Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 7 - Termite Egg! The Protein Is Five Times That of Beef!

Chapter 7: Termite Egg! The Protein Is Five Times That of Beef!

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A conspicuous comment suddenly appeared on the screen.

“Host, if you really eat these insects, I’ll gift you ten thousand USD.”

An audience member who was seeking novelty sent a message.

The moment this message was posted, the comments exploded.

“Little friend, don’t believe him. How can we eat these insects? What if you get sick?”

“Previous poster, are you an idiot? These are termites. They are used as food in many places, but they are mostly cooked.”

The comments were divided into two sides.

One group wanted to see Bell eat these termites.

The other group was Bell’s female fans who could not bear to see him eat these insects.

Bell smiled at the comments.

“Alright, don’t be nervous. Actually, this matter isn’t as serious as everyone says.”

“Firstly, I thank that audience for being willing to give me a reward. Also, I want to explain to everyone.”

“These are termites. They are found all over the world.”

“These little guys usually eat things like wood and furniture, so if you see them at home, you have to clear them out as soon as possible.”

“But if you see it in the wilderness when you don’t have food, congratulations on your luck.”

Bell even carefully opened his palm and showed the termite eggs he had collected in front of the camera.

“These are termite eggs. Don’t be fooled by its appearance. At the same weight, it contains five times more protein than beef.”

Bell explained to the audience.

“Host, let alone five times, even if it’s 15 times, these few eggs won’t be enough to fill anyone’s stomach.”

“Little friend, forget it. After all, this is unhygienic.”

“Previous poster, are you a fool? This is wilderness survival, not a food shop.”

Everyone was discussing fervently.

Bell ignored them.

He looked at the termites that he had removed from the tree bark and carefully observed them.

“Look what I found.”

Bell carefully dug the ground.

“Host, are you preparing to eat dirt? There is no need to go that far.”

Some people who did not understand said.

However, as the camera approached, they saw a small row of termites on the ground moving in one direction.

“It looks like they’re heading for the nest. Let’s follow them.”

Bell was like a playful child.

Some of the audience couldn’t help but smile when they saw Bell’s cute appearance.

“Playing with ants? As expected, the host is still too young, but this is so cute.”

“When I have a child in the future, I’ll let him get closer to nature. Indeed, children are best matched with nature.”

Everyone felt that the reason why Bell followed these termites was because they stimulated his childlike nature.

But soon, they realized that they were wrong.

After walking for a short while, the audience saw a pile of soil several meters tall.

The soil was filled with various holes that led in all directions.

The termites that Bell had followed earlier had entered the mound.

Bell’s eyes lit up.

“Everyone, we’re in luck.”

“I believe many people know what this is. This is a termite’s nest. Although it looks like this, the structure is very magical. It’s much more complicated than our transportation routes.”

“Moreover, this mound of soil is not like ordinary soil that is easy to destroy. It was carefully reinforced by these termites. Its hardness is not much different from rocks.”

Bell slowly approached the nest while explaining.

“A termite’s nest is divided into countless small rooms that store termites’ food and termite eggs.”

“These are all extremely rare nutrients in the wild.”

Everyone understood.

“As expected, the host is not an ordinary child. Ordinary children would have played with the termites, but the host is planning to add them to dinner.”

“The person who said that he would gift the host if the host ate the termites, have you loaded your wallet?”

Some of the audience who were watching the stream remembered that person.

After discovering these comments, the person who had sent the message did not hide. Instead, he stood forward.

“I’ll keep my word. If the host dares to eat these termites, I’ll immediately send the gift.”

Looking at the messages on the screen, Bell smiled.

“No need to be anxious. I won’t let go of these good things. However, this termite nest is too hard. There are only two ways to get the termites out.”

“The first is naturally to pour a lot of water into the nest, and they will naturally come out.”

“Unfortunately, even I am thirsty. We can’t fulfill that condition, so we can only choose the second method.”

Bell said and revealed a helpless expression. His appearance made the audience laugh again.

“Ah, I can’t take it anymore. How can this broadcaster be so cute?”

“The host is trying to trick me into giving birth again.”

“Previous poster, please consider taking a look in the mirror first.”

“I heard that children who eat grapes will become cute. Where can you buy grapes? Xinjiang grapes are specially provided. Please add my whatsapp 638******.”

As Bell’s popularity increased, some advertisements began to appear on the screen.

However, there was no manager in Bell’s live-stream. He was busy looking after himself, so he could only let it be.

At this moment, his priority was to lure the termites out of the nest and satiate his hunger.

Bell got up and looked around before locking his gaze on a tree.

He moved to the tree and broke a branch that had tender leaves before returning to the termite’s nest.

The audience was puzzled.

“Host, what are you doing? Didn’t you say you were going to eat termites? Why are you breaking a tree branch again?”

“I understand. The host might think that it’s a little boring to eat the termites alone, so he found some tender leaves to serve as side dishes.”

“Previous poster, you’re too smart. Do you want to make friends? I’m a brain specialist at the Central Hospital. I will give you a 20% discount.”

“Pfft! Are you trying to make me laugh?”

Seeing the comments, Bell waved the branch in his hand.

“Alright, stop guessing. This thing is to lure out the termites.”

Bell inserted the branch into the nest and stirred it gently.

When the branch was pulled out again, the tender leaves had a large group of termites biting on it.

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