Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 163 - Rescue Team  

Chapter 163: Rescue Team

After asking around, Bell finally obtained the address of the government rescue team.

It was not close to his location, but Bell did not plan to take a car.

In order to adapt to the Frost Bloodline, he chose to take a walk.

He would be in this temperature for a long time, so it was better to adapt early.

The morning in Fairbanks was around minus three degrees. Bell, who was walking in light clothes, became the focus of everyone.

Walking to the government rescue team, Bell used the language he had learned to speak to the receptionist.

However, the results were unsatisfactory.

The staff at the front desk told Bell bluntly that the rescue team would not provide private services.

Bell was disappointed to hear this, but soon he got an idea.

“Sigh, it’s like this. I’m here to participate in the recording of a program.

It is Wilderness Survival. This program will be broadcast live on various major video platforms around the world.

You can search for it.

If the rescue team of Fairbanks is willing to provide us with insurance, we can do some publicity for free. ”

Bell felt that such a tourist attraction definitely required a lot of publicity. They definitely would not refuse such a suggestion.

In fact, it was just as Bell had thought.

The eyes of the staff at the front desk lit up, and her attitude changed drastically.

Previously, he had been speaking methodically, but after hearing Bell’s suggestion, he immediately smiled brightly.

“Is it a show? If that’s the case, it’s not impossible. Can you show me which platform your program is on?”

Bell naturally did not refuse.

Bell showed the receptionist his streaming account.

After seeing the number of Bell’s fans, the receptionist’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god, I remember now. I heard of you. Your name is…”

The receptionist pointed at Bell for a long time but could not tell name. Seeing this, Bell smiled awkwardly.

It felt like she was familiar with him, but could not remember his name.

Bell just introduced himself.

“My name is Bell. Nice to meet you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Bell, I remember now. You’re that child from China.”

The receptionist seemed to remember it finally.

“I’m glad you know me, but I’m in a little trouble now. I wonder if you can help me discuss it with the rescue team.

Although Wilderness Survival itself has rescue procedures, I think the local rescue team knows more about this environment.

Moreover, the location of Wilderness Survival this time is quite dangerous. I’m worried that an accident will happen. ”

“Oh my god, are you saying that the program will be held here?”

The receptionist was excited.

Bell also realized that he had let it slip, but it was clearly too late to take it back now.

Immediately after, the receptionist asked.

Bell had to talk with her for nearly an hour.

The receptionist had finally agreed to take Bell to the director’s office.

After seeing the director, the receptionist introduced them.

At the same time, she mentioned Bell’s identity and the influence of the show.

After knowing that Bell was willing to advertise for the rescue team for free, the man’s attitude changed drastically.

The matter was quickly settled. At the same time, Bell promised the other party that if they really needed to be rescued, his show would definitely promote them more.

The atmosphere in the office was harmonious.

After discussing some details, Bell rushed back to the hotel.

Along the way, the gazes of the passerby who looked at him did not decrease.

However, Bell could not be bothered with these things. He was clearly in a good mood after having achieved his goal.

It was almost noon when he returned to the hotel.

Since he had arrived at a new place, there was no reason for him not to taste the local delicacies.

After ordering a steak and crab leg, Bell began to enjoy his lunch.

The king crab leg was indeed very delicious.

After filling his stomach, Bell began to pack his equipment and planned.

At this moment, Bell was still in Fairbanks.

The temperature at the place he was heading to was much colder than here.

The night temperature could even reach -25 °C.

Although he had the support of the Frost Bloodline, he was not truly of the frost bloodline, so he needed some warmth.

If he really wore just a windbreaker and ran there, he would probably freeze to death.

Bell listed all the resources he needed.

Bell did not choose to buy these things. Instead, he contacted Lin Xiaoxiao.

She was also in the outdoor clothing business. Lin Xiaoxiao and he were partners now. Since there was a chance to help her, he would take this opportunity to help her do some publicity.

After handing the list to Lin Xiaoxiao, the other party promised that they would send all the resources over as soon as possible.

And the other party’s speed did not disappoint him.

In just a day, Bell received an entire set of equipment sent by Lin Xiaoxiao.

There were undergarments, sweaters, snow boots, gloves, and other things.

Even the polarized glasses that he had not written on the list were prepared by Lin Xiaoxiao. Bell could not help but feel warm when he saw these things.

With everything prepared, Bell knew that it was time to set off.

He opened his Weibo and looked at the various comments.

Bell had an impulse. His Weibo had already been officially verified, but there had been no updates at all. This Wilderness Survival was also a way to prove himself. The more audience, the better.

In that case, he could use the influence of Weibo.

Bell did not stay idle. He logged into his Weibo account and updated his first status.

“The fifth episode of Wilderness Survival, the exploration of the Arctic Circle. It will officially begin tomorrow. Please stay tuned.”

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