Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Guardian Scorpion, as a third-tier Evolved Being, had managed to evade the attack in the end.

“Impressive, indeed a third-tier zombie, truly powerful!”

Guardian Scorpion stared at Ah Da. He had never encountered a third-stage zombie before. This was the first time.

“However, that’s all you’ve got!”

With his words, Guardian Scorpion raised his scorpion tail blade high and fiercely swung it down.

“Scorpion Tail Strike!”

With a loud shout, a terrifying slash surged toward Ah Da.

Ah Da’s zombified face showed no sign of disturbance as he launched a punch.

This punch combined the power of the Earth-Shattering Fist and the force of thunder and lightning, forcefully colliding with the terrifying slash.


A loud explosion rang as the power of thunder and lightning was not neutralized by the Scorpion Tail Strike but continued toward Guardian Scorpion.


Guardian Scorpion was filled with shock and swore he had never been so afraid before.

At the critical moment, Guardian Scorpion quickly used his scorpion tail blade to block in front of him.


The high-quality scorpion tail blade shattered into pieces.

“This, this…”

Guardian Scorpion broke into a cold sweat, looking at Ah Da with extreme terror.

“Ah Da, finish him!”

At that moment, Ye Li gave another order to Ah Da.


Ah Da let out a furious roar and darted forward, moving at lightning speed.

Guardian Scorpion quickly used all his abilities to escape, reaching the fastest speed he had ever achieved.

It was undeniable that Ah Da was stronger than Guardian Scorpion, but if Guardian Scorpion wanted to escape, Ah Da couldn’t do anything about it.

Ye Li felt a bit regretful. If only he could turn Guardian Scorpion into a zombie.

“Ah Da, you’re amazing!”

Xiao Hui quickly applauded.

Ye Li looked at Xiao Hui and slowly spoke,

“You seem very happy?”

Xiao Hui was taken aback. “Senior, isn’t this something to be happy about?”

“Roar! Roar!”

At this moment, countless zombies surrounded them.

Ye Li was stunned, looking at the zombies coming from all directions. There were just too many zombies in this wave.

Suddenly, he had a feeling that these were all the zombies in Tongcheng.

Tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands…?

At this moment, Ye Li had only one thought: to escape.

No matter how powerful Ah Da is, he can’t defeat so many zombies.


When Ye Li uttered the word “run,” Xiao Hui’s face was still filled with joy. She thought that Ye Li must be very happy this time with so many zombies here.

But when Xiao Hui turned her head, she realized that Ye Li had already run several tens of steps away.


Xiao Hui burst into tears immediately.

Ye Li turned around and saw Xiao Hui still standing there, crying.

Helpless, he went back and grabbed Xiao Hui’s hand, then they ran together.

Ye Li thought to himself, Women are troublesome, but what can I do?

“I can’t run anymore, Senior. I’m exhausted,” Xiao Hui said, panting heavily.

“If you don’t want to be eaten by zombies, keep running,” Ye Li said fiercely.

“I’ll just let them eat me. I’m so tired, I’ll die from exhaustion.” Xiao Hui replied, gasping for breath.

Now it was Ye Li dragging Xiao Hui along as they ran.

“Senior, I’m about to die!”

Xiao Hui directly squatted on the ground, looking exhausted.

Ye Li was about to say something when he noticed that the zombies were already close.

There was no other way, so he had to carry Xiao Hui on his back and continue running.

“Senior, I feel so secure on your back.”

Ye Li was speechless, truly speechless.

Was this woman brainless, with negative intelligence?

He remembered Xiao Hui telling him that the young master of the White Lotus Sect, Bai Wawa, used her as a tool, believing that by refining her, she could become a fourth-tier Evolved Being.

But with such intelligence, how could she be so “useful”?

Ye Li couldn’t help but doubt Bai Wawa’s intelligence.

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