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Chapter 1083 - Chapter 1083: Offending the great God (1)

Chapter 1083: Offending the great God (1)

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Golton was addicted to research. Unless he encountered something he was interested in, he was protected by Skynet and did not go out easily.

As Galton’s first disciple in the first laboratory, bei si was basically the one who helped him out.

The major forces of the Federation were all connected, so they naturally knew the senior management of the equipment Association. At this time, he smiled and looked at the senior management of the equipment Association. Your Excellency Andrew, I’ll take student Meng back first. My teacher is looking for her.

Andrew fell silent when Meng Fu mentioned ‘Jonathan’.

He looked at Meng Fu in shock.

Seeing that Meng Fu and bei si were familiar with each other, he fell silent for a moment. He looked at the S019 on Meng Fu l s chest and took a step back instead of going forward.

He had never seen S019 before, but with this information, he could go back and talk about the truth.

GE Yi was Joan’s younger sister, and his family had ascended to heaven because of the Jade rooster dog. If something happened to GE Yi in the equipment forging Association, he was not afraid of Joan, but the person behind her …

The person behind poverty was terrifying, but Jonathan was also terrifying in the equipment forging Association.

Jonathan looked like a rich man, but how could someone without ability climb to the position of the young master of the equipment Association?

Especially Johnathan … Ever since he returned, his physical fitness had reached a level where almost no one in the entire Federation could be his match.

Andrew couldn’t afford to offend any of them, and he couldn’t do anything about this matter. He could only report it.

Naturally, he had to let Meng Fu and the rest leave.

Andrew waved his hand, and the people who had raised their hands to block the weapons all put down their hands and retreated to the side.

Meng Fu was not surprised. She had asked Gordon to help her escape. After all, this was Jonathan’s territory. Meng Fu did not want to make a scene when she left.

However, it was also important to give him a beating.

She glanced at renbo, and renbo directly pushed GE Yi into the carriage.

“Andrew! Aren’t you afraid that my sister will look for you?” Guy didn’t expect

Andrew to ignore him even though he was already here. Seeing that Andrew didn’t care about his words, he said to Meng Fu fiercely, ‘”‘1f you have the ability, don’t kill me. Do you dare? When my sister comes, none of you will be able to escape!’

“Junior Sister?” Bei si also got into the car and looked at Meng Fu.

Meng Fu folded the red silk in her hand. On her phone, su Cheng had sent her a message on WeChat, saying that Charlie had won the championship and she asked su Cheng to thank him on her behalf.

Then, he looked at guy and smiled. you imprisoned us to make us atone for our crimes. Let me see … Meng Fu glanced at the confession letter that Ren Qi handed to her. 10 years in federal prison. GE Yi, I’m very curious. I told you to let them go, and I’m guilty. Isn’t that enough? Are you trying to destroy the lineage of the capital?”

“Too much?” GE Yi had always been arrogant. He could walk arrogantly through the entire Federation. After all, his sister was there to clean up the mess for him. He had no idea what fear was. don’t you have a saying? the winner is king and the loser is a Bandit. You can even make a contribution.

What does it have to do with me whether the lineage of the capital dies or not?

Upon hearing this, bei si frowned and glanced at guy.

If there was any place in the Federation that was the cleanest, it would be none other than the continent. Bei si and his group had always been friendly and mutually helpful.

very good. Meng Fu nodded and said to gai Yi calmly, “‘Don’t worry, I won’t let you die, and I won’t take your communicator. I’ll wait for your sister and the people behind you to come and see if your sister can take you away from me.”

Meng Fu gestured to renbo, and renbo inserted another needle.

Guy couldn’t say a word.

Throughout the entire process, Ren weichen and Baili ze did not speak again.

When they arrived at the Zhou’s Gate, Qian DUI opened his mouth and looked at Baili ze in surprise. Renbo was also a little surprised, but Ren Qi was not.

Bei si got someone to take them to the lounge and brought Meng Fu to see Gordon.

On the other side, Meng Fu saw Gordon.

Gordon showed her an algorithm. He did not care about Meng Fu r s dispute with the equipment forging Association. He was in Zhou University, and even the equipment forging Association did not dare to do anything to him.

Zhou University was this rigid.

“You guys are studying the star network?” Meng Fu was surprised.

he only mentioned the structure. Galton looked at Meng Fu with anticipation in his eyes. according to Skynet’s plan, our research will have results in at least 10 years.

Meng Fu did not find it strange that the heavenly net had suggested this.

She was silent for a moment and did not agree immediately. 1 still have something to do. If I can finish it, I’ll join.

Gordon’s fingers paused. He lowered his eyes and wanted to say something, but he stopped and asked about the equipment forging Association.

“Guye?” When he heard Meng Fu mention this name, Gordon frowned. that’s a little troublesome. Tell them not to leave the university before they leave the Federation.

“Who’s GE Yi’s sister?” Meng Fu held her chin with her fingers, curious.

She thought about the Federation, but she didn’t expect guy to have any kind of background.

Bei si shrugged. He didn’t really understand.

his sister isn’t scary, ” Galton explained slowly. what’s scary is the person behind her, the son of the young master of the Federation.

Meng Fu r s lips curved up, showing his understanding. He lazily said, ‘”‘No wonder he’s so arrogant.”

Seeing that she wasn’t afraid, Galton didn’t mention guy.

On the other side, in the lounge where Ren weimo and the rest were waiting.

Qian DUI finally came to his senses and said to Baili ze, “”President, this, this is Zhou University?”

Baili ze stood in the middle of the hall and didn’t reply. He only looked at renbo, “”You, what happened just now?”

Renbo had experienced the Yang Hua incident and could accept such a buffer. At this time, he also organized his thoughts and came back to his senses to explain to them.

When Meng Fu received renbo’s call at the arena, he had already guessed the situation.

No equipment Association was that clean.

On the way to the equipment forging Association, she had left something for renbo. She had always carried the gold and silver needles with her to save people.

The silver needle killed.

Renbo had been through a lot, so he wasn’t surprised by what Meng Fu gave him. He could guess what she was going to do with just a few sentences from Meng Fu.

this is what he wanted us to admit to our crimes. renbo took out two confession documents, without any pity in his eyes. this is what miss Meng wanted.

who is Johnathan … Ren Qi finally spoke,

Ren weichen and Baili ze remained silent.

Qian DUI and renbo also looked at the two.

After all, Jonathan was the new young master of the Federation’s equipment forging Association. Not many people in the capital knew his name, and only the president of the equipment forging Association had received the notice.

As for Qian DUI and the others, they were more than one level away from Jonathan. Why would they care about the name of the young master of the federal Equipment Association?

Ren Qi scratched his head. don’t you guys know? ‘

Just when he thought that he would not get an answer, Baili ze finally spoke.

His eyes drooped and his voice was  the young master of the

Federation’s equipment forging Association,”

Renbo and the other two exchanged glances and could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

After a while, Qian DUI recalled what Feng weizheng had said. He had told Baili ze about GE Yi’s sister.

Baili ze and Ren weimo had heard GE Yi mention his sister more than once.

Now that Qian DUI had mentioned it, he contacted Feng weizheng and asked her about GE Yi’s sister, Joan.

Feng weizheng did not expect Baili ze to come out. When she heard the question, Feng weizheng did not hide the information that she had received. President Baili, I don’t know much. Miss Qiong is the top student of the incense Association, and this is not her trump card. Her trump card is the person behind her. 1 don’t know who is behind her, but even my teachers don’t dare to mention the person behind her.

She only knew this much.

Feng weizheng was powerful in capital city, but she was too ordinary in the Federation. Naturally, she did not know who was behind Joan. Most people in the Federation did not dare to mention anything about the Federation Lord, so they would not gossip about their lives.

Those who knew who was behind Joan more or less had some channels and background.

In fact, Feng Weizheng had never seen what Lian Qiong looked like.

Even though it was vague, Baili ze also learned that there was an even more powerful person behind guy.

Baili ze did not say anything. They did not even dare to provoke GE Yi, not to mention his powerful sister. As for the person behind his sister … They didn’t even know who ne was.

It was at this time that Meng Fu returned from his meeting with Gordon. Seeing the strange atmosphere, he asked renbo to return the silver needles to her.”What’s wrong?”

Seeing Meng Fu, renbo seemed to have found his pillar of support.

Baili ze turned to Meng Fu and frowned. miss Feng said that the person behind GE Yi’s sister isn’t simple. Thank you for saving us. We have to go back as soon as possible.

Guy was put aside.

He was arrogant. Without Meng Fu around, he didn’t even talk to renbo and the others. Now that Meng Fu was here, he raised his head and smiled at

Meng Fu, “”l’ve already told my sister. You want to leave now? It’s too late.”

At the same time.

In the race track, Joan was in the bathroom, holding her phone..

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