Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Xiao Hui blinked her eyes and carefully observed Hongye.

“Senior, has Sister Hongye become more beautiful?”

Xiao Hui wondered how she suddenly became much prettier.

“She will become even more beautiful.” Ye Li said slowly.

Ye Li and Xiao Hui spent a long night together in the room.

The next day, as the sun rose…


“Obtained 4 Zombie Chests.”

Ye Li opened the zombie chests with a single click.

“Obtained 10 gene points, 10 strength points, 10 speed points, 10 defense points, and a box of food.”

“Obtained 15 gene points, 15 strength points, 15 speed points, 15 defense points, and a box of food.”

“Obtained 30 gene points, 30 strength points, 30 speed points, 30 defense points, and three boxes of food.”

“Obtained 50 gene points, 50 strength points, 50 speed points, 50 defense points, five boxes of food, and Frost Qi.”

“Frost Qi?”

Ye Li checked the properties of Frost Qi.

Frost Qi: D-grade magic, exclusive skill for zombies. After upgrading to S-grade, it can freeze everything.

Ye Li thought that opening treasure chests was indeed enjoyable, always leaving him with anticipation.

He fused Frost Qi into Hongye’s body, giving her a special ability for zombies.

Then, Ye Li opened the attribute panel:

“Host: Ye Li.”

“System: Super Synthesis System.”

“Age: 21 years old.”

“Level: 9th level Awakened Being.”

“Weapon: Dragon-slaying Blade (Recovery progress: 5%).”

“Raised Zombies: Ah Da (3rd tier), Hongye (2nd tier).”

“Genes: B-grade.”

After opening the zombie chests, Ye Li upgraded from an 8th level Awakened Being to a 9th level Awakened Being, and his genes upgraded from C-level to B-level.

The color of the energy of a warrior with B-level genes was black.

Although he now had Ah Da and Hongye, he knew that his own strength was the most important since it was the dark race that turned humans into zombies.

Ye Li believed that a small place like Tongcheng wouldn’t have the dark race. If he wanted to encounter them, he would have to go to other places.

Without much thought, Ye Li prepared to go out again. Ever since he rampaged through the East District of Tongcheng with thousands of Level 2 zombies, he had become fond of this method.

“Senior, can you take me with you?”

Xiao Hui looked at Ye Li with a pleading face. She really wanted to go with him.

Ye Li felt somewhat helpless. He just didn’t know how to deal with this woman.

But considering there shouldn’t be any danger, he agreed to let her go along.

Soon, Ye Li and Xiao Hui arrived on the street.

He released Ah Da, Hongye, the Level 7 female zombie, and the Level 6 female zombie to attract zombies.

Ye Li sat under a tree, casually playing with his own fingers.

“Senior, aren’t you going to fight zombies?” Xiao Hui curiously asked, looking at Ye Li.

“Wait a little longer.” Ye Li replied calmly.

After a while, Ah Da, Hongye, the Level 7 female zombie, and the Level 6 female zombie successfully attracted a horde of zombies. There were probably thousands of them.

“Roar! Roar!”

The zombie horde was roaring and approaching like a hurricane, uprooting everything on their way.

Ah Da, Hongye, the Level 7 female zombie, and the Level 6 female zombie attracted the horde of zombies over.

“So… so many zombies!”

Xiao Hui looked fearfully at the scene before her. She quickly glanced at Ye Li and noticed his calm and composed expression.

Seeing this, Xiao Hui felt relieved. She had always believed that Ye Li was an omnipotent person.

“Take action!”

Ye Li suddenly gave the command…

With Ye Li’s order, Ah Da, Hongye, the Level 7 female zombie, and the Level 6 female zombie began to take action!

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