, what do you need?”

Becky smiled kindly, “Master Bill, your contribution to the empire is extraordinary. I’ve already asked the Empire Workshop to certify you as a master pharmacist and give you the title of the Empire’s Chief Pharmacist on behalf of the royal family. In addition, I’ve decided to give you five storefronts in the furnace area. You can choose the location. In the future, the Empire Workshop will provide you with materials unconditionally and allow you to do any research you want. Every year, I’ll even pay you a high dividend according to the total number of new mutant blood potions produced from the Empire Workshop.”

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