Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 30 - The Second Round Begins

Chapter 30: The Second Round Begins

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As the live interview continued, the viewership ratings of the program were also increasing.

The entire world was paying attention to Bell.

After a simple conversation with the production team, it was Audience Interaction time.

Of course, this was mainly about signing autographs.

Bell was not stingy.

After nearly two hours, the program was finally completed.

The audience at home and the live audience were all looking very unsatisfied.

Even the beautiful host and Li Ziqi were the same.

Bell’s intelligence and conduct were not like an eight-year-old child at all.

Instead, his behavior was like a mature adult.

Of course, they did not know that Bell was a transmigrator.

However, this also made the effect of the show abnormally good.

Because of the program’s viewership, the leaders of the station had already come to the broadcast room and were looking at the few people inside excitedly.

When Bell came out, the leaders shook his hand excitedly, as if they had seen a gold ingot.

No, it should be called a money tree.

They did not expect a program to create a new high in viewership.

In just two hours, the station had made a lot of money.

Bell’s reputation continued to build.

Even the beautiful female host’s popularity soared.

After leaving the live-stream, Bell was about to return to his residence when he was stopped by Li Ziqi.


Li Ziqi called softly from behind.

Bell turned around.

“What’s the matter, Sister Ziqi?”

Because he was too young, Bell could not call her by her name, and could only call her sister.

However, this term ‘sister’ made Li Ziqi feel delighted.

She walked to Bell’s side and pinched his baby face.

“Nothing, I just wanted to ask you to give me an autograph. I’m also a fan of yours. I couldn’t ask you for an autograph on the show just now, so I came to look for you after the show. Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Li Ziqi pinched Bell’s face again.

Bell scratched his head awkwardly.

“Sorry, sister, I left in a hurry.”

“Of course, I can sign it. Where do you want the signature?”

“Sister Li, do you also like wilderness survival streams?”

Bell asked curiously.

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean I like it too? You must have not watched my videos, right? Go back and quickly catch up on it.”

Li Ziqi did not explain. Instead, she asked Bell to watch her videos. Li Ziqi’s videos were mainly about handicrafts and life in the mountains. Although it was not fierce like the Wilderness Survival, it was also a raw scene of nature.

To a certain extent, the two were similar.

Hearing Li Ziqi’s rebuke, Bell smiled in embarrassment and changed the topic.

“I understand. You should tell me where to sign.”

As if sensing Bell’s embarrassment, Li Ziqi’s eyes rolled and she smiled playfully.

“I have changed my mind. You actually didn’t watch my videos. You’re not giving me face. I’ll have to punish you.”


Bell was at a loss.

Wasn’t it normal that he had not watched the videos? Why was there a punishment?

Seeing how Bell seemed to be a little embarrassed, Li Ziqi was in a good mood. Then, she stroked Bell’s soft hair.

“Alright, what are you afraid of? It’s time to have dinner. Your punishment is to accompany me.”

Li Ziqi smiled.

Bell heaved a sigh of relief.

“Of course.”

Seeing Bell agree, she smiled happily.

Li Ziqi was not old.

With her outstanding appearance and simple outfit, and a delicate-looking child like Bell by her side, the number of people who turned their heads immediately increased.

At the dining table, Li Ziqi gave Bell a different interview.

Li Ziqi was very curious about Bell. She wanted to know how he had trained those life skills.

After all, it was difficult to understand that a child had such proficiency.

Bell responded vaguely.

Time passed quickly.

Bell ate a lot of food while answering Li Ziqi’s questions. The plates beside him had already piled up into a small tower.

“Sister Ziqi, I’m done eating. Are you done?”

Li Ziqi finally reacted.

“Oh my god, Bell, with such an appetite, can you really eat your fill in the wild?”

Li Ziqi, who had been asking about Bell’s experiences, finally reacted. She looked at the mountain of plates and was speechless.

Bell smiled. “It’s not easy to survive in the wilderness.”

Seeing Bell’s smile, Li Ziqi suddenly felt her heart ache.

Through this short interaction, Li Ziqi treated Bell like her younger brother.

Their relationship was getting deeper.

At the same time, Scarlett Johansson looked at Bell’s live interview with a curious expression.

“Interesting, this little boy from China is really interesting. I really want to meet him.”

Bell looked like a little adult, and his cute face attracted her deeply.

There seemed to be a magical power on him.

It made her very curious.

The influence of Bell’s reputation was still spreading.

Time passed little by little. After nearly a week, all the contestants in Wilderness Survival were either eliminated or passed the challenge.

During this period, Bell did not stay idle. He took on the role of a special guest in the competition and explained some knowledge about Wilderness Survival to everyone. This also allowed Bell’s channel to accumulate a lot of popularity. At the same time, it also made him notice the other able contestants.

Compared to Bell, most of the contestants looked to be quite weak. They looked to be starving or were injured.

After the challenge ended, the audience was still unsatisfied. It seemed like they were not tired of this kind of program. Instead, they were even more looking forward to the next challenge.

Compared to other entertainment programs, Wilderness Survival seemed more real. It could also let the people in front of the screen see a different scene than their daily lives. Seeing that the response was so good, the production team announced something after just a day.

It was the same beautiful female host.

“Our first round is over, and the candidates for the competition have been selected.”

“Soon, we will begin the second round.”

The host paused for a moment, and a trace of light flashed across her eyes as she continued, “However, the rules this time are different from the preliminary round. This time, we will invite celebrities from all over the world who are interested in Wilderness Survival to form a two-man team with our contestants to survive in the primeval forest.”

“Everyone, wait and see how the two-man team will face the challenges of the primeval forest.”

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