Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 162 - Frost Bloodline Activation  

Chapter 162: Frost Bloodline Activation

Bell began to think.

Firstly, he was going to Alaska, which was connected to the Arctic Circle, so it was going to be cold.

Fortunately, he had already drawn the Frost Bloodline and could reduce this cold to a certain extent, lowering the difficulty of survival.

Secondly, he was not going to be a survivalist this time. Instead, he would be a wilderness survival mentor.

This way, it would not be like in the past where he just had to escape from the danger zone. There should be some additional missions.

The reason why the show was in such a hurry was mainly to suppress the negative comments on the Internet.

Therefore, he had to show a certain level of ability that could suppress everyone.

Moreover, because many of the contestants were against him, there might be physical conflict.

Therefore, he needed some strength.

He had exchanged for a max-level combat skill before, so he did not need to worry too much about it.

With Bell’s current strength and skills, it was not a problem to subdue two or three adult men.

Other than that, there was another important thing. It was the various dangerous creatures in the harsh environment.

The more harsh an environment was, the more lethal its creatures were.

If Bell remembered correctly, there was the second largest bear in the world living in Alaska.

This Kodiak bear could reach 3 meters or more when standing upright and weighed 800 kilograms.

It had terrifying strength, and could even break trees that were 30 to 40 centimeters thick with a slap.

Although he had the skill Intimidation on him, Bell did not want to meet these guys.

Bell tried his best to learn of the dangers he might encounter in this trip.

Preparing a plan could save him a lot of trouble.

The night passed quickly, and the production team sent the plane tickets to Bell’s residence.

It was a plane ticket to Fairbanks.

The time was the day after tomorrow.

He only had a day to prepare.

Bell shrugged and said nothing.

It seemed like the discussions online had really driven the production team into a corner. Otherwise, they would not be in such a hurry.

Fairbanks was a city closer to the Arctic Circle than other Alaskan cities.

Because of the Arctic Circle, it added a trace of mystery to this city. Many people went there to sightsee every year.

Of course, most of them were there to admire the aurora or ski.

After all, the temperature in the extreme north of Alaska was below zero all year round.

The day passed quickly.

After packing up, Bell boarded the plane with Scarlett and others watching him.

When he walked out of the cabin again, he felt the difference in temperature and shivered.

At this moment, Bell was only wearing a jacket and T-shirt, and had almost no resistance to the cold.

In addition, it was around midnight. The temperature outside of Fairbanks could be said to have reached its lowest.

But soon, Bell felt that he was gradually getting used to the cold. It was as if some potential had been dug out from his body.

After moving his body, he gradually stopped feeling cold.

This strange feeling surprised Bell.

But soon, Bell realized that the reason he felt this way was that the Frost Bloodline had taken effect.

This skill did not show much effect in the Australian wilderness.

But in this cold environment, the effect was obvious.

If they were really unable to fight the cold in this environment, let alone survive, even if they were given food, it would be extremely difficult to survive.

This skill lowered the difficulty of survival by a whole level.

After walking out of the airport, the person arranged by the production team immediately recognized Bell and greeted him.

“Hello, Mr. Bell. I’m here to pick you up. The hotel has been arranged. Please get in the car.”

This was not a treatment that everyone had. Bell’s identity naturally was no longer the same as those ordinary survivalists.

After confirming the other party’s identity, Bell handed his luggage to him.

In the hotel, Bell began to observe the surroundings.

In fact, the temperature here was lower than he had thought, but it was not that bad for him.

“If it’s as a mentor, I can play with these survivalists this time.”

Bell thought to himself.

Bell woke up early in the morning.

He walked to the hotel lobby, immediately attracting the gazes of many.

Compared to most people who stayed in the hotel, Bell’s dressing could be said to be different.

Because of the temperature, most people wrapped themselves up like dumplings and had difficulty moving, while Bell seemed to be having a summer break.

Many people gave Bell a thumbs up.

Then, they asked politely.

“Little friend, are you an Inuit?”

Bell could only shake his head with a bitter smile.

The Inuits did look Asian, but they lived in the Arctic Circle all year round, so they gradually developed resistance to cold.

“I’m from China.”

Everyone was stunned.

“So, you’re actually from China!

Aren’t you cold wearing so little?

Oh, I know. It must be the legendary Chinese kung fu.

They called it qi…?

Qigong! Yes, it is qigong, I’ve heard of it! ”

The bystanders appeared very excited.

Bell could only smile awkwardly.

Good lord, what was this? How did they bring qigong into this?

Immediately after, the hall was in chaos.

Many people learned that a child from China came to the hotel and knew Qigong.

Many tourists who yearned for Chinese kung fu but were delayed by their schedule, wanted to see this child’s true appearance.

However, Bell had already left the hotel.

In this show, he was not a contestant, but a mentor. Therefore, he had to ensure the safety of the contestants.

Other than the Wilderness Survival’s production team’s rescue, he also had to add another layer of insurance.

While leaving the hotel, Bell asked what he wanted to know.

“Where is the government rescue team in this area? How can I contact them?”

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