Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Ah Da unleashed the Earth-Shattering Fist, incorporating the power of wind, clouds, thunder, and lightning into it. This punch was terrifyingly powerful.


Instantly, countless zombies fell to the ground.

Hongye moved swiftly, using the Frost Qi to freeze dozens of zombies.

The level 7 female zombie and the level 6 female zombie were both advanced zombies and naturally much stronger than these ordinary zombies.

Ye Li began synthesizing zombies in his mind’s synthesis grid. As a single man for over twenty years,with his incredible hand speed, he quickly synthesized over 300 level 2 zombies in a short period.

Over 300 level 2 zombies started to counterattack, causing the horde of zombies to retreat!

Before long, Ye Li had synthesized over 600 level 2 zombies.

Ye Li glanced and realized that he had synthesized all the zombies.


At that moment, a zombie’s roar reached Ye Li’s ears.

Ye Li turned around and saw a level 5 zombie biting Xiao Hui’s arm.

Seeing this, Ye Li’s eyes turned red.

He didn’t know why he was so furious at this moment, but he felt an immense anger rising within him.

Immediately, Ye Li leaped forward and landed a powerful punch on the head of the level 5 zombie.

The level 5 zombie’s head exploded from the impact and fell to the ground.

“Senior, am I going to turn into a zombie?”

Xiao Hui’s face was pale, and she looked weakly at Ye Li.

“Senior, I don’t want to become a zombie.I don’t want to…”

Ye Li didn’t know how to respond. Once bitten by a zombie, what else could be done besides turning into one?

“Host, there is actually a way to prevent Xiao Hui from turning into a zombie.”

The voice of the system suddenly sounded in Ye Li’s mind.

“What way?”

Ye Li eagerly asked, feeling like he had grasped a lifeline.

“It requires the host and Xiao Hui to engage in certain intimate activities.”

The system’s meaning was obvious. How could he not understand what it meant?

Ye Li looked at Xiao Hui and noticed her face starting to show signs of zombification.

Only now did he realize that he had unconsciously developed feelings for Xiao Hui.

Love, it could be complicated or simple.

In the end, it was just three words. It’s either “I love you,” “I hate you,” or “Let it go!” or “I’m sorry.”

At this point, it had reached a critical moment. Ye Li didn’t think much and started with Xiao Hui…

Ten seconds later…

Ye Li looked at Xiao Hui. The signs of zombification had disappeared from her face, and the wound on her arm had healed.

Ye Li understood that he had immunity to the zombie virus, and by engaging in such activities, he could transfer this immunity to Xiao Hui.

“Senior, just now, did we…”

Xiao Hui’s face blushed like a ripe apple, and she looked so shy.

“Yes, it’s exactly what you think,” Ye Li said awkwardly.

Ten seconds, just ten seconds!!!


Xiao Hui suddenly froze. She looked at her arm and realized that the wound caused by the zombie bite had disappeared.

“Senior, the wound is gone!” Xiao Hui exclaimed.

“You won’t turn into a zombie now,” Ye Li slowly said.


Xiao Hui still hadn’t fully recovered from the sudden happiness.


Finally, Xiao Hui reacted and threw herself into Ye Li’s arms.

“I’m sorry, Senior. I didn’t mean to.” Xiao Hui quickly took a few steps back and lowered her head.

Ye Li thought to himself, Although this girl is a bit airheaded, she’s still incredibly adorable. How can someone be this cute?

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