Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 165 - Start    

Chapter 165: Start

After the beautiful host finished speaking, the audience was stunned.

But soon, everyone reacted.

“F*ck, no way. They actually promoted Bell to be a mentor!”

“Ed and Bear are participating too? I wonder which of the three will perform the best.”

“I think it will be Ed. I have seen his shows, he is quite amazing.”

“I support Bear. I was his fan before.”

“Hey, previous poster, have you all forgotten?

Without any protection in the wild, who created world records?

Even Ed and Bear don’t have such results. ”

The fans of each mentor argued.

The screen switched to the contestants.

In front of the screen, Bear, Ed, and Bell stood together. Behind the three of them were three teams, each with ten people.

Bell had already opened the live-stream.

“Is the stream starting so soon?”

“New fans reporting.”

“Supporting the host, don’t lose to Ed and Bear. As long as you win, you will really be the king of the wilderness.”

“The host is too much. Previously, he only ate alone. Is he bringing a team to eat this time?

There should be polar bears here, right? ”

“It’s great to eat polar bears and penguins.”

“Bell’s fan club reporting.”

As soon as the live-stream opened, a large number of people entered. Of course, this was also related to the publicity by Wilderness Survival’s production team.

After everyone packed their luggage, Ed and Bear led their team members to the helicopter.

“Lastly, check that everything is fine. Prepare to board.”

Bell instructed.

However, the effect was not satisfactory.

After hearing Bell’s words, the ten members only looked around casually and did not respond.

Clearly, no one took Bell’s words to heart.

Bell did not say anything.

These people wanted him to fight with them.

But that would be too easy on them.

If he really did that, the news would definitely report that Bell started an argument with a certain contestant.

With Bell’s current popularity, it was simply increasing the other party’s popularity.

After reaching the wilderness, he had ways to deal with these guys who had ulterior motives.

“Alright, since everyone is ready, let’s board now.”

“Dear viewers, it’s nice to see you again. I’m Bell.

Our Wilderness Survival mission this time is quite special. I will be an instructor and lead my teammates to complete this survival mission.

I believe everyone knows where we are.

We’re about to board the helicopter. These military helicopters are very fast. They can reach 400 kilometers per hour. I believe we will reach the designated area in less than an hour.”

After turning on the live broadcast, Bell quickly turned serious.

The helicopter continued to rise until it reached the designated altitude and location.

“We are 3,000 meters in the sky. Do you want to jump?”

The pilot said loudly to Bell.

Bell nodded and looked at his teammates.

“Now, we’re going to parachute. Let me ask you this. Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to parachute?

If you don’t know, don’t force yourself. This is a dangerous operation. ”

Bell looked solemnly at his ten teammates.

But even so, the ten members still shook their heads.

Among them, a muscular man of European descent walked up with a look of disdain.

“Mentor Bell, it’s just parachuting. Aren’t you looking down on us?

I will jump first, take a look if my movements are up to standard standard or not, Mentor Bell.”

The burly man emphasized the words ‘Mentor Bell ‘.

Everyone could tell that he was mocking Bell.

The atmosphere in the helicopter became tense. Everyone looked at Bell, not knowing how he would respond.

After all, Bell was only eight years old. Faced with a muscular man of 1.8 meters, his figure already had a certain pressure.

Some people in the live-stream cursed the burly man saying that he was shameless and was stirring up trouble.

Bell smiled.

“Looks like our contestant is very confident in his parachuting skills. In that case, show everyone.”

Bell was neither anxious nor angry, as if he did not hear the other party’s provocation.

Seeing that Bell did not respond, the muscular man curled his lips in disdain.

“Look carefully, I will show what a real parachuting technique is.”

The muscular man stood in front of the cabin door and jumped down.

The camera seemed to know that this burly man’s parachuting was a selling point, so it naturally captured this scene.

He somersaulted in the air while parachuting. His body did not seem to be in good condition, but he finally opened the parachute and landed steadily.

Generally speaking, the man’s parachuting skills definitely surpassed most of the people present. It was no wonder that he was so confident.

However, this technique was too simple in Bell’s eyes.

However, after landing, the burly man felt that his performance was perfect.

He did not forget to provoke Bell’s fans in front of the camera.

“Hi, everyone, I’ve already landed. I wonder how our Mentor Bell is doing now. It’s not easy to parachute at high altitudes. Not every amateur can parachute. Why don’t I explain to everyone how to parachute?”

The burly man looked smug, already treating himself as the protagonist of the show.

Seeing the other party’s smug expression, Bell’s fans in the live-stream looked indignant, but they couldn’t help but worry for Bell.

The strong man’s parachuting skills were indeed excellent, and there was no lack of audience who understood this technique in the live-stream. They all knew that it was not easy to achieve such a standard in this environment.

Bell had already seen some fans in the live-stream talking about the situation after the burly man jumped down, but he ignored them and turned to look at the remaining nine members.

“Alright, everyone. One of our members has already jumped down. We can’t waste too much time.”

“Let me confirm one last time, is there anyone who doesn’t know how to parachute? Don’t joke with your life.”

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