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Chapter 250:

Chapter 250:

“Early Foundation Establishment?” Leopard Jilu was stunned, as if he didn’t believe Wang Lufei’s cultivation.

Leopard Jilu didn’t think too much about it. With a heavy step, he pounced towards Beef Noodles at a faster speed than before.

By the time Beef Noodles reacted, Leopard Jilu’s claws were almost touching his face.

“Does this boss know how to teleport? His speed is so fast that I can’t even follow!” Beef Noodles couldn’t help but curse in his mind.

Although his brain reacted, unfortunately, his body couldn’t react quickly.

But right at this moment…


Wang Lufei appeared almost at the same time. He hit Leopard Jilu’s waist again and sent Leopard Jilu flying.

“?” Leopard Jilu was stunned. After landing, he locked onto Wang Lufei.

Early Foundation Establishment!

It was true that he was at the early Foundation Establishment Realm.

How did he keep up with my speed?

Leopard Jilu knew that he had inherited the bloodline of his ancestor, the Swift Leopard.

He was best at speed.

In the battle just now, whether it was the humans or the vegetable and fruit people, none of them were able to keep up with his speed. In fact, none of them could even see him.

However, not only did this early Foundation Establishment human see him, he even caught up to his speed.

Damn it!

“Who are you?” Leopard Jilu spoke slowly.

“Wang Lufei!” Wang Lufei spoke slowly.

“You successfully infuriated me, I’ll kill you first!” Leopard Jilu stopped talking and rushed to Wang Lufei with a heavy step.

With a raise of his hand, there were three strikes.

Boom boom boom!

However, Wang Lufei didn’t even bother to turn his eyes away. He raised his hand and punched three times, repelling all three strikes.

“?” Leopard Jilu was shocked!

This Wang Lufei in front of him didn’t rely on his eyes to catch his movements.

It was sensed by some sort of power.

“I underestimated you!” Leopard Jilu spoke slowly and glanced at Wang Lufei.

He didn’t wear any spirit artifacts.

There weren’t any runes, flying swords, or medicinal pills.

It was completely different from the sinister and cunning human cultivators who fought with endless trump cards in their hands.

This Wang Lufei was like a child.

Pure, direct, without any schemes.

A child who was going head-on.

“If you are willing to submit to me, I can not kill you and take you as Vice City Lord! This is an exception that had never been made in the history of the Hundred Races!” Leopard Jilu slowly opened his mouth and extended an invitation.

“I, Wang Lufei, only listen to one person!” Wang Lufei opened his mouth and said firmly.

“That’s Brother Ming who gave me life and everything! You? What the hell!” Wang Lufei rejected the invitation from Jiru.

“Very well, then you can die!” Leopard Jilu sneered.

If you refuse a toast, then go to hell!

Did he really think that a mere early Foundation Establishment Realm would be able to defeat me?

Boom boom boom!

Leopard Jilu no longer held back. The powerful aura of the Sea Wheel Realm erupted, and the terrifying power tore through the surrounding ground.

Crack, crack, crack!

Wang Lufei didn’t say a word. He looked at the cracked ground and the powerful aura made the surrounding vegetable and fruit people retreat.

In terms of aura, Leopard Jilu’s aura was over 100 times stronger than Wang Lufei’s.

“Hold the grass, Brother Lufei, you want to fight a Sea Wheel boss?”

“Hold the grass! This boss is invincible!”

“The sixty of us couldn’t even injure a hair on his head. Brother Lufei, how can you win?”

“I’ve seen this episode before. Brother Lufei is going to have another gear and then finish it.”

“Damn, I just hate the way you like to tell the truth.”

“Hold the grass, if you two want to fight, go aways!”

At this moment, the three players were resurrected and hurried over from the Spirit War Chariot. When they saw this scene, they were all stunned. Immediately, they watched the show with great skill.

In any case, there was no need for them to go.

They might as well take out Deep Sea King’s kebabs and a cup of True Dragon Wine to watch a wonderful drama.

Beef Noodles also knew that he would be a burden if he stayed behind, so he could only retreat to a safe distance.

“If Brother Lufei loses, Brother Noodles will die! Once Brother Noodles dies, we will definitely lose this battle!” Brother Pig Wolong said.

The power of the Sea Wheel Realm was completely beyond Brother Pig Wolong’s imagination.

Even if Thousandleaf City was breached and taken down.

This Sea Wheel Leopard Jilu could kill 30,000 vegetable and fruit people and all the players alone.

The Sea Wheel Realm was just that terrifying.

“Realm suppression is absolute! The current me can kill you with a single strike!” Leopard Jilu said contemptuously.

At the early Foundation Establishment stage, he still wanted to fight against me, who was at the mid Sea Whel Realm?

It’s impossible!

“In Thousandleaf City, I was defeated by a Sea Wheel expert called Mu Zha!” Wang Lufei suddenly spoke.

“Mu Zha?” Leopard Jilu was taken aback. Naturally, he knew who that was.

Thus, he felt even more disdainful.

Mu Zha was indeed a genius. In the future, he might be able to surpass me. But right now, even if the three of them joined forces, they were no match for me. The Wang Lufei in front of me couldn’t even defeat him, so he couldn’t possibly be my opponent!

“At that time, I knew!

“I can’t do this!

“I still can’t do this! I couldn’t defeat you!” Wang Lufei said one word at a time.

“Haha, you know your place very well. So, are you going to change your mind and surrender?” Leopard Jilu laughed contemptuously.

Haha, after seeing the absolute difference in strength, did he choose to submit?

Leopard Jilu was completely surprised.

However, Wang Lufei assumed a stance.

His legs split apart, his hands above his knees.

First, a blood-colored mist slowly rose up. Within the mist, it was as if flames were burning.

Then came the green mist. Within the mist, there was a towering tree standing upside down.

Then, it was a golden mist. Within the mist, there was a faint golden armor.

Finally, it was a white mist. There seemed to be lightning surging within the mist.

“Hmm?” Leopard Jilu was stunned. He didn’t see what was going on.

“You can’t keep up with my speed anymore. All of my supreme techniques have evolved again!” Wang Lufei slowly muttered to himself.

“Enter, True Second Gear!”


In an instant, an earth-shattering terrifying aura erupted.

It was an indescribable pressure that exploded from Wang Lufei’s body and disappeared quickly!

Leopard Jilu’s heart stopped for a moment.

Although it quickly returned to normal.

“What did this guy do?” Leopard Jilu could not understand!


On the surface of Wang Lufei’s body, the black color filled his entire body.

Next, Wang Lufei’s cultivation base increased like a rocket!.

From the early Foundation Establishment Realm to the middle Foundation Establishment Realm to the late Foundation Establishment Realm, he broke through the half-step Sea of Reincarnation with a single breath!

Four minor rank increases in succession.

Leopard Jilu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

What secret technique was this?

“Hold the grass, brother Lu Fei has a Second Gear?”

“Second Gear version 2.0?”

“What did Brother Lu Fei do?”

The surrounding spectators were all dumbfounded.

In the next moment, Wang Lufei put on a stance.

“???” Leopard Jilu couldn’t understand what Wang Lufei was thinking.

“Rubber… JET Spear!!!” Wang Lufei punch. Under the shocked gaze of Leopard Jilu, Wang Lufei’s arm instantly extended several meters.

And then…

A punch hit Leopard Jilu’s chest!


Leopard Jilu spat a mouthful of blood and was sent flying dozens of meters away.

Leopard Jilu: “???”

Onlookers: “???”

Vegetable and Fruit People: “???”

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