Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 167 - High Altitude Rescue  

Chapter 167: High Altitude Rescue

Seeing that the contestant’s parachute was not opened, the audience in the live-stream and the contestants who had already successfully parachuted realized the problem.

The man was falling from three thousand meters in the sky. If he fell down without a parachute, the outcome was obvious.

Everyone’s hearts tightened.

“Bell’s stream this time is not going well, a problem appeared right at the start?”

“Oh my god, I’ve watched Wilderness Survival so many times, but I’ve never seen such a thing.”

“Didn’t this contestant say that he knows how to parachute? Why does he seem so new to it? He doesn’t even know how to parachute.”

Everyone in the live-stream was chatting fervently.

The man in the air also realized that something was wrong. He panicked and kept shouting for help, but his voice was very soft in the air.

Just as everyone thought that something might really happen this time, a huge commotion broke out.

Bell jumped down from the cabin and shot toward the man like an arrow.

Bell was so fast that no one could react for a moment.

In the air, the two of them closed in at an extremely fast speed.

Seeing Bell rush at him, the man was so happy that he wanted to dance with joy, but he could not maintain his balance in the air.

“Don’t speak. Watch my actions now.”

After stabilizing his balance, Bell helped the man up.

He quickly checked the safety and opened the man’s parachute.

The huge parachute opened with a bang, and the man paused in the air.

Seeing the man open his parachute, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Bell also opened the parachute and landed successfully.

Seeing that the two of them landed safely, everyone in the live-stream heaved a sigh of relief.

“Bell is awesome.”

“F*ck, you scared me. You can even save someone like this?”

“Wow, Bell’s actions were so cool. If he were any older, I would have married him.”

“Previous poster, wake up. Even right now, you have to queue to apply for Bell’s wife.”

Seeing that the man was out of danger, everyone was relieved.

The beautiful host heaved a sigh of relief when she saw this.

If an accident happened right at the start of the show, they might really be in trouble.

Seeing that the contestant was out of danger, the host sat down again.

“Looks like a small accident happened to our contestant just now. Fortunately, there was Mentor Bell to supervise from the side, thus preventing the danger.”

“Let me remind everyone. Wilderness survival is a very dangerous activity to begin with. If you encounter a situation that you don’t understand, you have to ask in time and not be stubborn.

Because this involves your own safety. ”

The beautiful host said calmly. Everyone in the live-stream was booing.

Clearly, everyone knew that the contestant had not listened to the instructor’s advice, which led to this dangerous scene.

“Looks like Bell has encountered a few useless teammates.”

“Get lost, don’t drag my Bell down.”

While the broadcast room was still explaining the situation of the show, Bell had already successfully parachuted.

With his excellent parachuting skills, although he only opened the parachute for a while, Bell still landed beside the man.

At this moment, the man in the parachute was lying weakly on the ground with a face of fear, his body trembling.

The other contestants also gathered around to check on the man.

At this moment, Bell had already untied his parachute and stored a portion of it in his bag.

“Alright, everyone, gather. I have something to say.”

Hearing Bell’s voice, although everyone was unhappy with Bell, they still had to follow the most basic rules of a show. Under normal circumstances, they could not go against Bell’s orders.

After all, everyone had their own plans to use Bell’s popularity to increase their popularity.

If they directly disobeyed and made the viewers feel that it was unreasonable, it would not be worth it.

Soon, all the members gathered, except for the man who was still limp on the ground.

Seeing that the man had not recovered after so long, Bell smiled and walked to the man.

“How is it, Ped? Can you stand up by yourself?”

The man trembled.

He opened his mouth but was unable to speak. It made sense. Not everyone could accept such a thrilling thing.

“Now listen to me. Take a deep breath, exhale, relax.”

After taking a few deep breaths, the man calmed down and struggled to sit up.

“Thank you, thank you. Thank you for saving me.”

The man looked agitated.

At this moment, he was no longer looking at Bell with disdain.

Bell smiled.

“Alright, since you can stand up, let’s return to the team first.”

“Yes, yes, Mentor Bell.”

The man was now completely obedient to Bell. It was not that he was really respectful to Bell, but after that save just now, he really realized that if he wanted to survive in this wilderness, he had to listen to Bell’s arrangements. Otherwise, he could easily lose his life here.

He had come here to vie for fame and fortune like the others, but now, he was scared stiff.

Fame or fortune was not important now. What was important was to survive.

Soon, Ped returned to the team. The ten of them stood in a row, and Bell looked at the ten people with his hands behind his back.

The few of them had serious expressions like soldiers waiting to be inspected.

“Let’s not talk about what happened earlier. It was just an accident. However, from now on, we will be carrying out a real wilderness survival. From now on, maintain your current conditions.

“If you want to live in this territory, you have to listen to my arrangements. I will give you each a chance to question me.

“At the same time, I will try my best to ensure your safety.”

“But if some people keep trying to cause trouble on the show or think they are better than me, they can choose not to listen to my advice.

Now, I’ll give you another choice.

Who wants to leave the team and move alone?

Those who think they can complete the mission alone can move out by themselves.

As long as you can complete the mission successfully, I will give you full marks for this show. ”

At this moment, he was lecturing the contestants like a senior officer.

The ten-man team looked at each other and finally fell silent.

What a joke. They were here to freeload on Bell’s popularity. If they left the team now, how would they use Bell’s popularity?

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