Astral Apostle

Chapter 197 - Legal System, New Medicine (2)  

Chapter 197: Legal System, New Medicine (2)

Becky’s expression suddenly changed into ecstasy.

The development was really successful?!

He couldn’t be bothered to sleep anymore. He hurriedly walked out of the house in his pajamas and urged, “Let’s go, we’ll go to the workshop now!”

In the Empire’s Secret Workshop.

In the middle of the night, King Becky rushed over and immediately summoned the people in charge of the workshop to report.

Everyone quickly gathered together.

“Your Majesty, these are the two new blood potions.”

The officer in charge of the workshop was overjoyed. He held two boxes and opened them on the table, revealing two potions inside.

“What’s the exact effect?” Becky maintained a steady tone, but his heart felt like there was a cat scratching inside, bursting in excitement.

“These two new blood potions were made by Master Bill. He will explain their functions to His Majesty.”

The workshop head said respectfully.

The crowd parted to reveal Bill. The upper echelons of the workshop looked at him with respect and admiration.

The development of the new blood potion had actually begun before the founding of the country. At that time, the various tribes were still independently researching it. A few years after the establishment of the Terra Empire, through some interests and methods, the research progress of the various tribes was gathered and developed on this basis. However, in the past 40 years, they had never been able to overcome the technical difficulties and had made almost no progress.

However, ever since Bill joined the R&D team, the stagnant research progress was finally pushed forward. In just a few months, they completed the project that had troubled them for decades. All the craftsmen in the secret workshop were already amazed by Bill.

Although Bill’s “professional title” was still that of an expert pharmacist, all the craftsmen had long given him the title of “master” and were extremely respectful.

Of course, Zhou Jing knew very well that most of the credit belonged to his Item Analysis Function. Bill’s pharmaceutical skills had not reached such a high level yet. Without this auxiliary function, he would be at a loss like the other craftsmen.

Zhou Jing was personally descending on Bill this time, hence stepped out of the crowd and explained with a smile,

“I’ll temporarily name these two new potions the Mutant Blood Potion Version 2 and 3.. The V2 potion greatly increases the success rate of enhancement. Even if I fail, I won’t die suddenly, and the damage to the user will be reduced. The V3 potion can allow one to inherit a mutant beast’s special abilities, which is stronger than the original Mutant Blood Potion.”

Hearing this, Becky could hardly keep a straight face.

At this moment, Zhou Jing added, “However, both potions have flaws. Although the V2 potion is much safer than the original, the effect of each enhancement is much lower. Moreover, the success rate is higher only when you use it for the first three times. If you continue to enhance past that, the failure rate will increase exponentially, and it might even be less safe compared with the original…”

On the other hand, the third type of medicine is the opposite. The enhancement effect will increase, but the failure rate will also increase. Moreover, there can only be one special ability. For example, if you obtained the fire ability of a mutated beast, you can only strengthen the flames in the future, but you can’t use the third type of medicine again to obtain other special abilities. Otherwise, there will be a conflict, and you will definitely die.”

Through the item analysis function, even without a large number of experimental samples, he basically understood the specific effects of the two new blood potions.

Becky suppressed his elation, his mind racing as he considered the changes the two potions would bring.

Although the enhancement effect of the V2 potion was not as good as the original, it was safe and gentle. If it was popularized, the future hunters would probably focus on the V2 potion and form a group of “new era hunters,” replacing the original hunters and becoming the mainstream group.

The V3 Potion would enhance and form the rare “Special Hunter” group, becoming a new source of top combat power.

As for the original Hunters, their strength would be placed between the two.

Almost instantly, Becky made a decision.

—These two new potions had to be controlled by the royal family!

The V2 Potion could only be used by the Imperial Hunters, the Imperial Army, and the Royal Guards. It could not be used on a large scale, especially not by the tribes… because this medicine had the possibility of producing a large number of Mutant Blood Warriors!

There was no need to mention the V3 Potion. It could only be used to nurture experts worthy of the royal family’s trust!

Various thoughts passed through his mind. Becky gazed at Bill, and inexplicable emotions flashed in his eyes—surprise, possessiveness, and fear.

In just a few months, he had solved a problem that the Empire had not been able to solve for decades… This Bill was definitely a talent that only appeared once in a hundred years!

He could not be allowed to leave the capital for even half a step. He had to be controlled tightly. He could not even obtain too much freedom… Becky took a deep breath, his emotions fluctuating.

Originally, no craftsman would be treated like this, no matter how talented they were — but the results of Bill’s work could almost subvert the hunter ecology and create new models. It was already at the level of a monstrous talent.

If Bill had taken a few years or a dozen years to complete the research on the new blood potion, Becky would not have had the idea of controlling his freedom… But Bill’s performance had gone beyond Becky’s common sense. It felt inhuman.

With Bill’s age and creativity, there was a high chance that he would develop more powerful formulas in the future… If there were no other tribes, Becky would also choose to rope him in with benefits, feelings, honor, and other methods.

However, once the tribe recognized Bill’s shocking value, they would definitely fight over this person. Becky did not want the other tribes to come into contact with Bill.

Moreover, roping him in was secondary. What he was most afraid of was that some tribes would use radical means to either kidnap Bill or destroy him if they could not obtain him. They would not leave him to the royal family.

For a moment, Becky thought of many things. He was both happy and worried at the same time.

“Your Majesty, what do you think?”

Realizing that Becky was silent, Zhou Jing probed.

Becky came back to his senses and nodded heavily, “Very good! Master Bill, your creation will rewrite history! The world will praise your great deeds!”

“These are all fine… I’m more concerned about how many rewards there are.” Zhou Jing chuckled and rubbed his fingers, ruthlessly grasping the apostle’s personality.

“Don’t worry, the royal family will definitely not mistreat you!”

Becky had on a solemn expression as he promised.

“Hehe, then I’ll slowly look forward to it.” Zhou Jing grinned.

Becky pulled himself together and continued to ask about the research and development process before leaving.

Before he left, he asked the guards to guard the workshop and not allow anyone to leave. He said that he wanted to seal off the news.

Everyone was used to it and had no objections.

Zhou Jing could only stay in the secret workshop for the time being.

After dealing with his colleagues who had come to congratulate him, Zhou Jing returned to his room and opened the interface.

After making the new blood potion, a lot of information appeared on the interface.

[Triggered achievement: Mutant Blood Potion Improvement!]

[Received 2,000 Astral Points, 50 Information State Particles, 1x [Aptitude Enhancement – Pharmacology (Medium)]!]

[Triggered achievement [Potion Master]!]

[Obtained 1,500 Astral Points, 1x [Aptitude Enhancement – Pharmacology (Small)]!]

[You have received a new Life Episode — Founder of the New Mutant Blood Potion!]

[Rating: National Tier]

[+3 Current Legendary Point Count]

Zhou Jing’s eyes flickered with excitement.

“The new Mutant Blood Potion will greatly change the Mutant Blood Warrior system in the future. As the potion is implemented, its influence will gradually expand. In that case, the daily benefits will produce enough Information State Particles… Perhaps this time, I won’t have to achieve any life goals before I can steadily gather the conditions to become an Eternal Apostle!

After being happy for a while, Zhou Jing calmed down and considered his situation.

His pharmacology talent was so outstanding that it must have been further increased in value in the eyes of the royal family.

If he were the higher-ups, he would not allow such a person to run around. He would most likely have to watch over him.

In order to make me willing to continue developing the potion with all my heart, they won’t use too harsh a method. It’s better to show goodwill and rope me in… I wonder how far the royal family will go.” Zhou Jing thought to himself.

On the other side, somewhere in the Golden Castle.

“You said the King left late at night and made an emergency trip to the secret workshop?”

In the bedroom, Roman was reading at night when he suddenly received a message from his trusted aide. His expression changed slightly.

Could it be that there was a breakthrough in the development of the new blood potion?

This kind of research could easily be measured in years. This time, it had only been a few months…

Is he that fast?

Roman closed the book, and his eyes flickered. He gave a command to his trusted subordinate.

“Get me information. I want to know what happened there.”

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