All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 247:

Chapter 247:

The next moment, the other players turned into a line and rushed towards the city wall through the exploding dust.

‘Machine, attack with all your strength!!!” Leopard Jilu’s expression changed as he quickly ordered!

The ten traps quickly started shooting, and the ten imprints continuously shot over.

However, every time the imprint closed in, the players would charge up one by one and activate the Ice-Fire Lotus Explosion. They would use self-destruction to forcefully break through the imprint.

In just a few short breaths.

Although half of the players died, the rest of the players managed to reach the city wall.

‘So what if they rush over? More than thirty Spirit Vein ants!” Leopard Jilu sneered.

What was the use of such a small amount of trash rushing over?

Six thousand elite soldiers were stationed on the east gate!

Thirty against six thousand, what do you want?

“I choose here!”

“Then I’ll choose here!”

“Hahaha, this is mine!”

However, these 30 players instantly dispersed and did not attack the defending troops on the city wall.

Instead, they rushed towards the machine tools and heavy crossbows.

“Not good!!!” Leopard Jilu suddenly understood and quickly gave the order.

“Quick, stop them!”

It was a pity that it was still the same!

“I’m coming!” One player, half flame and half ice, rushed into a dozen crossbows.


With a boom, dozens of soldiers guarding the city, along with dozens of crossbows, were directly blown to pieces!

Boom boom boom!

The self-destructing sounds of the remaining 30 players continued, destroying all 10 mechanical weapons and most of the heavy crossbows.

Even the city wall collapsed, exposing a ten meter gap.

The enemy could be expelled from the gap.

“Damn humans!!!” Leopard Jilu was both shocked and angry!

Leopard Jilu never expected that the enemy’s initial target would be these defensive weapons.

Without these defensive equipment, the leftmost city wall had lost its defensive ability.

“Inclined formation, Snake Transformation Formation!!!” All the players listened to the order and followed the opening on the left. “One word…”

“Go!” Brother Pig Wolong slammed the table and shouted!

In the next moment, five large squares of vegetables and fruits, fifteen thousand people, directly turned into a snake formation from the diagonal formation. They did not touch the other four city walls of the east city gate at all!

Instead, there was an endless stream of people rushing towards the opening on the left.

Almost at the same time, the player army appeared on the left, standing at the front of the Vegetable Fruit people army.

“The siege battle officially began! Little brothers, let me lead you!” A player standing at the front shouted excitedly…

ID: Cold Water!

“Follow the humans, kill!!!” All the Vegetable Fruit people saw what just happened.

More than sixty human compatriots, each of them fearless of death, even using their own bodies to self-destruct, only then did they create a path for the Vegetable Fruit Army.

Too brave!

Too hot-blooded!

It was too admirable!

Lord Mushroom Noodles was right!

These humans who could dance the aura of the sand mink were their closest compatriots!

“Kill!” The army of three thousand Vegetable Fruit people rushed forward.

“A bunch of trash wants to attack Thousandleaf City?” At this moment, the thirty or so Foundation Establishment Realm powerhouses who had rushed over quickly stood in front of him in the air.


Almost at the same time, more than ten players also stepped forward and stood in front of these Foundation Establishment Realm powerhouses.

“Finally, it’s time for me, Chen Beixuan, to show my might!”

“I’ll let you guys experience it immediately!”

“Xiao Li’s throwing knife ammunition is full!”

“Have a taste of my combat mage Gandalf’s ice stick double stick!”

“I, Haribo’s Especially Big, have upgraded to a new level. I won’t be able to shoot you guys to death. I’m going to the shit pool butterfly!”

“Do you see it? Do you see the building-like Soul Cutter Blade in my hand? Are you afraid?”


The dozen or so players were each more handsome than before.

“A bunch of spiritual vein-level ants!!!” The Foundation Establishment Realm experts in Thousand Leaves City almost had their noses crooked.

A group of Spirit Vein, pretending to be the same as the experts of the Sea Wheel Realm. What are you pulling!

One word, fight!

The two sides clashed in mid-air and started fighting!

“Hehe…” Leopard Jilu sneered.

He had made a mistake.

So what?

Indeed, the enemy’s formation turned into a snake and only attacked from the leftmost side of the city wall where the defense was broken!

But so what?

A bunch of trash and vegetable people and fruit people, could they still fight against the ten thousand elite warriors of Thousandleaf City?


“All Foundation Establishment powerhouses, support the left side! Kill!”

With a wave of his hand, more than a hundred Foundation Establishment powerhouses rushed to the left like a tide!

Once so many Foundation Establishment powerhouses joined the battle, they would only need to join hands to attack…

They could kill thousands of vegetables and fruits!

A bunch of ants, you guys……

What was he going to fight against Thousandleaf City?

But at this moment…

“It’s noon!”

“Number 1, activate!!!” Brother Pig Wolong suddenly spoke!

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