Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Ye Li thought that the secret of the Dragon-slaying Blade must not be leaked, or else he would become a target of everyone.

Without much hesitation, he stored the Dragon-slaying Blade in the system space.

“Senior, with so many zombies outside, why don’t we hide in the Annan Base City?”

Ye Li shook his head slowly. It was true that there were many zombies outside, but couldn’t he engage in a guerrilla war?

“You stay here.” Ye Li looked at Xiao Hui.

“Senior, I can’t stay alone.” Xiao Hui was afraid that Ye Li would leave her behind and quickly expressed her concern.

Ye Li released Hongye and instructed her to protect Xiao Hui. Then he left.

As he arrived below the residential building, there were indeed a lot of zombies.

Ye Li looked around and discovered a narrow pass.

This narrow pass was enough for one man to hold off ten thousand enemies!

Seeing this pass, Ye Li knew that this time he was going to make a fortune.

Without much thought, he released the level 7 female zombie and the level 6 female zombie with the aim of attracting more zombies.

The level 7 female zombie and the level 6 female zombie were both high-level zombies and absolute kings among the ordinary zombies.

He and Ah Da went to the narrow pass and waited. Soon, the two female zombies attracted a lot of zombies.

As the zombies saw Ye Li, they rushed towards him like starving ghosts.

“Roar, roar!”

Ye Li estimated that there were probably over a thousand zombies in this wave.

Ah Da stood at the pass, and a strong wind surged. This was Ah Da’s ability, the power of the wind.


Ah Da unleashed the Earth-Shattering Fist that was enhanced with the power of thunder and lightning, causing hundreds of zombies to fall.

Ye Li began synthesizing. His virtual fingers rapidly slid through the synthesis grid in his mind, displaying incredible speed.

The synthesized zombies were all level 2 zombies, and they attacked the other zombies.

In no time, Ye Li successfully synthesized all these zombies into level 2 zombies.

At that moment, Ye Li suddenly had an idea.

That was to launch a counterattack!

Thinking about it, Ye Li’s face lit up with excitement.

Soon, Ye Li led Ah Da and over five hundred level 2 zombies to roam around recklessly, asserting their dominance in the East District of Tongcheng.

They knocked down any zombies they encountered and synthesized them. Before long, the number of level 2 zombies exceeded a thousand.

To Ye Li’s regret, it seemed like these zombies were starting to fear him. They had vanished without a trace.

Until now, Ye Li realized how foolish he had been. Why hadn’t he thought of this method before?

However, he knew that Tongcheng was just a small city, and most of the zombies here were only level 1. If he went to a big city, the outcome might be different.

With over two thousand zombies of both genders, Ye Li synthesized them into a tier 1 male zombie and a tier 1 female zombie.

With a fruitful harvest, Ye Li returned to the residential area.

As he reached the door, Ye Li knocked.

“No one is inside. Stop knocking,”

Xiao Hui’s frightened voice came from inside.

When Ye Li heard this, there were no words to describe his speechlessness. Was this the same person who used to be the top student in elementary and middle school exams?

“It’s me.” Ye Li said.

Shortly after, the door opened.

“Senior, I thought it was a zombie. I was so scared.” Xiao Hui sighed with relief.

Ye Li was speechless as he walked in and looked at Hongye.

Since Hongye put on the fiery red dress, she became stunningly beautiful. However, Ye Li wondered when the zombified features on her face would fade away.

He opened the synthesis grid in his mind and synthesized the tier 1 female zombie with Hongye.

“Are you sure you want to proceed with the synthesis?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

After the synthesis, Hongye advanced to tier 2.

Ye Li looked at Hongye and noticed that the zombified features on her face had diminished significantly, revealing a more refined appearance.

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