Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2120 – Let’s All Suffer Together!

Chapter 2120 – Let’s All Suffer Together!

All the races were truly united as one after this meeting.

While they’d formed an alliance before this, but that alliance could actually be considered as only existing in name. All of them were still holding onto a shred of hope, hope that the god race wouldn’t come looking for trouble with them.

Yet now, the god race’s actions allowed them to realize that the god race wouldn’t stop.

It was just the sky race and human race now, but they were definitely down the line.

So, a storm was really brewing in the large universe now.

Their meeting confirmed the “Alliance of All”, and the Sovereign of Sky was its leader. However, it wasn’t a permanent position, and it was only for 10 years. Someone else would take over then. The Alliance of All shocked the entire large universe.

The first thing the newly formed alliance did was gather around 50 Sages and travel to the Dao Path’s entrance.

50 Sages!

While it wasn’t their full strength, it was quite a terrifying number of Sages. Because even the Dao Path only had a few dozen Sages at most.

At the entrance to the Dao Path, a middle aged man in Daoist’s robes walked out from there.

He was the middle aged man who’d led Yang Ye into the Dao Path that day, and he was ranked the 8th among the 9 disciples of the Dao Path. His name was Dao Ling.

Dao Ling glanced at the Sages before him and said, “Are all of you here for a reason?”

Even though there were over 50 Sages here, even 100 couldn’t shake the Dao Path.

The Dao Path had a Progenitor Realm expert!

That was why the four paths stood above the other races!

The Sovereign of Sky stepped forward, glanced at Dao Ling, and said, “I’ll be frank. We’re here for Yang Ye. We hope you’ll hand him over. He's linked to the safety of all our races!”

“Sovereign of Sky, are you kidding?” Dao Ling chuckled, “How can he be related to the safety of all the races? Or has my junior brother attained the Progenitor Realm?”

The Sovereign of Sky looked Dao Ling in the eyes, “I’m sure the Dao Path is aware of what happened in my Sky Dimension and the Human Dimension. All of it was done by Yang Ye and that Sprite Lord of his…”

Dao Ling suddenly asked, “Wasn’t it the god race?”

The Sovereign of Sky chuckled, “Everyone knows that Yang Ye is colluding with the god race? If the god race didn’t use that Sprite Lord of his, how could they have made the spirit energy in our dimensions vanish that quickly? My entire sky race believes in the Dao Path, so is the Dao Path really going to stand by idly and do nothing? Or perhaps just Yang Ye alone is more important than my entire sky race?”

Dao Ling looked the Sovereign of Sky in the eyes, “Yang Ye is a disciple of my Dao Path!”

The Sovereign of Sky refused to back down and looked Dao Ling in the eyes, “So, Yang Ye really is more important than my entire sky race?”

Dao Ling’s eyes narrowed slightly. He naturally couldn’t answer that question. The entire sky race believed in the Dao Path, and that belief brought a very, very large amount of benefits to the Dao Path. If they lost it, it would be a huge blow to the Dao Path.

A moment of silence ensued before Dao Ling said, “We’ve investigated. It has nothing to do with Yang Ye. When the spirit energy in your dimensions vanished, Yang Ye was at the Buddhist Path on behalf of my Dao Path, so…”

The Sovereign of Sky suddenly shook his head, “I’m sure the Dao Path is aware that Yang Ye is colluding with the god race, right?”

Dao Ling replied, “That’s his own business, and it has nothing to do with us!”

The Sovereign of Sky smiled, “See? This is the Dao Path’s attitude towards all of this.”

He glanced at everyone and continued, “From this moment onward, my sky race will destroy all the statues of the Dao Path, and no one in my Sky Dimension can believe in the Dao Path. Death to all who disobey.”

“Sovereign of Sky!” Suddenly, Dao Ling walked over to the Sovereign of Sky and said, “Are you threatening my Dao Path? Are you?”

“Yes!” The Sovereign of Sky didn’t back down at all and met Dao Ling’s gaze, “What? Does the Dao Path want to annihilate me, or my entire sky race?”

Dao Ling was about to speak when the Sovereign of Man suddenly said, “From this moment onward, my human race will be destroying all the statues of the Dao Path within our territory. No one is allowed to believe in the Dao Path or their entire family will be annihilated!”

Once the Sovereign of Man stepped forward, all the other races stepped forward and made their stand clear.

No race could fight the Dao Path on its own.

However, if all the races truly joined forces, they had no need to fear the Dao Path. Because their joint forces were something that could take the Dao Path down with them. Moreover, once they possessed the strength to accomplish that, the Dao Path wouldn’t dare to rashly attack them.

After all, besides their alliance, there was the Confucianist Path, Buddhist Path, and Weapon Path.

So, they were using that and the fact that they had no other choice now. Otherwise, they wouldn’t rashly threaten the Dao Path. But they really had no other choice.

Since they were doomed, they were prepared to take everyone else down with them!

The atmosphere here became tense.

This issue had to be resolved!

Dao Ling fell silent for a long time before he entered the Dao Dimension.

The Sovereign of Man asked the Sovereign of Sky, “Will the Dao Path give in?”

The Sovereign of Sky closed his eyes, “Everyone, do you think we have another choice?”

All of them fell silent.

The Sovereign of Sky said, “We have no other choice. So, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Of course, some of you may think that it’s just the sky race and the human race’s business, but I’m sure that once our races are annihilated, all of you will become their next target. The god race is clearly out for revenge, and none of us will be able to escape their vengeance!”

Meanwhile, an old man said, “Why aren’t the four paths helping us with the god race? If they’re willing to help, the god race will definitely be destroyed!”

The Sovereign of Sky shook his head.

He wanted to know the answer to that as well.

Why did the four paths refuse to step forward and deal with the god race? The four paths stood to gain nothing from their annihilation. Unfortunately, the four paths didn’t give them an answer.

The atmosphere here was quite heavy.

The Dao Path!

They were facing the Dao Path, an organization that transcended this world. If they were being honest, they didn’t want to shed all pretenses with the Dao Path, but they had no other choice now.

If they retreated, it may be annihilation that awaited them!

So, when they thought up to this point, their uncertainty gradually vanished.

The Dao Path.

At this moment, this incident was a problem for the Dao Path. All the races clearly intended to see this through to the end. Even if the Dao Path didn’t fear them, fighting them would only benefit the other three paths. Moreover, even if the Dao Path won, it would definitely be a pyrrhic victory. While they had a progenitor on their side, their enemy had the numbers. Moreover, the Dao Path needed all the races to maintain Dao Temples in their territory to gather Faith Energy.

Entering into conflict with the other races was of no benefit to the Dao Path.

But were they really going to hand over Yang Ye?

Yang Ye was a successor the Dao Progenitor had found himself, so the Dao Path didn’t have the right to hand Yang Ye over to them. So, they had a problem!

Yang Ye walked into a hall. There were three people in the hall, and one of them was Dao Ling. Besides that, there was an old man and a middle aged man here.

Dao Ling said, “These are senior brothers Dao Qing and Dao Ye.”

Yang Ye gazed at the old man and middle aged man, and then he nodded slightly to them, “Senior Brothers.”

Dao Qing and Dao Ye exchanged glances, and then Dao Qing said, “Master isn’t in this universe, so I make all the decisions in the Dao Path now. I presume you know what happened outside. So, I want to know if you really didn’t make your Sprite Lord take away the spirit energy in the Human Dimension and Sky Dimension.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I presume Senior Brother Dao Ling knows where I’ve been.”

Dao Ling nodded, “It has nothing to do with him.”

Dao Qing asked, “Is the Sprite Lord with you?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Yes, always!”

Dao Qing frowned, “Since it’s with you, then how could the god race take their spirit energy without anyone noticing? Do they have another Sprite Lord?”

Yang Ye said, “I don’t know. However, Snowy really didn’t do it.”

Dao Qing fell silent for a short while and said, “Then are you willing to make your Sprite Lord help them restore their spirit energy?”

Yang Ye answered absolutely decisively, “No!”

Dao Qing asked, “Why?”

Yang Ye smiled, “Senior Brother, do you think they’ll be grateful after I help them recover their spirit energy? No, they won’t be grateful, they’ll even try to kill me. Moreover, if the god race really is behind this, then wouldn’t I be offending the god race by helping them? Allow me to be honest, if the god race wanted to look for trouble with me, would the human race and sky race help me? I don’t think so, right?”

Dao Qing fell silent.

Yang Ye continued, “Senior Brother, this has nothing to do with me, but they came for me. Why? Because they dare not seek out the god race, so they came for me instead. To be honest, I’m extremely displeased. Instead of looking for the culprit, they’re coming for me instead. They’re clearly doing this because they think I’m easy to bully.”

Dao Qing shook his head slightly, “They’re on the verge of losing their minds. Because losing their spirit energy can lead to the annihilation of their entire race.”

Yang Ye asked, “Senior Brother, what are you thinking? Are you planning on giving me to them?”

He decided to be frank.

Dao Qing asked, “What do you think?”

Yang Ye smiled, “I don’t know. However, I do know the situation that the Dao Path is facing right now. So, I plan to leave. They won’t come looking for trouble with the Dao Path once I’m gone.”

“Leave the Dao Path?” Dao Qing frowned, “Where will you go?”

Yang Ye smiled, “How can I just let them pursue me? Didn’t they say that Snowy took their spirit energy? Alright, I’ll take it for real. I’ll take all the spirit energy from all their dimensions. It’s best if I can take the spirit energy from this entire universe. Let’s all suffer together! Let’s see who’s afraid of who!”

Yang Ye turned around and left!

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