Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 164 - The Show Begins  

Chapter 164: The Show Begins

The next morning, the production team seemed to be done with their preparations. They knocked on Bell’s door early.

Bell opened the door sleepily.

“Hello, Mr. Bell.

I’m an employee of the Wilderness Survival program. The production team asked me to call for you. Today is the time to head to the north. ”

“I wonder how your preparations are going, Mr. Bell?”

Bell nodded.

“The preparations are about done. When do we set off?”

“You can bring your things to the lobby later. There will be someone there to receive you.”

“Alright, I understand.”

After packing his things, Bell walked out of the room with a small bag.

Under the guidance of the program team, Bell soon arrived at an airport.

At this airport, there were nearly ten helicopters.

When Bell arrived, many people were already there.

Bell attracted a lot of attention as soon as he arrived.

Almost everyone present looked at Bell, but their gazes did not seem to be very friendly.

Bell did not need to ask to know that these people in front of him were definitely contestants of the same batch as him. Otherwise, they would not have revealed such a gaze.

Bell smiled.

Suddenly, Bell saw two familiar figures.

The two figures were walking towards him.

“Hi! Bell, nice to meet you. Although it’s our first time meeting, we’ve been watching you for a long time.”

“That’s right, little guy. We’ve been watching all of your videos. Your performance is really good. It’s hard to imagine that you’re only eight years old.”

Two middle-aged men carried their backpacks and walked to Bell’s side. Unlike the others, these two people looked at Bell without hostility.

Seeing their appearance, Bell knew their identities.

They were the renowned Ed and Bear, God-level wilderness survival experts in his previous life.

Although Bell knew that the production team had always invited these two people as special guests, he had never had the chance to see these two people. This time, he had fulfilled his dream.

Seeing that the two of them took the initiative to look for him, Bell naturally did not put on airs.

“Hello seniors, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

With Bell’s current age, it was indeed not excessive to call these two people seniors.

Suddenly, Bear came to Bell’s side mysteriously.

“Little guy, let me tell you a secret. This wilderness survival is different from before. It’s not that simple anymore.

You have to think of a way to tame this group of people.

They are very unhappy with you being promoted to a mentor. Be careful. ”

Ed also let out a strange laugh when he heard Bear mention this to Bell.

Bell shrugged helplessly.

“It’s okay, let them come.

It just so happens that I’m tired of moving alone. Let me have a change in experience by leading some students. ”

Hearing Bear’s reminder, Bell was not nervous. Seeing how confident Bell was, Ed and Bear looked at each other and laughed.

“Haha, nice, young man. I believe in you.

“Alright, we’re about to board the plane, and we have to split up into teams.”

As time passed, all the contestants had arrived.

The production team divided the contestants into three groups.

Just like the previous time, they were allowed to choose their teams.

Then, the previous scene happened again. Most of the contestants chose to stay beside Bell, but this time, their goal was different from Keira and the others.

The reason why these people chose to be in Bell’s group was mainly because they wanted to take the opportunity to drag Bell down or step on his reputation.

Ed and Bear did not pay too much attention to this. In this situation, the two of them had long expected trouble and fame. The two of them had experienced this before.

Bell casually chose ten members.

Of course, he did not choose randomly. He deliberately chose ten people who looked at him with the most hatred.

Bell was very curious. What method would these guys use to target him?

The helicopters started.

The Wilderness Survival’s production team’s broadcast room officially began its broadcast.

In the broadcast room, beside the beautiful host were Li Ziqi and several female celebrities.

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to the fifth episode of Wilderness Survival.

“Today, we will be bringing everyone a new round of Wilderness Survival. Everyone, look at these beautiful women beside me. I believe everyone is familiar with them. Our old guest, Li Ziqi, and also the special participants in the previous rounds, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson.

“Today, they will not be participating in the show as contestants, but as special guests.”

“Moreover, I can tell everyone the good news. This season’s Wilderness Survival is different from the previous few episodes. This time, we have chosen to let mentors lead the team in carrying out group Wilderness Survival.”

“Firstly, our first mentor.

The man at the peak of the food chain and the overlord of the wilderness, Bear is the first group’s mentor. ”

“Ed, who can eat anything.

is our second group’s mentor.”

The beautiful host suddenly dragged her words.

The audience also seemed to be hooked.

Ed and Bear were both well-known figures in this Wilderness Survival and had been famous for many years.

In this industry, who could compare to them? No one could think of anyone else for a moment.

The beautiful host smiled mysteriously and said.

“I believe everyone is looking forward to seeing who the mentor for the third group is.

Who can reach the same level as Ed and Bear, who are the top in the food chain, and be promoted to a mentor? ”

“He is…”

The sound effects of the production team began to sound, and everyone’s hearts tightened.

A shadow slowly appeared on the screen, but it was difficult to see clearly.

As the music increased, the figure became clearer.

When the atmosphere reached its peak, the beautiful host said.

“He’s the king of the wilderness, our genius boy, Bell!”

When the photo appeared, the audience also erupted in excitement.

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