Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2121 – Who Will Help If I Die?

Chapter 2121 – Who Will Help If I Die?

Yang Ye turned around and left, and no one stopped him.

At this moment, Dao Qing and the others remained silent.

If they refused to let him leave, then the Dao Path would have to protect him. But if they wanted to protect him, it would be no different than becoming enemies with the other races! The Dao Path didn’t want to be dragged into any conflicts at a time like this, and it didn’t want to become enemies with all the races either!

It wasn’t worth it to become enemies with them for Yang Ye!

But if the Dao Path gave Yang Ye to them, it would definitely have an adverse impact on the Dao Path.

So, as far as the Dao Path was concerned, Yang Ye’s departure was the best outcome. So long as Yang Ye left, the other races would naturally not seek out the Dao Path, and all the Dao Path’s problems would be solved.

“He probably holds resentment!” Meanwhile, Dao Ye spoke abruptly.

Dao Qing shook his head slightly, “He should understand the difficulty we’re facing. If the Dao Path enters into conflict with them now, it’ll only benefit the other three paths. Moreover, there’s the god race too. As for him, let’s just help him as best we can!”

As he spoke, he gazed at Dao Ling.

Dao Ling said, “Help? Senior Brother, just surviving a single day will be a problem for him once he goes outside!”

Dao Qing fell silent for a moment and said, “It’s up to his own luck then!”

Their relationship as disciples of the same master?

Actually, there was no such thing between them and Yang Ye. Yang Ye was their younger junior brother who’d just suddenly joined the Dao Path, so they didn’t really feel anything for him. As for the reason, it was simple. It was because everyone in the Dao Path felt that Yang Ye was different from them.

Someone different from them who’d suddenly joined the Dao Path. So, the Dao Path’s members mostly felt curiosity towards him. They were curious about why their ancestor had suddenly taken a new disciple!

In short, as far as the Dao Path was concerned, Yang Ye’s departure was the best way to deal with their problem.

After he left the hall, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he chuckled. He was just about to leave when Dao Ling appeared before him.

Dao Ling asked, “Do you feel resentment?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “No. Because I never placed any hope on the Dao Path, and I never place any hope on others. Moreover, the Dao Path has no responsibility to do anything for me.

Dao Ling glanced at Yang Ye and said, “This incident is a little serious, and the god race was too ruthless. They forced all the races into a corner, so all of them are like mad dogs now. They’ll bite anyone they see. But the Dao Path can’t allow itself to be swept into such conflicts. At the very least, not right now. Because Master isn’t in the large universe, so the slightest mistake may bring danger to the Dao Path!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I understand.”

Dao Ling nodded, “Let me send you off. Do you have somewhere in mind?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “No. Do you have any suggestions?”

Dao Ling fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “Do you know where the god race is?”

Yang Ye smiled, “You want me to go look for the god race?”

Dao Ling nodded, “Presently, only the god race can keep you alive. If you go to them, the other races will be helpless against you.”

Yang Ye smiled, “The god race doesn’t owe me anything, so why should they protect me? Forget that, farewell.”

He turned around and vanished into the sky.

Once Yang Ye left, Dao Qing appeared by Dao Ling’s side, “Will he go to the god race?”

“It’s very likely!” Dao Ling continued, “Why? Senior Brother, do you want him to go to the god race?”

Dao Qing shook his head slightly, “I don’t wish for him to join the god race, he has already joined them. While it hasn’t made its stand clear to the four paths, they will definitely be coming for the four paths once they’re done with all the other races!”

Dao Ling asked, “Then why aren’t we doing anything?”

Dao Qing replied, “Because we have an even more terrifying enemy!”

“Huh?” Dao Ling gazed at Dao Qing, and the latter didn’t reveal more.

The news of Yang Ye’s departure from the Dao Path didn’t take long to spread.

Yang Ye wasn’t in the Dao Path!

That represented that the Dao Path had stopped protecting Yang Ye, so many who had enmity with Yang Ye started to become restless. Especially the Alliance of All. As far as they were concerned, this was the best opportunity to openly kill Yang Ye.

At the entrance of the Dao Path.

“Yang Ye has left the Dao Path!”

That was the answer the Dao Path gave the Alliance of All.

The Sovereign of Sky glanced at the entrance to the Dao Path and said, “From this moment onward, use every resource available to your races to search for Yang Ye. While Yang Ye is just at the Major Zen Realm, his strength cannot be underestimated. He has the strength to kill Sages. So, for safety’s sake, if you do locate Yang Ye, do not act rashly without at least three Sages.”

The Sovereign of Man suddenly asked, “Will he go to the god race?”

The Sovereign of Sky slowly clenched his fists, “We must find him before he does that!”

Once the Sovereign of Sky gave the order, Yang Ye’s name spread throughout the large dimension!

He was wanted by all the races, he was wanted by the Alliance of All!

No one had ever received such treatment in history. It could be said that Yang Ye’s accomplishments were unprecedented. It was also why everyone knew Yang Ye’s name now.

On the peak of a mountain.

Yang Ye stood at the edge, and a sword floated not too far away from him. It was a golden sword. It was the Sword Supreme.

Yang Ye gazed at it and asked, “Do you need something?”

The Sword Supreme’s spirit said, “All the races have put a bounty on you!”

Yang Ye nodded.

The sword spirit fell silent for a short while and said, “All those years ago, the god race was the strongest in the large universe, and all the other races had to obey them. At that time, all the races were unprecedentedly united. Especially the alliance between the humans and demons. They formed a cavalry made from demon beasts, and they even defeated the god race’s armies on many occasions. At that time, all the races were united like brothers. Yet now, it’s completely different from what it was!”

Yang Ye said, “Time changes things!”

“Indeed!” The sword spirit continued, “I’m very disappointed in this world right now.”

Yang Ye remained silent.

The sword spirit continued, “Actually, Shi Tian isn’t truly dead.”

“What?” Yang Ye gazed at the sword spirit with astonishment, “The patriarch of the god race isn’t dead?”

The sword spirit replied, “He was at a level of strength that is rarely seen. Xuanyuan and I didn’t really kill him, nor could we. It’s very difficult to kill experts at his level.”

Yang Ye asked, “Where did he go?”

The sword spirit replied, “I don’t know. We destroyed his body and soul in that battle. However, we couldn’t sever his consciousness. After so many years…”

She didn’t continue after speaking at this point.

Yang Ye asked, “Do the other races know?”

“They don’t” The sword spirit continued, “Only Xuanyuan and I knew. For the sake of making them feel safe, we didn’t tell anyone. As for later on, I didn’t expect him to die at the hands of someone else!”

Yang Ye asked, “Who killed him?”

The sword spirit replied, “Many people didn’t want him to be a second Shi Tian, and they didn’t want him to reign supreme either. So, he was killed. So long as they don’t have any enemies from the outside, all races will choose internal strife.”

Yang Ye glanced at the sword spirit and asked, “Why are you telling me all of this?”

The sword spirit floated over to Yang Ye and said, “I’ve been with you for some time. You’re not a good person, but I can’t call you a bad person either. Conversely, you have many qualities that I admire. Let me ask you something. If the god race tries to slaughter all the races one day, will you help them against the god race?”

Yang Ye smiled, “I won’t!”

The sword spirit asked, “Because they tried to kill you?”

Yang Ye replied, “If I said I would help them, would you choose to follow me?”

The sword spirit replied, “Yes!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Unfortunately, I won’t.”

The sword spirit fell silent.

Yang Ye looked up at the sky, “In my lifetime, I’ve never betrayed those who don’t betray me! The god race has never betrayed me, so why should I act against them? The other races have treated me like this, so why should I help them? Repay enmity with kindness? Sorry, I’m not that great.”

The sword spirit said, “If Shi Tian comes back, all the living beings in the entire large universe will perish…”

Yang Ye suddenly interrupted the sword spirit and asked, “Who will help if I die?”

The sword spirit fell silent.

Yang Ye continued, “Moreover, I don’t have the strength to fight the god race. Besides that, if I’m being honest, the god race may be atrocious in your world, but as far as I’m concerned, the other races are the ones who should be annihilated.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Spirit of the Sword Supreme, I’ll be honest. I’ll be very happy if you’re willing to follow me, because Sages would be nothing before me if I have you. However, if you’re unwilling to follow me, I won’t feel disappointed. In short, regardless of what we think about the god race and all the other races, I hope we can part ways amiably.”

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly came out from the pagoda. She flew over to Yang Ye’s shoulder and rested her head on Yang Ye’s face. She was looking at the Sword Supreme, but she didn’t take it in her arms this time.

She’d made her stand clear. She would stand by Yang Ye’s side no matter what.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowy’s head gently, “The other races slandered you and said that you stole their spirit energy. Heh! Since that’s the case, we would be wronging ourselves if we didn’t steal their spirit energy, right? Come, let’s go take their spirit energy until there’s nothing left in the whole large universe.”

Yang Ye looked up at the sky, “They start to bite when they’re driven in a corner, and when I’m driven in a corner, I drag everyone down with me. Come on! Let’s go steal their spirit energy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye took Snowy and vanished from the mountain range.

Only the Sword Supreme remained here.

After they left, the Sword Supreme’s spirit stayed on the mountain peak in silence for a very long time. In the end, a ray of light suddenly flashed.


A few dozen mountain peaks in the distance were sliced off.

Suddenly, an armless man appeared here.

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