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Chapter 1085 - Chapter 1085: Brilliant talent _1

Chapter 1085: Brilliant talent _1

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There were many students in Zhou University at this time.

The commotion downstairs had attracted the attention of many people, but the equipment Association was working with Fi2, so no one dared to get close and participate.

After Meng Fu hung up the phone, he stood still.

Andrew and his men arrived in time. They quickly went upstairs and saw Meng Fu standing there.

Behind him, there were two captains from the equipment forging Association and a Captain from Fi2.

Guy was not lying when he said he knew the team leader of Fi2. When he saw the person, his eyes lit up and he quickly said, ” team leader an! Did my brother-in-law order you to come? It’s them!”

Captain an was a member of Fi2, and GE Yi had spoken to him once because of Jing an.

Now that he saw Captain an here, he naturally thought that he was here to look for him.

Joan also nodded slightly at him. It was obvious that she was an acquaintance of Captain an. Captain an.

Baili ze stood still with a cold expression. No one knew the difference between them and the Federation better than he did.

Qian DUI had been full of confidence in Meng Fu, but when he saw the logo on Captain an’s body, his face turned pale. it’s really Fi2!

Ren Qi’s hand trembled. He had almost led the entire team to destruction just now. When they finally finished this dungeon, he looked at Meng Fu helplessly and asked Qian DUI, ” Fi2? ‘

He did not have a deep understanding of Fix

Baili ze rubbed the gun in his hand and said with a cold expression, ” Captain an has the symbol of Fi2 on him. Fi2 is the most powerful law enforcement force in the Federation. His status in the Federation is equivalent to the first base in the capital city, which is directly linked to the four associations ‘Skynet. Their boss is comparable to or even higher than the Presidents of the four associations. I suspect that the brother-in-law that guy mentioned may have a status that is not inferior to theirs.

The fact that guy dared to say that meant that his brother-in-law was not an ordinary person.

Even without Baili ze’s explanation, Qian DUI, Ren weimo, and the others also started to react.

If it were not for Meng Fu, they would not have been able to fight against GE Yi, let alone the Association and Fi2. Firs existence was like a mountain to them.

Ordinary people would have to avoid this kind of power when they were out. A single order from them could change the situation in the Federation instantly.

Ren weimo looked at Meng Fu r s back and regret appeared on his cold and stiff face.

Baili ze took a step forward. Meng Fu had always been cold to him, but he could not care about that now. He lowered his voice and said in a calm tone, ‘ your teacher should be able to protect you. At this time, you don’t need to protect so many people. Hand us over and the rest …

“No need.” Meng Fu didn’t turn around and walked towards Captain an and Andrew.

“A Fu!” Ren weimo called out.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Captain an did not grab Meng Fu. He glanced at GE Yi and did not say a word.

Behind him, Andrew greeted Meng Fu. elder Meng.

Guy wanted to open his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word.

Meng Fu could tell from the way Andrew and the rest were acting that they were sent by Jonathan. He had probably checked her identity.

Meng Fu nodded at Andrew, showing off her purity. She grabbed the phone.

“Take her away.”

“Yes.” Andrew gave Captain an a look, and the latter quickly captured guy.

Gay looked at Joan with his eyes wide open, and the blood and hostility on his face disappeared instantly. “Sister! ”

However, even Joan couldn’t interfere with the internal conflict between the Association and Fi2, and guy was taken away right in front of her.

At this moment, Joan realized that something was wrong. Even though GE Yi was taken away, she did not let her disguise fall. She only squinted at Meng Fu before turning around and leaving.

Once she left, the guards behind her naturally wouldn’t stay either.

The crowded lounge suddenly became a little empty.

Andrew then turned his attention to Meng Fu. He was hesitant and cautious.

elder Meng, I’ve offended you before. I didn’t expect you to be here in the Federation. Can you come with us for a chat? since you’re here, there are some things that you have to manage personally.

“Wait a moment.” Meng Fu motioned for Ren weimo and the rest to move freely before going downstairs with Andrew.

Andrew realized that the people here must be Meng Fu!s trusted aides. He smiled and greeted them before going downstairs with Meng Fu.

The entire lounge was silent.

Everyone watched as Meng Fu and Andrew left.

Ren Qi had already closed the game, but the current progress made him a little helpless. He turned to Ren weichen and said, young master, just now, I think I heard them say …

Ren weichen stood in place, his mind blown away in an instant.

They didn’t know where to start. Whether it was Meng Fu r s sudden visit to the hospital or Andrew calling Meng Fu ” elder Meng “, it was all beyond their expectations.

that’s right, the senior Manager of the equipment forging Association is called miss Meng, elder Meng. among everyone, renbo reacted the fastest. He looked at Ren weimo, his heart beating fast, but he was also very sure, ” young master, miss, she is the equipment forging Association’s elder!

After this sentence, both Ren weichen and the usually calm and indifferent Baili ze were in a daze.

Baili ze was used to being in a high position in the capital, but he also knew that he, as the president of the capital, was nothing in the Federation. As for the position of the president and elder of the Federation’s equipment refining Association, it was not comparable to that of a local president.

The main thing was …

There was a huge difference between the two.

They had to bow down to GE Yi …

Bass brought this matter back to tell Gordon.

But Galton didn’t seem to mind. He only gave bass two orders and removed all the laboratories that he had agreed to borrow from guy.

Meng Fu had just arrived at the Federation and had yet to officially enter the equipment forging Association, but he had already started a fire.

This fire was not for anyone else but Joan’s younger brother, guy.

GE Yi’s original plan was to send Ren weimo and the others to a heavy prison, but he did not expect to be buried in it in the end. Jointly framing an elder of the equipment forging Association, GE Yi’s crime was not low.

Jonathan didn’t expect Meng Fu to help him deal with such a big matter …

[ thank you, brother! ]

Although Johnathan was the young master of the equipment forging Association, there were some people in the Association who didn’t respect him. Gay was one of them. The most difficult person for him was Jing an, so

Johnathan didn’t dare to make a move.

Meng Fu, on the other hand, was bleeding.

It was mainly because he had taken the initiative. Guy never expected that one of the people he wanted to attack was a high-level executive of the equipment forging Association, but he also suffered a defeat because of this.

Meng Fu looked at the message but did not reply to Jonathan.

The elders of the equipment forging Association naturally had to help deal with the important matters of the Association.

However, Meng Fu had just arrived at the Association, and most people were afraid of her. They wouldn’t give her too much power, so she only had to deal with the trivial matters. Meng Fu simply handed the management over to Andrew, who had surrendered to her.

When they returned to the hotel.

Bei si had just sent Ren weimo, Baili ze, and the rest back.

After a night, gay had been captured, but Lafu and the others didn’t know about this.

Seeing that Meng Fu and the rest had returned safely, Lai Fu stood up. it’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back …

It could be seen that the others were also very excited.

Ren Weiyi, who was about to buy a plane ticket and leave, heaved a sigh of relief. She still had to participate in the Skynet assessment and did not want to leave just like that.

it’s okay. renbo looked at the others, ” miss saved us.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were on Meng Fu.

Meng Fu took her things and bade her farewell. I’m going out for a while. I won’t be involved in the follow-up cooperation. If you have anything to say, look for Andrew.

No one dared to say no.

Lafu, on the other hand, opened his mouth and wanted to ask who ‘Andrew’ was.

Ren Weiyi noticed that Baili ze did not even look at him after he returned. He pursed his lips and said, ” I’m going to Skynet to participate in the assessment

This time, Baili ze still did not speak to her. He only followed behind Ren weimo in silence and spoke to Meng Fu, “‘ l’ll send you out.”

Meng Fu didn’t go anywhere.

She had gone to the incense Association to find Feng Zhi.

Feng Zhi had been in the Federation for more than half a year, almost a year. This time, she was coming to the Federation, so she went to find Madam Feng and brought a letter for Feng Xi.

Feng Zhi had been doing research at the incense Association. As it was a secret research, Meng Fu did not ask much.

He had a holiday, so it was basically useless if he didn’t have enough. This time, he arranged to meet Meng Fu directly at the entrance of the incense Association.

As soon as Meng Fu arrived, he saw Feng Zhi standing at the entrance of the incense Association.

“A Fu!” Seeing Meng Fu, Feng Zhi hurried over.

Meng Fu got out of the car and stood in place, but he did not leave. He only looked at the people entering and leaving the incense Association. Along the way, she saw two women, both dressed like Joan..

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