Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Ye Li ran into a residential area and entered a room.

With all the twists and turns, the zombies were bewildered and started searching for Ye Li in different directions.

Ye Li placed Xiao Hui on the sofa, and only then did she catch her breath.

“Senior, if it weren’t for you, I think I would have been dead by now.” Xiao Hui said, looking at Ye Li.

“Do you have any intelligence at all?” Ye Li stared at Xiao Hui and said impatiently.

“Senior, I do have intelligence. I always ranked first in my primary and middle school exams.” Xiao Hui sweetly replied.

Ye Li surrendered, he truly surrendered.

He didn’t plan on continuing the conversation with Xiao Hui because it would only infuriate him further.

Ye Li walked to the window and discovered that the streets were filled with zombies. Going out at this moment would not be a wise decision.

“Senior, I’m hungry.”

Xiao Hui looked at Ye Li with some embarrassment. She was both hungry and thirsty.

Ye Li thought to himself, What did I owe her in my previous life? I saved her life,but now I still have to feed her?

But Ye Li still took out a box of food from the system space. Xiao Hui’s eyes lit up as she looked at the food. Her expression as a food lover was evident.

Xiao Hui started eating and drinking, but Ye Li had no appetite. He couldn’t understand why there were suddenly so many zombies.

Could it be…

Ye Li thought of a possibility: there might be a powerful zombie commanding all these others.

Suddenly, Ye Li realized how astonishing this possibility was.

If he could find that zombie and synthesize it, wouldn’t that be amazing?

With this in mind, Ye Li made a decision. He had to find the big boss of Tongcheng.

“Senior, what’s that?”

Xiao Hui pointed to something. Her fair face displayed surprise.

Ye Li followed Xiao Hui’s finger and saw a rusty knife.

After a brief inspection, he found it uninteresting. It was just a rusty, broken knife.


“Dragon-slaying Blade detected. Host, please pick it up.”

The system’s words startled Ye Li. He looked at the rusty knife in front of him in disbelief.

“System, are you saying this is the Dragon-slaying Blade?”

Ye Li couldn’t believe it. How could this rusty knife be the Dragon-slaying Blade?

Dragon-slaying Blade? Wasn’t it a legendary knife in a martial arts novel?

But this was not a martial arts world but a zombie world!

“Host, this is indeed the Dragon-slaying Blade, although it has become a piece of scrap iron. However, it can be combined with other weapons.”

The system’s words surprised Ye Li. So, it really was the Dragon-slaying Blade, and could weapons be synthesized too?

Ye Li picked up the Dragon-slaying Blade. The rusty knife was in terrible condition.

Then, Ye Li opened the synthesis grid in his mind and found the Dragon-slaying Blade inside.

“It can actually be synthesized.”

Ye Li’s face showed excitement as he dragged the steel-cutting knife onto the Dragon-slaying Blade.

“Confirm synthesis?”


Dragon-slaying Blade: One of the Ten Great Divine Artifacts. Legend has it that collecting all ten Divine Artifacts allows one to discover a great hidden treasure.

Ye Li didn’t expect such a twist. This was getting interesting.

After synthesizing the Dragon-slaying Blade with the steel-cutting knife, the rust on the Dragon-slaying Blade diminished, but it was still not presentable.

“System, the Dragon-slaying Blade is still unusable at the moment, right?”

“Yes, host. But I advise you not to expose the Dragon-slaying Blade, or else you might get into trouble.”

Ye Li nodded, understanding the system’s meaning.

Could it be…

Ye Li suddenly thought of something. Could it be that these zombies are also looking for the Dragon-slaying Blade?

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