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Chapter 249:

Chapter 249:

“We’re here again!”

Ga ga ga! I’m a self-detonating expert!”

In terms of self-destruction, I’ve never been afraid of anyone!”

The sixty-odd self-destructing players who had just resurrected rushed over in unison and once again activating their technique, pouncing towards the rightmost wall of Thousandleaf City.

Almost at the same time, the army of fifteen thousand Vegetable Fruit people behind them immediately formed a diagonal formation and rushed.

Even a monkey could understand this familiar scene.

This was to repeat what had just happened on the leftmost wall of Thousandleaf City.

However, the City Lord of Thousandleaf City, Leopard Jilu, had yet to attack.

In order to block the collapsed defense line on the left side, the four thousand warriors of the other three city gates had already moved, pressing down on the leftmost city wall.

Almost all the Foundation Establishment experts were pulled to the left.

In the end, not only did these Foundation Establishment experts not quickly destroy the enemy, instead, they were suppressed by the enemy.

“Xiao Li Throwing Knife! Die!” An early Foundation Establishment expert of the Blood Wolf Race, after a fierce battle, was pierced through the throat by a lightning flying knife and died on the spot.

“Five consecutive strikes of the Giant Wood Technique Palm!” Empreror Ye Tian waved his palm and landed, killing an early Foundation Establishment expert of the Four-Eyed race!

“Ah, hold the grass!” There were people like the Chen Beixuan who stabbed a Thousandleaf City Foundation Establishment expert to death, but in the end, the other party’s final counterattack killed them as well.

Most of the Foundation Establishment experts of Thousandleaf City joined forces to block the advancing Hundred People Gundam and prevent it from slaughtering the ordinary soldiers of Thousandleaf City.

Overall, the Foundation Establishment experts of Thousandleaf City were still at a disadvantage.

This was because nearly a hundred Foundation Establishment experts among the vegetables and fruits began to support the players. Although their individual strength was inferior to that of Thousandleaf City’s side, they used the tactic of fighting more than one.

Leopard Jilu, the City Lord of Thousandleaf City, knew that if he didn’t make a move, Thousandleaf City would be finished.

The left was at a disadvantage.

If the city wall on the far right were to be broken through, and the 15,000 vegetable and fruit soldiers charged, without a Foundation Establishment cultivator in charge, the enemy would definitely break through the defense line and charge straight in.

Once an ordinary soldier’s battle formation collapsed, the Foundation Establishment experts of Thousandleaf City would be surrounded on the ground and on the sky.

A Foundation Establishment expert from Thousandleaf City might be able to endure the attacks of two or three other Foundation Establishment experts.

But what if they were surrounded by a few hundred and a thousand Spirit Vein warrior?

“Warriors of Thousandleaf City!

“Hold on, as long as you can withstand the left border! On the right…

“This City Lord alone is enough!”

Leopard Jilu, the City Lord of Thousandleaf City, leaped into the air and pounced to the right.

“Hold the grass, Sea Wheel Realm?”

“What the! Let’s self-destruct and kill him!”

“That’s right, the Sea Wheel Realm will be killed as well!”

When the sixty-odd players saw the City Lord of Thousandleaf City, Leopard Jilu, rushing over, they became excited.

This was the first time that players had encountered a humanoid Sea Wheel boss.

And it seemed like the other party was the City Lord.

If they could kill it, then there would definitely be a huge reward.

Perhaps it was over a hundred thousand contribution points. What about the status of a deacon and the Bloodline of the Female Fire Dragon?

“I’ll go first! Ice Fire Red Lotus!” Without a word, a player rushed in front of Leopard Jilu and was about to self-destruct.


Leopard Jilu moved in the air and penetrated the player’s body.

“???” This player was stunned and discovered that he didn’t explode?

Lowering his head, he discovered that his body had become four or five pieces.

Too fast!

He couldn’t see what happened!

“All of you must die!!!” Leopard Jilu roared, raising his left hand and grabbing at the void.


Four or five players let out a miserable shriek. Their bodies were crushed into pieces and they fell to the ground.

“Surround him, explode!”

Many players had learned to be smart. After getting close to Leopard Jilu, more than ten players self-destructed at the same time!

Boom boom boom!

Explosions filled the sky, directly engulfing Leopard Jilu’s figure.

“Did they blow up the boss?” The rest of the players looked over curiously.

However, after the impact of the explosion dispersed, Leopard Jilu raised his arms and was unharmed.

“This boss is so… powerful? Poof!” Before a player could finish his words, Leopard Jilu flashed past and slashed his body into three.

The remaining players struggled for less than ten breaths before they were all killed.

From start to finish, not even a single hair of Leopard Jilu was injured.

“Hold the grass, the Sea Wheel Realm is so awesome?” Brother Pig Wolong was stunned when he saw Leopard Jilu’s strength on the live broadcast interface.

“Great God, what should we do now?” Illusion hurriedly asked.

“Have the backup players rush up and stall him. Even if they die, we’ll stall him! He must not kill Bro Noodles! As soon as Brother Noodles dies, our morale will collapse!” Brother Pig Wolong hurriedly shouted.

“Is that super large mushroom man you? If I kill you, this army will lose its threat!” Leopard Jilu turned his gaze and locked onto Beef Noodles.

Leopard Jilu swept his gaze around and did not find any human Sea Wheel Realm experts.

However, he did not hesitate and directly pounced on Beef Noodles.

Leopard Jilu had been observing the battle the entire time, not just watching the show.

Leopard Jilu had already discovered that this giant mushroom man had been issuing orders. Additionally, it seemed that this mushroom man was the general of the 30 thousand vegetable and fruit people.

After killing this mushroom man, the morale of these vegetable and fruit people would collapse.

At that time, he could slowly deal with those humans.

Up until now, Leopard Jilu had not discovered the aura of a human at the Sea Wheel realm, not even a half-step Sea Wheel Realm.

No matter how many Foundation Establishment experts there were, they would still be trash.

“Protect Lord Mushroom Noodles!!!” When they saw Leopard Jilu rushing over, many Vegetable Fruit Man warriors stepped forward.

Bang bang bang!

However, Leopard Jilu pushed his way over and even lazily attacked. He relied on his speed and invincible body to directly crush all the people blocking his way.

“You want to touch Big Bro?”

“What are you thinking of eating!”

“Eat my sword!”

At this moment, more than a dozen players appeared and attacked Leopard Jilu.

The mission of these players was to stall Leopard Jilu.

“Leopard Pattern Six-Dao Strike!!!” Leopard Jilu, on the other hand, manifested an orange claw.

Following that, Leopard Jilu used a single move, transforming it to a dozen orange flying claws, instantly piercing through the bodies of these dozen players.

The dozen or so players joined forces and didn’t even delayed half a breath.

“You’re dead!” Leopard Jilu pounced on Beef Noodles and whispered coldly.

“Hahaha, good for you! Flying Sword Ling Shuang, kill!” However, Beef Noodles had a card up his sleeves.


In the next moment, Ling Shuang, which was buried underground like a trap, broke out of the ground and pounced on Leopard Jilu.


However, Leopard Jilu didn’t even glance at it. He waved his claw and sent Ling Shuang flying.

“Hold the grass!!!” The beef noodle man was dumbfounded!

How could it be that abnormal!

“Haha, it looks like there are no human Sea Wheel Realm experts lying in ambush. That mushroom man is gone!” Leopard Jilu rushed a few meters in front of Beef Noodles in the blink of an eye. He waved his huge claws and was about to finish Beef Noodles.

“Hold the grass!” Beef Noodles were stunned and even forgot to dodge.

“You, what do you want from my brother?”

However, just as Leopard Jilu was about to kill Beef Noodles, a fist broke through the air and struck Leopard Jilu’s face.


For the first time, Leopard Jilu was sent flying by a single punch. He even spat a mouthful of blood, sending his teeth flying.

“Who is it?” Leopard Jilu turned around and landed on the ground. His face froze.

A figure with a straw hat on his back and a huge cross-shaped wound on his chest stood in front of Leopard Jilu.

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