Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 166 - Playing With His Life?  

Chapter 166: Playing With His Life?

Bell looked at the nine members who were still in the helicopter.

Although these people were not very likable, as their mentor, Bell still had to be responsible for their lives. He had to do his part.

But as Bell finished speaking, the members looked at each other. In the end, no one spoke.

Seeing this, Bell stopped talking.

However, Bell noticed that one of the team members looked hesitant after hearing Bell’s words. He was about to speak when he was stopped by his friend.

“Alright, since there’s no problem, let’s begin.”

Since everyone thought that their parachuting skills were too good, Bell naturally could not be bothered to explain. This would instead make him look bad.

The members jumped down one after another.

Bell saw everyone’s movements and did not comment.

Whether it was good or bad, they had landed safely.

Just as the member with a hesitant expression wanted to jump down, he was pulled back by Bell.

The sudden external force shocked the team member.

He quickly retreated, his face filled with fear.

The man was very angry to see Bell pull him when he was about to parachute.

“What are you doing? Don’t you know that this is very dangerous?”

The man shouted loudly to vent his displeasure.

His friend also gloated.

“Mentor Bell, what are you doing?

You did not even explain anything to us as a mentor, so why are you adding danger for us?

Isn’t it a little inappropriate? ”

The man had a strange expression on his face. Bell looked at him coldly.

The man looked into Bell’s eyes and immediately felt a chill. He felt like he was being stared at by a ferocious beast. Normally, he would have continued to mock him, but now, he could not say a word.

“I’m your supervisor. I naturally have my own arrangements. Your mission now is to parachute. Don’t say any unnecessary nonsense and make me angry.”

The current Bell was not like a child at all. His change in attitude shocked the few people on the helicopter.

The man still wanted to refuse, but when he recalled Bell’s gaze, he trembled.

In the end, he curled his lips and did not dare to speak again.

However, just as he was about to parachute, he walked to his previous friend and whispered something into his ear.

The others did not hear what the man said, but with Bell’s current physique and hearing, he heard every word.

This guy was actually teaching parachuting skills on the spot.

Bell was speechless.

What kind of stupid teammate would do such a thing?

This was a high difficulty parachuting, and the danger factor was off the charts.

The two of them probably had a really good relationship, but they actually dared to do such a thing. They were completely taking their lives as a joke.

Was he going all out just to stomp on his reputation?

Bell suddenly felt that these people were childish.

Even if Bell did not teach them anything, what could it prove?

Bell’s reputation was built up from one after another dangerous encounters, and not from teaching newbies like them.

Moreover, the parachuting technique that this guy mentioned was extremely basic in Bell’s eyes.

After hearing the man’s teachings, Bell couldn’t help but shake his head.

If the person he had stopped earlier really parachuted with this technique, he would probably die today.

“Fortunately, I stopped him. Otherwise, an accident might have happened.”

Bell thought to himself.

Soon, the members had finished parachuting, leaving only the one who was grabbed by Bell.

Seeing that his teammates had successfully landed, the man was clearly nervous. He looked down and swallowed his saliva. He moved back slightly but then firmly took a step forward.

Bell stood behind the man and watched him mentally prepare himself, but he did not speak.

He could roughly guess the other party’s mentality. This was a dangerous moment. It was not something that could be done simply by saying it.

However, Bell also wanted to see what the other party would decide. Would he really give it a try or would he admit defeat?

Seeing the man like this, the audience in the live-stream gradually realized that something was wrong.

“What is this person doing? Why is he dawdling?”

“Don’t tell me he doesn’t know how to parachute? Didn’t Bell ask them if they were familiar with parachuting?”

“Don’t you think that the members assigned to Bell don’t seem cooperative?”

“It looks like it. These members seem to be targeting Bell on purpose.”

“They’re not worthy of targeting Bell.”

“Not necessarily. Everyone saw these people parachuting. They don’t look like newbies. They have some ability.”

The people in the live-stream were discussing.

While the man was dawdling, Bear and Ed’s team had already landed.

In such a competitive environment, Bell was dragged down by everyone because of one person.

The team members below Bell were not anxious. Instead, they looked delighted.

After ten more minutes, the audience in the live-stream was getting impatient.

The man was finally mentally prepared.

Just as the man was about to jump, Bell’s voice came from behind.

“What’s your name?”

The man was stunned.


“Peder? Good luck.”

Bell smiled and said.

Looking at Bell’s smile, the man seemed to be agitated by something. He gritted his teeth and jumped out of the cabin.

After more than ten minutes of mental preparation, everyone in the live-stream was shocked to see the man finally jump.

“I jumped!”

Bell walked to the door calmly.

She looked at the man below.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. However, as time passed, the man in the air clearly became flustered. He did not open the parachute for a long time.

Seeing that they were about to reach the lowest drop, everyone began to realize that something was wrong.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t you open the parachute? Did the parachute break?”

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