Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 29 - The Interview Begins

Chapter 29: The Interview Begins

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Bell’s interview was being prepared.

The media from all over the world were focusing on it.

Early in the morning, Bell received a message from the host.

“Hello, Bell, where are you now? Are you free tonight? If you are okay with it, the live broadcast will be tonight.”

The beautiful host asked Bell about his schedule.

This was definitely not a treatment that ordinary people could receive.

Even ordinary A-list celebrities had to listen to the arrangements of the program team.

Bell received this honor today.

Bell did not put on airs.

“I have time today. You can decide the time.”

Bell’s soft voice came from the phone.

Seeing that Bell was so easy to talk to, the host had a more favorable impression of Bell.

“Alright. We’ll arrange a time to pick you up.”

After chatting for a while, Bell got out of bed and washed up.

Although there was no survival stream to do, Bell did not stay idle. He opened his streaming channel.

Although Bell had successfully passed, there were still many contestants who had yet to escape and were still trapped in the primeval forest.

He had decided to transform into a commentator and watch the contestants’ streams with the other audience. This stream would also attract some popularity for him.

The main reason was that Bell’s videos were becoming more and more widespread. Many people in the live-stream were attracted by his reputation. Although they knew that Bell was no longer in the Wilderness Survival, they still clicked on his stream curiously when they saw that the live-stream was open. Seeing that Bell was commenting on the other contestants, many people wanted to know what Bell’s actions would do when he faced the issues of the other contestants. What was the better method?

“The host is streaming again? I heard that the host is going to be interviewed today, and it’s even going to be live. Is that true?”

As soon as Bell went online, a large number of fans entered the live-stream.

“Are we finally going to see Bell outside of the wilderness? I wonder if he’s as cute as in the wild.”

“Host, I’ll be there. Can I ask for your autograph?”

Questions kept popping up. Bell was surprised.

This level of activity was indeed a little high.

In his opinion, only active A-listers could have such popularity.

He did not expect himself to be so popular.

Bell thought for a moment and said.

“The live interview tonight is indeed true.”

“And there should be interaction with the audience as well.”

“As for the autograph, as long as it’s not on the IOU, I will sign it.”

Bell joked.

The comments were filled with laughter again.

Soon, it was evening.

Bell was picked up and sent to the production team’s dressing room.

After reaching the dressing room, Bell caused a commotion again.

When the group of female makeup artists saw Bell, they immediately screamed. Then, without caring about the makeup, they grabbed Bell and started asking him all sorts of questions.

In the end, the director reminded them that there was no time. They stopped questioning Bell and focused on dressing him up.

Because Bell was a child, his makeup was relatively simple. He only needed to dress well and did not need to put on any heavy makeup.

But even so, Bell, who had fair skin and a little baby fat, attracted the gazes of the women. They wanted to hug Bell and pinch his cheeks.

However, because the live broadcast was about to begin, they had no choice but to give up on this plan.

The program was arranged to be broadcast in prime time by the leaders of the station, and the duration was a full one and a half hours.

This was definitely a long time, and was extravagant.

Not to mention the interview, just the advertisement fee alone was an astronomical figure.

And most of the broadcast time would be used on Bell.

Bell was aware that the remaining time was probably reserved for the various sponsors.

In other words, he would be the only protagonist in the prime-time slot. There would be no other competition.

Bell was very surprised.

“All right, Bell, get ready to go on stage.”

The director’s voice came from the earpiece.

Following that, they heard cheers as the screen slowly opened.

Bell walked up calmly.

“Hello, I’m Bell. Nice to meet you all.”

Bell was wearing formal attire and looked like a little man. Coupled with his slightly mature posture, he looked indescribably adorable.

As soon as he went on stage, Bell caused a cheer.

“Oh my god, this is Bell? He wasn’t this cute when I saw him in the videos. Isn’t this too much?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s very difficult to imagine that such a young child is actually an expert in wilderness survival.”

“Bell, we love you!”

There were some fans who had watched Bell’s stream before, and some who had not watched the live stream.

After greeting the crowd, Bell sat opposite the female host.

It was not just this station. This was being broadcast over live-stream platforms, radio stations, television stations, and mobile platforms simultaneously. This was definitely a huge traffic flow.

The female host began to ask conventional questions. Because Bell was relatively young, there was not much entertainment information that could be extracted from him. Most of it was about the survival methods of Bell.

For example, how did Bell learn this knowledge and grasp it so quickly?

And who taught him.

Bell’s answer was a mixture of truths and lies.

Of course, he could not tell them about the system.

He naturally combined his knowledge from his previous life in the special forces to answer some misleading questions.

However, halfway through the conversation, the female host invited a few guests.

These guests were none other than Li Ziqi, Bear, and Ed.

Li Ziqi took the initiative to sit beside Bell.

“Hehe, Bell, you should have heard of this person. On YouTube, Li Ziqi is very popular, not inferior to you at all.”

“This time, Li Ziqi took the initiative to join the program to see you.”

The beautiful host introduced.

Li Ziqi blushed, but she quickly composed herself. After all, Bell was only an eight-year-old child. It was understandable that she liked him.

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