Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Ye Li found Xiao Hui incredibly cute, who had melted his heart.

He had thought that he would never like a woman with such low intelligence, but now he realized not only was he wrong, but he was completely wrong.

“Senior, should we continue to fight zombies now?” Xiao Hui blinked her eyes and asked Ye Li.

Ye Li nodded and led more than 600 level 2 zombies to continue their dominance.

Tongcheng was filled with ordinary zombies. These zombies, upon seeing Ye Li and Xiao Hui, recklessly rushed over without regard for their lives, although they were already the living dead.

After a day of synthesis, Ye Li created a tier 1 male zombie and a tier 1 female zombie.

Returning to the residential area, Ye Li took out a box of food from the system space, and he and Xiao Hui began to eat and drink.

Hongye was now a tier 2 zombie and would soon become a tier 3 zombie.

In this way, Ye Li and Xiao Hui spent three more days in the East District of Tongcheng.

During these three days, he finally synthesized a tier 2 female zombie.

He dragged the tier 2 female zombie to Hongye, and Hongye became a tier 3 zombie.

Hongye’s appearance had improved yet again.

“Senior, Sister Hongye is even more beautiful now.”

Xiao Hui couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at Hongye.

Now Hongye’s face had less decay, and it became more delicate.

As a tier 4 zombie, she had blue eyes.

Hongye’s eyes were like sapphires, almost blinding to look at.

“Call me Master,” Ye Li looked at Hongye.


Hongye’s voice was still stiff, as she had just learned to speak.


“Congratulations to the host for synthesizing a tier 3 zombie. The host has obtained a Super Treasure Chest. Would you like to open it?”

“Open it.”

“Gene Points x50, Strength Points x50, Speed Points x50, Defense Points x50, Steel Swords x3, Zombie Berserk x2.”

“Congratulations to the host for becoming a level 10 Awakened Being.”

Advancing one more level, he would become a Rank 1 Evolved Being. Ye Li was indeed looking forward to it.

Steel Sword: A weapon made of steel.

Zombie Berserk: Increases a zombie’s combat power by ten times for ten minutes.

Ye Li thought to himself that Zombie Berserk was a good thing, but the Steel Swords were not that impressive.

He synthesized the three Steel Swords with the Dragon Slaying Blade, and the recovery progress of the Dragon Slaying Blade reached 8%.

“Senior, Sister Hongye also called you Master just now. Does it mean Hongye can say more things now?”

“Hongye, I’m Xiao Hui.”

Xiao Hui looked at Hongye, hoping that Hongye would call her too.

Unfortunately, Hongye didn’t even look at Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui felt disappointed. “Senior, why doesn’t Sister Hongye call me?”

Ye Li shook his head inwardly. Hongye was my zombie, and she’s only at tier 3. How can she call you?

At this moment, it was already dusk, and there were no zombies on the street. It was unusually quiet.

Ye Li looked out of the window and unexpectedly saw a few humans, all of whom seemed to be genetic warriors.

These humans were dressed in white robes with three blood-red characters on them.

White Lotus Sect!!!

To Ye Li’s surprise, these few White Lotus Sect warriors were actually heading towards the residential area.

Seeing this, a faint smile formed on the corner of Ye Li’s mouth, revealing a wicked expression on his face.

In his eyes, these White Lotus Sect warriors were simply walking to their own demise.

“You stay here, I’ll go out for a moment.”

Ye Li instructed Hongye to protect Xiao Hui. Before Xiao Hui could ask any further questions, Ye Li walked out.

When he reached the third floor, Ye Li heard footsteps. Instead of continuing downstairs, he sat down on the stairs.

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