All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 248:

Chapter 248:

When they heard the order Number One, nearly a hundred players who hadn’t made a move all took a step forward.

It was the players from the three gates.

At this moment, First Iceman, Strongest Fire Spell, and Thousand Hand Pillar weren’t there.

Therefore, for the first time, the players from the three gates could try the ultimate technique they had always wanted to try.

“Where is the Wood Escape Corps?”


More than thirty players from Woodleaf Village joined forces. In the blink of an eye, a seventy-meter tall wooden giant suddenly appeared.

Since Thousand Hand Pillar was no longer leading the team, and only a third of the players from the Woodleaf Village had arrived, this Wood Throne Giant was naturally much weaker.

In fact, it didn’t even have the strength to create a large wooden sword!

However, right at this moment.

“Where are the Myriad Frost Sky Palace’s players?”


More than thirty Myriad Frost Sky Palace players took a single step forward. When they joined hands, a seventy-meter-long greatsword of ice floated in the air and was grabbed by the wooden giant.

“Where is the Flame Burst Dragon God Sect?”


The thirty plus players who had already changed their names from the Five Firebale to the Flame Burst Dragon God Sect joined forces!

In the next moment, a huge flame dragon head with a diameter of more than twenty meters appeared on the wooden giant’s shoulder without a sword.

One hundred players joined forces and gathered the power of the Ice, Fire, and Wood. Finally, they successfully created the first invincible existence.

The only existence that could condense three types of power.


Hundred People Gundam!

A total of a hundred players joined forces to create it, so they named it Hundred People Gundam

“Colored Gundam!” At this moment, the players from the three great gates took a step forward in unison, and they joined hands to execute Colored Arm.

The pitch-black color instantly covered the entire wooden giant, and even the greatsword of ice.

“What kind of thing is this?” Even Leopard Jilu had never seen such a thing in his entire life.

What the hell was this?

A secret human weapon?

Were human cultivators that powerful now?

Hundred People Gundam slightly bent his knees and then used his strength to leap into the air. With one step, he crossed a thousand meters and instantly rushed to the front of the city wall.

“Kill it!!!” The hundreds of Foundation Establishment experts who had just arrived immediately joined forces to launch an attack!

Boom boom boom!

The attacks that filled the sky smashed into its body, and many of them even directly pierced through his defense, leaving holes in its body.


It was completely useless.

The gundam was not a creature.

After being pierced through, he didn’t care!

At this moment, it waved his huge, seventy-meter-long ice sword, sweeping across.


Puff! Puff!

Boom boom boom!

The seventy meter long ice sword swept past, turning the hundreds of warriors on the city walls into meat paste!

In fact, more than a dozen Foundation Establishment experts had not been able to dodge and had been chopped into pieces.

What low-grade middle-grade defensive spirit treasure, what defensive barrier, they were all useless!

Seventy meters of ice and armed double swords swept past, all of them dealing 999 fatal damage.

But an even more terrifying scene happened again.


The flame dragon head suddenly opened its mouth and spat huge fireballs.

Boom boom boom!

The fireballs continued to bombard the city walls like cannonballs.

Hundreds and thousands of soldiers of the Hundred Races died miserably. They were blasted into pieces by the fireballs or burned to ashes by the flames.

This Fire Dragon Head did not care about Foundation Establishment experts at all, because the fireball could at most injure Foundation Establishment experts, so they were very difficult to kill.

That was why they were simply left brainless.

“Quick, destroy this golem!”

“If we don’t destroy this golem, the soldiers will be wiped out!”

“Join forces and kill it at all costs!”

The other Foundation Establishment experts of Thousandleaf City panicked, so they attacked one after another. They didn’t even hesitate to burn their essence blood and madly bombarded Hundred People Gundam.

Naturally, it also launched a counterattack with his greatsword of ice. Unfortunately, most of the Foundation Establishment experts in Thousandleaf City had predicted ahead of time and chose to dodge.

Every time he swung his sword, he could kill at most one or two.

In less than ten breaths, the Gundam was smashed into pieces by countless attacks, slowly collapsing.

Thousandleaf City’s Foundation Establishment experts had also consumed a great deal of energy, and had lost more than a dozen.

“Fortunately, this terrifying battle puppet was finally killed!” Thousandleaf City’s Foundation Establishment experts let out a long breath.

However, right at this moment.

Boom boom boom!

The second Hundred People Gundam slowly appeared. It took deep steps and once again pressed down step by step.

Thousandleaf City’s Foundation Establishment experts: ???

” City Lord, please help!” Many Foundation Establishment experts in Thousandleaf City looked at the City Lord, Leopard Jilu.

“Support? Hehe!” Leopard Jilu sneered.

Before the human side of the Sea Wheel Realm had appeared, how could he allow the City Lord to do something?

Not to mention whether these sinister humans had any traps or ambushes.

Even if they didn’t, the City Lord had exhausted too much energy after killing that golem. Once the human Sea Wheel Realm appeared, the City Lord’s condition wasn’t at his peak. What was he going to do with him?

“Everyone in Thousandleaf City, hold on! Those damned humans can’t create a third golem like this!” Leopard Jilu spoke lightly and encouraged them loudly.

“The City Lord is right! Don’t be afraid!”


“The humans have already used up all their tricks. It’s time for us to counterattack!”

Many soldiers of Thousandleaf City immediately responded to Leopard Jilu’s words.

At this moment, the Vegetable Fruit people’s army finally arrived before the city wall.

“Haha, we can’t defeat those humans. Can’t we kill these trash vegetable and fruit people?” The soldiers of Thousandleaf City sneered disdainfully and used an extremely careless attitude to fight against the First Army of the Vegetable Fruit people.

“Colored Arm, attack!!!” However, the 100 vegetable fruit people who were the vanguards stomped heavily in unison, and their fists were wrapped in Colored Arm. They charged forward and brandished their fists in unison!

Pu pu pu!

The hundred soldiers in the front row of Thousand Leaf City instantly vomited blood and flew back. Their chests collapsed, their armor shattered, and their internal organs shattered.

Half of them died before they even landed.

Thousandleaf City soldiers: ???

Was this a trashy vegetable and fruit people?

Why were all of them so fucking awesome?

“First row back. Second row, Colored Arm, attack!!!” Banana gave the order/

The first row of fruit people started to retreat.

The second row of vegetable fruit people activated their armed attacks and directly charged in. Another group of Thousandleaf City soldiers fell.

Just like that, the Vegetable Fruit people army continued to follow the path. Rows of Vegetable Fruit people rushed forward like a tide.

The tactics were extremely simple, only attacking, advancing, attacking, advancing.

Nothing else.

Even the attack method was simple. It was only an armed fist.

However, this was the ultimate simplicity. On the battlefield, it erupted with an invincible aura.

Every time a vegetable cultivator charged in, they would be killed if they failed to retreat in time.

There was going to be a replacement soon.

In just a short amount of time, the defense formation on the left side of Thousandleaf City began to collapse.

“Damn it!” Jilu, the City Lord of Thousandleaf City, has a dark expression.

Was he really going to make a move?

At this moment!

“It’s time. Number two, start!” Brother Pig Wolong ordered again.

The scene that made Leopard Jilu gasp suddenly happened!

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