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Chapter 1084 - Chapter 1084: 550_1

Chapter 1084: 550_1

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After Andrew went back, he investigated Meng Fu’s identity.

Meng Fu had applied for the requirements to join the Association with Johnathan a few months ago. Others might not know who Meng Fu was, but Johnathan did. Both mask and Louise had paid their respects to Meng Fu.

Jonathan had also invited Meng Fu before, and this time, Meng Fu had taken the initiative to join. Naturally, he would give Meng Fu a high position.

From the president to the Vice-President and then to the seven elders, the elders ‘status was second only to the Vice-President and they had the right to vote in the Federation.

A few months ago, the equipment forging Association had an elder, but no one had ever seen this elder. The equipment forging Association had a lot of information on this elder.

Who knew that when Andrew investigated Meng Fu, he would find out that she was the elder.

What kind of ordinary person could be an elder?

Not to mention that Jonathan himself was a terrifying existence in the equipment forging Association, and even Louise would give him face. The friends that he knew were too terrifying, and Andrew did not need to think to know that Meng Fu was definitely not that strong.

Sir, ‘t someone came in from outside and reported to Andrew, ” gay sent a message. He’s at Zhou University now. It seems that they didn’t control gay’s communicator.

This was a fight between Immortals.

Whether it was Meng Fu or Johnathan, or Qiong and Jing an, who were behind GE Yi, they were all people that Andrew could not afford to offend. report to the young master!

At the same time.

At the racing track.

Bertrand was brought to the lounge. Joan looked into the room but didn’t see anything. She only saw Jing an asking Bertrand.

Even though Jing an’s back was facing her, based on her understanding of him for many years, she knew that Jing an’s mood was different from before.

In the room, the huge screen was showing the king of racings curve overtaking that night.

He overtook her at almost a 360-degree turn, using the left front wheel as a pivot point, leaving a shocking mark.

Jing an kept looking at it, the cigar between his fingers still smoking.

After a long while, he raised his head and leaned back on the sofa, his eyes not moving away from the video.

Behind him, Bertrand was still wearing his racing suit. He had lost to Charlie today. he’s Charlie, a member of the SU family’s team. 1 1 m sincerely convinced that I lost to him.

Bertrand was very calm when he said this.

“Do you think he looks familiar?” Jing an turned his head and looked at Bertrand.

Bertrand hesitated for a moment. there is a gap in the details. Many people have imitated it, but only Charlie has imitated the most standard. Jing an retracted his gaze and slowly flicked off the ashes of his cigar.

He didn’t say anything.

Bertrand was under pressure when facing Jing an. Jing an was the biggest financial backer of his team, but Jing an seemed to have a hobby and rarely came to their team.

When he had won the underground King of racing, Jing an had only given their club endless financial aid.

This was Bertrand’s first time meeting Jing an.

He didn’t know who Jing an was, but he knew from the contacts that Jing an wasn’t an ordinary person. The people in charge of the convoy usually only called him ” master Jing ‘ .

Remembering that Jing an had come to him this time, Bertrand paused and said. ” compared to him, two years ago, I saw a drift that was almost perfectly replicated …

Jing an’s hand that was tapping the cigar paused. He turned his head slightly. “A perfect copy?”

Bertrand thought about this matter and his expression was serious. the division of the territory two years ago. we didn’t find the video at the time, but the track is the same. Charlie was the one who drove the car.

The cigar in Jing an’s hand was broken.

The air in the room became cold, and Jing an didn’t say anything.

Bertrand seemed to be choked by a pair of hands, and he could not breathe.

About two minutes later, Jing an raised his hand and threw the broken cigar into the trash can. go and investigate.

Soon, someone outside received his order and went out.

Jing an took the phone and went out.

He looked around but did not see Joan.

He narrowed his eyes slightly. where is she?

The guard knew Joan’s identity and did not dare to stop her. He passed Joan’s words on. young master, miss Qiongs younger brother seems to be in trouble

He explained everything from beginning to end.

“The new elder of the equipment forging Association?” Jing an played with the lighter in his hand, looking interested.

The guard nodded. He had already received a response from the equipment Association.

After all, no one dared to deal with matters concerning Jonathan and Jing an.

it’s time to teach her brother a lesson, ” Jing an said. there are many hidden talents in the Federation. This time, it’s a lesson. Send someone to follow miss Qiong.

The guard didn’t find it strange at all. Jing an’s methods were brutal, and the only one who could get pity from him was miss Qiong, which also laid the foundation for GE Yi e s misdeeds.

But Jing an was not without a bottom line.

Zhou University.

Meng Fu, Ren weimo, and the others were still in the lounge when GE Yi received Joan’s reply.

He had indeed gotten used to being arrogant in the past few years. He felt that no one could touch him. Even the elders of the equipment refining Association had to give him face for Jing an’s sake, let alone others.

At this moment, he was tortured by the poison that Meng Fu had applied to the silver needles.

He only looked at Meng Fu viciously.

Meng Fu was not in a hurry at all. When bei si came, Meng Fu had taken the computer in the lounge and was playing games with Dou Tian.

Ren weichen, Baili ze, and the rest were waiting outside.

Bei si had already introduced himself in the car. When Ren weichen saw bei si, he greeted him politely, ” senior bei si.

“Hello.” Bei si waved at them casually and went to see Meng Fu. someone is here for GE Yi.

Meng Fu r s fingers were on the keyboard. He had not even finished a dungeon when he looked up. let them come.

Bei si estimated that Meng Fu was in Zhou University and would not be in any trouble, so he naturally let them come.

This matter had to be rejected.

The person who had come was GE Yi’s sister, Qiong. In addition to her, there were also guards of the Qiong family and people sent by Jing an to protect Qiong.

As soon as the door opened, Joan, who was leading the group, rushed in.

Joan saw GE Yi who was leaning against the wall in the corner. His neck was covered in blood from renbo’s cuts. Because of the blood, his face was white.

“Little brother!” Joan said in fear when she saw GE Yi’s state. The guards beside her also rushed over to protect the two of them.

“How are you?” The accompanying guard said.

Joan helped GE Yi up. He looked at Meng Fu and the others coldly and sneered. I’m not dead yet. Sis, these people attacked me. Take them all to the heavy prison!

Qiong stood beside GE Yi. Her face was already cold, and now it was even colder. She looked at Ren weimo in the lounge and finally fixed her eyes on Meng Fu.

The second she saw Meng Fu, she frowned slightly, but her tone was cold, as if she had everything in her hands. “Do you know the consequences of hurting my brother?”

In the Federation, everyone with some power knew that he was Joan’s younger brother, and Jing an was his future brother-in-law!

Not to mention others, he even knew Jing an’s first team leader, the CEO of Fi2. That was why he had so unscrupulously framed others. Who knew that Meng Fu and the others would dare to do this to him!

Ren weimo and the others took a step back and frowned.

Renbo looked at Qiong and lowered his head uneasily, ” Little Miss.

It was mainly because Joan was too calm.

As for guy’s brother-in-law …

As for who it was, renbo and the others didn’t know, but looking at GE Yi’s attitude, he shouldn’t be a simple person.

Bei si glanced at them but did not say anything. He just stood beside Meng Fu.

Meng Fu r s fingers pressed on the keyboard and he lifted his chin at Ren Qi.

help me finish.

“Oh.” Ren Qi walked over.

When he took over the game, Meng Fu stood up and looked at Joan. Her eyes stopped on her for a moment before she said politely, ” then, do you know the consequences of detaining my brother?

GE Yi was helped up. He looked at Meng Fu and the others coldly and finally smiled. do you know who my brother-in! law is? ‘

“Who’s your brother-in-law?” Meng Fu looked at guy Yi. could it be the four presidents and the Federation Lord? ” I’ll change, or Skynet’s Super Admin?”

The others did not react to Meng Fu r s words.

It was also at this moment.

The loud sound of propellers came from outside.

Outside the window of the lounge, there were many cars parked. Other than the car that Joan and the others came in, there were other cars and even helicopters.

He could clearly see the logo of the equipment Association on the car, as well as the logo of Fi2.

“Such a huge commotion?” Bei si took a look and looked at Meng Fu in shock.

At this moment, Meng Fu’s phone rang. It was a federal number. She picked it up. she’s in the lounge. Go upstairs, second floor..

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