Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2122 – It Wasn’t My God Race!

Chapter 2122 – It Wasn’t My God Race!

The armless man glanced at the Sword Supreme and said, “Why did you choose him?”

The Sword Supreme’s spirit replied with a question, “Who are you?”

The armless man replied, “You don’t need to know that. I’m just curious, curious about why you chose him. So, I came to ask.”

The sword spirit fell silent for a long time and replied, “You’re very strong!”

“Haha!” The armless man suddenly started laughing, “I have to admit that it’s a fact.”

The sword spirit said, “While he’s only at the Major Zen Realm, he has talent and potential. If he has my help, his Sword Dao will grow even stronger, and his strength will advance by leaps and bounds.”

“Unfortunately, he refused you!” The armless man roared with laughter, “I like that about him. He doesn’t bend for anyone! That’s how a man should be! Hahaha!”

The sword spirit said, “You should be aware that chaos is creeping into the large universe!”

The armless man shrugged, “That’s none of my business. I’m not interested in saving the world. Just as that kid said, no one would be grateful even if we did, right?”

The sword spirit replied, “If everyone is selfish, the large universe is doomed!”

The armless man’s smile gradually vanished, and a long time passed before he said, “Who isn’t selfish in this age? Selfishness is man’s nature. Wasn’t Emperor Xuanyuan selfish too? If he was a little selfless, then he wouldn’t have been killed.”

He gazed at the sword spirit at this point, “While I don’t agree with a part of your opinion, I don’t think you’re wrong, and you’re not hypocrite either. If you didn’t sacrifice yourself all those years ago, Shi Tian wouldn’t have had his body and soul blasted apart. However, you can’t ask everyone to be as selfless as you, right?”

The sword spirit asked, “Is there no one left who cares about the large universe’s fate?”

The armless man smiled, “Let me ask you something. Why is the Universe Sprite siding with the god race?”

The sword spirit fell silent.

The armless man smiled, “The reason is very simple. Greed, it’s a shortcoming of all races. We take, and take from the universe. When the universe can’t stand it any longer, it’ll naturally choose to kill those who take from it. While it hasn’t come to that, it’s not too far from that.”

The sword spirit replied, “They are trying to survive!”

The armless man replied, “Yes. But does the Universe Sprite have no need to survive? Since everyone has to survive, then no one is right or wrong. So, it’s a competition of who is stronger. The stronger side is right, even if that side was wrong.”

The sword spirit said, “A forced and distorted login?”

The armless man smiled, “You can think of it like that!”

As he spoke, he gazed towards the side, “Get the fuck out here!”

His voice reverberated like a thunderclap.


The space there shook violently, and then a ball of red light appeared before the armless man and sword spirit.

It was the evil treasure that had always been following Yang Ye!

The armless man chuckled as he gazed at the ball of red light, “You’re quite smart. You started to stay hidden once you knew that I showed myself. I’ll just get straight to the point. If I find out you don’t stop following him from now, I’ll beat you back to square one!”

“How dare you!” The evil treasure spoke angrily.


The ball of light suddenly exploded apart, and then a blood red face appeared here. At this moment, a painful expression covered it.

The armless man spoke indifferently, “Those progenitors are afraid of that person who stands behind you, so they won’t rashly act against you. However, I’m not afraid. Go back and tell that person that I don’t want to bother with all your nonsense, and I don’t feel like bothering myself with it either. However, if you continue targeting that kid, then I’ll obliterate all of you.”

The blood red face gazed at the armless man with an extremely unsightly expression, but it didn’t dare to say a word.

The person before it was too terrifying!

So, it immediately turned around and vanished into the sky.

Suddenly, the sword spirit said, “You wanted to kill her!”

The armless man nodded, “I did. Unfortunately, I can’t do that for now.”

“Why?” The sword spirit asked, “Why would you be afraid with the strength you possess?”

“Afraid?” The armless man chuckled, “Who have I ever feared? I didn’t kill her because I don’t have time to waste on that person who stands behind her. I didn’t even want to show myself because that fellow I have to deal with is much, much more difficult to deal with than these fellows here. But I had no choice because too many people have started to scheme against that kid, so if I don’t show myself, he would probably die before he knew who killed him.”

The armless man sized up the sword spirit at this point, “I thought you were following him for a reason, but now it seems like I misjudged you.”

The sword spirit suddenly said, “Your arms were severed by a sword!”

The armless man replied, “As expected of the number one sword in this large universe! You are even able to discern that!”

The sword spirit fell silent for a long time and said, “That person’s Sword Dao…”

The armless man smiled, “It’s very formidable, right? Haha!”

The sword spirit replied, “Among the people I know, only Emperor Xuanyuan can…”

“No! No…” The armless man shook his head, “His Sword Dao is so powerful that it’s much, much greater than Emperor Xuanyuan.”

“Oh?” The sword spirit’s voice carried undisguised doubt.

The armless man smiled, “Emperor Xuanyuan would have been nothing if he didn’t have you. But this person’s Sword Dao is formidable because of his heart. He’s still strong even without a good sword, or I should say that he disdains to use a sword now. Because only a few in the world are even capable of making him draw a sword.”

The armless man paused for a moment and spoke solemnly, “His Sword Dao has arrived at his own limits, and his greatest enemy is himself.”

The sword spirit was puzzled, “It’s himself?”

The armless man shook his head, “Forget that. I came to meet you because I wanted to tell you that this large universe isn’t the same one you knew. It’s not worth you sacrificing yourself for any longer. Of course, there’s another reason, I wanted to confirm if you had ill intent towards him. But it seems like I was overthinking. Good luck!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the armless man turned around and intended to leave.

Meanwhile, the sword spirit asked, “Aren’t you going to do anything about the fact that all the races are hunting him down?”

“Why would I?” The armless man spoke indifferently, “How can a man grow without experiencing difficulties? I only showed myself because some people were bullying him and breaking some rules. Actually, he’s really lucky. No one was there to protect me during my time!”

He turned around and looked up at the sky. It was in the direction Yang Ye had left towards.

A few breaths of time later, the armless man said, “Men are useless if they don’t experience exhaustion, suffering, and difficulties. Alright, it’s time to leave. I have someone to meet!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished into the sky.

The sword spirit stood there silent on the spot for a long time, and then she transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

The prehistoric ruins.

The armless man arrived at the prehistoric ruins. He glanced at the surroundings, and then suddenly tapped his right foot against the ground. In an instant, the mysterious building soundlessly appeared before him.

Meanwhile, a furious howl resounded, and then a demon beast charged out and slammed itself at the armless man.

“Fuck off!” As soon as he said that, the demon beast was blasted extremely far away.

The armless man ignored the demon beast and entered the mysterious building. It didn’t take long for him to arrive before the casket.

A voice came from within the casket, “Do you need something?”

The armless man sized up the surroundings and said, “This place is quite impressive! Oh, it seems like a teleportation formation!”

The prehistoric expert asked again, “Do you need something?”

The armless man gazed at the casket, “I don’t care what your objective is or what you’re planning, but I hope you’re not scheming against him. You know who I’m talking about.”

The prehistoric expert fell silent for a short while and said, “I see.”

Two hours later, the armless man left the prehistoric ruins. As soon as he left, he looked down at the mysterious building beneath him, “As expected of the prehistoric race! This clone of mine can’t do anything to all of you!”

He glanced at the sky at this point, “Fucking hell! You’re not even that strong, but your ability to cause trouble is really great…”

He vanished into the sky once he finished speaking.

The Demon Dimension.

A boundless mountain range.

There was a tree at the depths of the mountain range, and Yang Ye stood on its top while looking towards the end of the mountain range. Snowy was by his side.

A long time passed before Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, “Snowy, how much spirit energy can you suck away?”

Snowy blinked, and then waved her claws. She was telling him that she didn’t know because she’d never really tried.

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Can you suck away all the spirit energy in the Demon Dimension?”

Snowy blinked, glanced at the surroundings, and then thought for a moment before waving her claws again.

She was telling him that she could give it a try!

She could try!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Do it. Snowy, suck all the spirit energy in the Demon Dimension. Right, be careful. It’s best if you don’t let anyone know that you did it. Understand?”

Snowy glanced at the surroundings, and then she nodded. After that, she started waving her little claws about and was about to start sucking the spirit energy here. Suddenly, Snowy’s eyes opened wide, and then she gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye had astonishment all over his face as well, “You’ve started?”

Snowy hurriedly shook her head.

Yang Ye was even more astounded, “What the heck?!”

It was because the spirit energy in the surroundings was vanishing rapidly, and it wasn’t Snowy who did it. Snowy hadn’t even started!

Suddenly, a woman in a white dress appeared in front of them.

It was the god race’s strategist!

She said, “Are you surprised?”

Yang Ye replied, “You took action so quickly!”

She shook her head slightly, “It’s not my god race’s doing!”

“What?!” Yang Ye was stunned.

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