Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 5 - The Little Friend Catches Snakes With His Bare Hands!

Chapter 5: The Little Friend Catches Snakes With His Bare Hands!

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The audience was stunned when they saw Bell’s expression.

“Little friend, don’t be ridiculous. If you encounter snakes in the wild, you should run quickly. It’s very dangerous.”

“Previous poster is right. Just now, there was another contestant who tried to capture a snake and was bitten by it. He’s still in the midst of emergency treatment.”

“I also just came over from that live-stream. I heard that it’s even an old wilderness survival streamer. It’s over for him.”

On the screen, everyone was asking Bell to get away from the snake quickly.

Bell looked at the comments on the screen and smiled confidently.

“Don’t be anxious. Firstly, this snake is not poisonous. In the wild, the distinction between animals is very important, and it allows you to judge more accurately how much threat that animal poses to you.”

“Usually, in a situation where resources are scarce, don’t easily provoke poisonous or unfamiliar creatures. It will cause a lot of trouble for yourself.”

“But this dark snake in front of us is an exception.”

“This snake is, like I said, non-venomous. It usually hunts fish, frogs, and rats as its food.”

“These snakes are docile and don’t normally attack humans. They hunt by relying on their size advantage and speed.”

“But they will retaliate when they are frightened.”

Bell looked at the dark snake and did not forget to explain to everyone at the same time.

Hearing Bell’s explanation, the audience in front of the screen finally believed that Bell really recognized this snake.

At the same time, after knowing that this snake was not poisonous, the female fans in front of the screen were relieved.

“The host is so awesome. Not only does he know about plants, but he also knows so much about animals!”

“Host, are you accepting disciples? I want to take you as my master.”

“Little friend, since this snake is not poisonous, run quickly. This thing looks so dark that it’s scary.”

Among the audience, some were worried for Bell, some were just joining in the fun, and some were persuading him to run.

Bell did not accept their suggestion.

“Everyone, don’t be nervous. If it were any other time, I would suggest that you find a professional to deal with the snakes and not try to mess with it, but we’re in the wilderness now. We have to use all the resources we can see.”

“I am going to teach everyone how to catch some snakes.”

With that, Bell slowly retreated, his gaze never leaving the dark snake.

He slowly walked to a fallen tree branch and broke it off.

“What is the host doing? Is he going to use the tree branch to chase the snake away?”

“Previous poster, you’re really naive.”

“The host already has a wooden stick in his hand. If he wanted to scare the snake away, he would have done it already. Why would he still be looking for another branch?”

Everyone discussed.

On Bell’s side, he took out the dagger given by the production team and sharpened the tree branch.

Soon, the tree branch became like a harpoon.

“Does the host know martial arts? Why are you holding two tree branches, is it a dual wielding style?”

“Previous poster, have you watched too many anime?”

Everyone was making wild guesses.

Looking at the tree branch in his hand, Bell nodded in satisfaction. His slightly chubby face looked cute with that serious expression.

“Ah! No, I can’t take it anymore. My heart is melting.”

“Little friend, don’t do the live broadcast anymore. Sister will raise you.”

“Do you have a girlfriend? If you do, what do you think about having one more?”

“Hey! 110? There is a female pervert here. Yes, she’s very agitated right now.”

“Female Patron, it’s illegal to have an affair with minors. You will be sentenced to life imprisonment of three to five years. If you want to do anything, just take it out on me.”

“Get lost! I am asking for my daughter!”

Looking at the messages on the screen, Bell’s forehead darkened.

“Cough cough!”

Bell coughed lightly and attracted everyone’s attention again.

“Everyone, don’t make wild guesses. The reason why I am sharpening this tree branch is to capture this dark snake.”

“Although this snake is not poisonous, it is very fast. To be precise, almost all snakes are fast, so we need to use some tools to capture them.”

As he spoke, Bell slowly approached the snake.

Sensing Bell’s approach, the snake slowly twisted and retreated.

The people in front of the screen also became nervous.

They did not even dare to breathe loudly, afraid that they would disturb Bell.

The boy and the snake looked at each other.

Suddenly, the snake, which had been forced to a corner by Bell, moved.

The black snake was like a bolt of lightning. It was so fast that some of the audience did not even see its movement clearly.

Bell’s eyes lit up.

He had been waiting for this moment.

Just as the snake shot forward, the tree branch in Bell’s left hand suddenly stabbed forward.

The sharpened end of the tree branch pierced into the open mouth of the dark snake, stopping it.

Then, Bell raised the wooden stick in his right hand and swung it down, hitting the area seven inches below the snake’s head.

After suffering this fatal attack, the ferocious snake immediately fell silent, as if it had died.

The audience finally reacted.

“This… this snake is dead?”

“What happened just now?”

“It was too fast. Has the host really trained before?”

“Everyone, I won’t keep this from you, I am the recruitment disciple of the Shaolin Monastery. The host is our eldest senior brother. This time, our eldest senior brother has left the mountain to gain experience.”

“Previous poster, can you be any more ridiculous?”

Bell smiled when he saw the audience in the live-stream become active again.

“Everyone, this snake should be dead now. This is a small trick to catch snakes. Everyone can try to learn it.”

The comments showed that their minds had learned the trick, but their body was not capable.

Bell didn’t say anything else.

“Alright, everyone, we have to deal with this snake.”

“This is our dinner, we can’t waste it.”

“Remember that snakes can pretend to be dead, so don’t touch them unless you’re sure.”

While speaking, Bell took out his dagger and found some vines to tie the dagger and the wooden stick together.

Then, he stabbed the snake’s head.

Only after doing all this, Bell heaved a sigh of relief.

“Alright, it is no threat to us now.”

With that, Bell skinned and removed the internal organs with the help of the tools in his hand and quickly dealt with the snake. He dug a pit to bury the internal organs.

Only the smooth smooth snake meat was left behind which he placed in his bag.

“Everyone, remember this step. You have to pay attention to handling the corpses of wild animals in the wild. You have to eviscerate and clean them quickly after killing them . This is because large wild animals have a very sensitive sense of smell. They might smell blood a few kilometers away. Burying these internal organs through the soil can further prevent the smell of blood from spreading.”

“That was sweet!”

“Host, may I ask where you are from and why you are so familiar with killing snakes?”

“Mom, I learned many things today. Don’t pull me. I want to watch more!”

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