Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 31 - Europe, the Alps

Chapter 31: Europe, the Alps

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The audience immediately became excited.

“Great, I didn’t expect the production team to be this amazing. They’re preparing for the next round so soon.”

“Looks like the show’s viewer ratings were very good. Otherwise, the production team would definitely not have been able to decide on the second round so quickly.”

“What about Bell? Will he participate?”

After the first round of selection, Bell had already become a hot favorite to win the championship.

Many foreign websites had opened bets for this. There were also bets on whether Bell would win.

Seeing everyone’s question, the beautiful host smiled.

“I know what everyone wants to ask.”

“I can tell everyone clearly that every contestant who passes the first round can decide whether they want to participate in the second round or not.”

“I believe that as the seeded player this time, Bell will not give up. After all, the wilderness has never been a challenge to him.”

After the previous interview, the host seemed to be very confident in Bell.

After hearing the host’s confirmation, the audience cheered.

“Haha, this is great. Our Bell will participate in this competition too. We can watch Bell’s live broadcast again.”

“Everyone, spread this to increase Bell’s popularity.”

Bell, who was still resting in the hotel, suddenly became more popular.

The system was inactive since he was not in a wilderness survival scenario; otherwise, he would have gained a lot of popularity points.

The female host was still slowly introducing the program’s plan to everyone.

“For this round, our contestants will be heading to Europe’s Alps.”

“As everyone knows, the Alps is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.”

“The scenery here is beautiful.”

“120 million people visit these mountains every year.”

The beautiful female host spoke as the screen behind her slowly changed to show the scenes of the Alps mountain range that were connected like hooks.

The aerial view gave a feeling of magnificence.

This beautiful scene was mesmerizing.

“Heavens, is this the Alps? I heard of it but I’ve never been there. It looks so beautiful.”

Many people praised from the bottom of their hearts.

Sensing that the audience’s emotions were stirred, the beautiful host suddenly changed the topic.

“However, although this place is beautiful, it is also accompanied by danger.”

“The Alps itself is between tropical and subtropical latitudes.”

“This also causes it to have differences in climate in different parts.”

“The rainfall in the mountain range is also much higher than in other environments.”

“The beautiful weather here is not friendly to the survivalists. Instead, it is like a sharp blade that can take the lives of the survivalists at any time.”

“Hundreds of professional climbers and hikers die here every year.”

“Clearly, blind courage is not enough to let them survive here.”

The beautiful host’s expression turned solemn.

The audience seemed to be very nervous as they secretly swallowed their saliva.

They were clearly shocked by this situation.

“I didn’t expect the Alps to be so dangerous.”

“I wanted to travel there before.”

Hearing the female host’s explanation, many people were disheartened.

Fortunately, the beautiful host had a good grasp of the situation. Sensing the nervous mood of the audience, she quickly changed the topic.

“You don’t need to be too worried. The usual places for traveling have already been developed. There is enough security that will not affect your trip.”

Everyone was relieved.

Although Wilderness Survival was very enjoyable, the audience did not want to experience it themselves.

They did not have Bell’s ability. They could eat smoked meat in the wilderness, but the food most contestants ate was indescribable. Just thinking about it would make them vomit their dinner out.

The head of the Alps tourism industry heaved a sigh of relief.

Good lord, with the popularity of Wilderness Survival, if they said that the Alps were too dangerous, their tourism industry might suffer a blow.

Fortunately, the beautiful host was quite sensible and did not involve the tourism industry.

Seeing that it was about time, the host began to introduce the mission.

“We have informed you of the location.”

“This time, the mission is to cross the Alps and find the village at the foot of the mountain.”

“It’s not easy to cross the Alps. They have to think of a way to cross the glacier and, if necessary, have to crawl along the mountain ridges.”

“Someone might even die from parachuting.”

Because the mountains of the Alps were covered in snow all year round, there was a thick layer of ice there. Once the contestants made a mistake in parachuting, they might fall into the cracks of the ice, and the chances of survival were not high.

Knowing the danger of this mission, the audience were filled with anticipation and fear.

Only when they were facing the power of nature would they feel the terror of nature.

Just a simple climate could very well take one’s life. Humans seemed so fragile in front of nature.

Fortunately, there were brave humans who dared to challenge nature and the unknown.

After experiencing the initial fear, the crowd began to look forward to it.

After all, in this low temperature, the survival difficulty was definitely double that of a warm rainforest.

Even if they had enough food and water, they might freeze to death here.

The atmosphere was almost settled. The host smiled and said.

“To be honest, I’m looking forward to it. I want to know how our contestants will face this challenge of nature.”

“The show will begin the day after tomorrow. Our contestants have already entered the preparation stage. Please stay tuned.”

The promotional event came to an end.

The internet was in an uproar again.

The news of the second round of Wilderness Survival spread like wildfire.

Everyone online was discussing fervently.

After knowing that it would be a two-man group, Scarlett Johansson blinked and thought of something.

“Maybe I can give it a try.”

Her eyes were filled with anticipation.

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