Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 6 - Looking for Water Source and Encountering Termites  

Chapter 6: Looking for Water Source and Encountering Termites

After butchering the snake, Bell casually wiped the blood on his hand on the soil.

“This snake is not small. It should be enough for dinner.”

After removing the stench from his hand, Bell interacted with the audience.

“The host is awesome, a real professional!”

“How can you eat snakes? Snakes are so cute.”

“Previous poster, is your period normal?”

Seeing the audience talking nonsense in the comments, Bell was helpless. He did not have time to moderate these comments.

In order to not let the audience continue the nonsense, Bell could only change the topic to attract their attention.

“Everyone, now that we have solved the food problem, we have to complete our previous goal and determine our location and plan our route.”

Bell said while walking.

“I know! The host said that we have to find a high spot to confirm our location.”

Hearing Bell’s words, some of the audience interacted.

Looking at the comments, Bell nodded. “That’s right. Our next step is to go to higher terrain. On one hand, we need to confirm our location, but we have another goal as well.”

Bell deliberately paused to whet the audience’s appetite.

“Another goal? Didn’t the host say that it is to confirm the location?”

“That’s right. Is there any other use in reaching higher ground?”

The audience was puzzled.

In the broadcast room, the female host’s gaze was on Bell as well.

She was also puzzled.

She looked at Bear and Ed beside her. “This contestant Bell said that he wants to go to a high ground to confirm his location, but from his words, he seems to have other motives as well. I wonder if you can tell us what this contestant’s goal is?”

The female host did not know much about wilderness survival, but she had two professionals beside her, so she handed the problem to the two of them.

Ed smiled. “This young contestant is the most professional among all the contestants. At least, I don’t see other contestants thinking about this. If I’m not wrong, his goal should be to find a water source.”

“That’s right. It’s indeed easier to find a water source if you have a high vantage point.”

Bear also nodded.

At the same time, Bell was explaining his goal to the audience.

“Host, why do we have to go higher to find water? Is it easier to accumulate water at higher places?”

Some of the audience asked.

Seeing this question, Bell shook his head.

“Actually, the reason why we need to go to a higher ground to search for water sources is very simple.”

“Water flows down. It’s easier to observe the terrain from higher ground. You just have to look for low terrains. The lower the terrain, the higher the possibility of finding a water source.”

“Similarly, our lives are tied with water, so if we follow the river, there’s a high chance of us leaving the primeval forest and completing our goal.”

Bell held a wooden stick in his hand and explained to the audience as he explored the path.

“Amazing, so there was such a thing.”

“I’ve learned. I’m no longer afraid of dying of thirst in the wild.”

“Hehe, kid, don’t talk nonsense. I’ll just smile and not speak.”

As Bell’s live-stream became longer and longer, many new audiences entered his live-stream. They had not seen Bell’s way of survival before, so they naturally did not believe that a child less than ten years old had such knowledge.

They took it as nonsensical talk.

Bell could not be bothered to say anything about it. Some people were always arrogant and complacent about things they did not understand. But the clowns were themselves.

However, even if Bell did not respond, the audience who had watched his live broadcast could not take the insult.

“Hey! Previous poster, what’s your meaning, huh? Being so mysterious, either put up or shut up!”

“That’s right, you know a lot, right? Why don’t I see you in the show?”

“Yeah, have you seen the host’s earlier actions? You just arrived and already started flaming!”

Before Bell could speak, a group of people in the live-stream were already crying out for injustice.

Immediately, the audience who was being sarcastic in the live-stream was spat out.

Seeing that someone was speaking up for him, although Bell was happy, he still stood forward to maintain the atmosphere in the live-stream.

“Alright, there is no need to be angry. There will be those who like my stream and those who don’t. The live broadcast will continue for a long time. Time will prove everything.”

Bell acted like a little adult and instantly caused the group of fans in the live-stream to feel emotional.

“Bell’s older sister fan gifts x300 hearts.”

“A certain eSports chair brand tipped host X500 hearts.”

“Green flight backpack gifts x200 hearts!”


Reward notifications appeared on the screen.

“Thank you for your support. We are still a distance away from the peak. If you have any questions about survival in the wild, you can ask me. I will answer them for you.”

Everyone was interested.

Because Bell had just captured a snake, the first thing they asked was naturally related to snakes.

“Host, I want to ask you. I heard that poisonous snakes can be eaten. Is that true?”

Seeing this question, the other audience also wanted to see how Bell would answer.

“The flesh of poisonous snakes can be eaten. The venom of poisonous snakes is stored in the glands in the head. As long as the glands are not destroyed when killing the snakes, the flesh of poisonous snakes is no different from ordinary snake meat.”

“The composition of the venom itself is mostly made of proteins. After proper procedures, it’s almost edible. Of course, it’s not recommended.”

Hearing Bell’s serious and detailed answer, the live-stream was flooded with comments again.

“Host, I am going to set your broadcast schedule as my alarm to learn.”

“Yo, friend above, you’re here to learn too.”

“The host is so awesome. I will have a baby after a year, I hope my baby is as smart as the host. I have already bought donkey’s milk powder for the child. A wise mother is trustworthy.”

“Hey! Previous poster, don’t advertise here. Also, you are giving birth after a year? You’re not pregnant, right?”

“Brother, don’t talk nonsense. A year is normal. Back then, my pregnancy lasted for three years and six months.”

While the audience chatted with each other, Bell finally reached the top of a mountain and confirmed the terrain.

“Everyone, look at the direction I’m pointing. It’s clearly lower than other places. We can try our luck there.”

Bell pointed to a spot not far away and said to the audience.

Everyone was also focused on watching to see if Bell could find a water source.

Soon, Bell arrived at the place that he had pointed earlier.

However, as he got closer, he did not find any water source.

Looking at the soil on the ground, Bell grabbed it and gently rubbed it before shaking his head.

“I’m sorry. Although the soil here is moist, there is no river. We might have to continue moving forward.”

“However, don’t be discouraged. It’s important to maintain a good mentality in the wilderness.”

Bell even revealed a cute smile.

The female audience saw Bell’s cute appearance and sent another wave of gifts.

After walking for a while, Bell felt exhausted. He was about to lean against a tree trunk to rest when he suddenly felt something amiss. He smiled again.

“Guys, guess what I found. Maybe we can have some dessert before dinner.”

With that, Bell pulled off a piece of tree bark from the tree trunk.

Immediately, termites appeared before everyone.

Some of the termites looked white like grains of large rice.

At this moment, one comment stood out among other comments.

“F*ck, host, if you dare to eat these insects, I’ll send you a gift worth ten thousand dollars now.”

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