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Chapter 241:

Chapter 241:

He Yiming picked up the storage pouch of the first Sea Wheel Realm expert he had killed.

Eye piercing!

“Hmm? What a powerful restriction…” He Yiming turned his cultivation and realized that he couldn’t break it in an instant.

The gap between the Sea Wheel Realm and the Foundation Establishment Realm was indeed huge.


Dragon Flame!!! He Yiming’s palm was filled with the power of dragon flames as he exerted force.


The restrictions on the storage pouch were instantly burned to nothing.

“The dragon clan’s dragon flame power is indeed a heavenly restriction…” He Yiming secretly praised.

“After we return to the sect, I’ll have to spend some time studying and mastering the power of the Fire Dragon bloodline! This will definitely become one of my great trump cards!” He Yiming thought to himself and opened his storage pouch with a shake of his hand.

“Hold the grass!” After opening his storage pouch, He Yiming was shocked.

This storage pouch had a large space and was filled with good stuff.

First, there were all sorts of spirit herbs and materials. There were more than two thousand of them, more than enough for a hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Most importantly, there were seven stalks of Sea Essence Flower inside!

This was a top grade spirit herb among the fourth grade. More importantly, this was one of the main spirit materials for refining the Earth Sea Pill!

With these seven Sea Essence Flowers, He Yiming only needed to gather other spiritual materials to refine the Earth Sea Pill!

One Earth-Sea Pill could give birth to a Sea Wheel player.

However, even the most common low-grade Earth Sea Pills required more than eighty types of spirit herbs and spirit materials. He Yiming recalled that it was at least half of what he needed.

No rush.

He Yiming put away the Sea Essence Flower and continued to look.

There were more than two hundred pills, and there were five mid-grade Foundation Establishment Pills! Evidently, he had obtained it from a human alchemist.

Apart from that, there are also three top-grade spirit weapons and more than ten high-grade holy weapons.

Unfortunately, there was no flying sword.

Furthermore, there were over thirty black special spirit tools, sealing tools!

“This is the seal recorded in the library?” He Yiming picked up a seal and felt uncomfortable when his fingertips touched it.

If the sealing tool were to enter one’s meridians, it would be able to block the circulation of one’s cultivation base and qi and blood, leaving cultivators powerless to resist!


“Does this forbidden weapon have any effect on the current me?” He Yiming thought to himself, so he relaxed his left hand and removed the protective power. With a force from his right hand, he thrust the black needle-like sealing device into his left arm’s meridians.

As expected, He Yiming immediately felt his left arm go limp. Not only was he unable to use his strength, his cultivation couldn’t be activated.


Soon, He Yiming discovered that the surface of the sealing device that had pierced into his meridians was slowly covered by green lines, making the effect of the sealing device weaker and weaker. In less than a few breaths, was gone.

His left hand had regained its strength.

“Is it the power of life?” He Yiming was a little surprised.

This forbidden weapon was one of the nemesis of cultivators.

Unexpectedly, it was practically useless to him. Even if he was unconscious, he would be able to automatically block the power of the barrier!

He Yiming wiped away the green lines on the sealing tool and restored its effects.

And then…

“Dragon Flame!” He Yiming said in a low voice. On his left arm, the dragon flames began to burn. In the time it took to breathe, the seal was directly burned to ashes.

“That’s right! It seemed that this forbidden weapon is useless against me. I had at least two ways to deal with it!” He Yiming nodded his head in satisfaction.

He Yiming put away the more than thirty sealing weapons. After refining them, although they were of little use to demon beasts, after all, with a body that was the size of a demon beast, it was meaningless to hit four or five sealing weapons.

However, dealing with small outsiders or human cultivators was extremely useful.

“More than seventy thousand spirit stones…” He Yiming continued to check, only to find more than seventy thousand spirit stones.

“I’m afraid the origin of the Four-Eyed race that I killed first isn’t simple!” He Yiming’s expression flickered as he continued to examine the black jade slip.

He Yiming failed to crack it.

Activating the dragon flame was effective, but it was extremely slow.

“What a powerful restriction!” He Yiming was shocked.

This was definitely not a restriction placed by the Sea Wheel Realm! It was at least a half-step Heavenly Pill rank restriction.

If it weren’t for the power of dragon flames, he probably wouldn’t have been able to break it in a few years.

“This black jade slip must contain the secrets of the four great clans! For the time being, I’ll slowly crack it!” He Yiming is not in a hurry.

He Yiming quickly picked up the other Sea Wheel Realm bags of holding, opened them one by one, and began to scan them.

Most of the collections in the Sea of Reincarnation Realm were far inferior to this eye-catching collection. In fact, they were less than half!

It took him a while to break through Tong He and Wolf Fang’s storage pouches, but he still managed to break through them.

“Hmm? Tong He and Wolf Fang were so poor? Not even a low-grade earth weapon?” He Yiming checked it and was speechless.

Although the two peak Sea Wheel Realm and the two main city masters relied mainly on their bloodline power, they did not even have a low-grade earth weapon in their storage pouches?

He Yiming suddenly understood why the four great clans had made a desperate attempt to carry out their plan.

There were so many Sea Realm cultivators, yet they didn’t even have a low-grade earth weapon! Such a poor boss was no different from a beggar! If it was him, he would have considered going out to snatch a wave of heaven defying treasures.

“The Hundred Races should be extremely empty right now. I’ll first recover and deal with this Female Fire Dragon before finding Ling Tianyu!

“Next, spend some time and slowly gather information!

“Then, according to the information, slowly think about how to fight the Hundred Races! Yes, it might take a few months or more…” He Yiming thought to himself, so he began to sort out all sorts of gains. At the same time, he would erase the brand of the spirit tools he had obtained and sell them to the players at the exchange shop.

“Although the high-grade combat strength of the four great clans isn’t here, the remaining six great cities aren’t able to shake them! The surrounding strongholds, main roads, and villages were guarded by hundreds and thousands of soldiers!

“It’s too difficult to break through the Hundred Races!” He Yiming thought to himself and closed his eyes to rest.

At the same time…

Four Eyed City.

“What did you say? Not a single one of the more than a thousand crusaders returned? This is impossible! There are ten Foundation Establishment experts leading the team!” The City Lord of Four-Eyed City’s eyes roared as he slapped the table, his expression changing drastically.

In the beginning, the City Lord of Four-Eyed City focused his attention on investigating the human spy…

But all of a sudden, he received news that the vegetables and fruits were artificial?

The City Lord of Four-Eyed City felt ridiculous at that time!

In the past few hundred years, not even a single Foundation Establishment powerhouse had appeared. How could a weak vegetable and fruit man have the courage to rebel?

Therefore, he did not respond at all.

But in just half a day.

He received the report.

The vegetable and fruit people constantly joined forces with their oppressed compatriots in the villages. The number of them increased rapidly. There were already hundreds of villages, strongholdsolds, and main roads that had been breached.

The death toll of the four great clans had exceeded several hundred. In fact, three foundational level powerhouses had perished!

Only then did he sense that something was wrong. Hence, he hurriedly sent out a group of crusaders!

A late-stage Foundation Establishment stage FourEeyed Race expert, ten Foundation Establishment stage experts, and one thousand Four-Eyed Race elite warriors!

An elite warrior of the Spirit Vein of the Four-Eyed race could easily kill more than ten vegetable and fruit people of the same level.

From his perspective, this wave was definitely stable.

However, in less than two hours.

He received a report that the crusading army had lost contact. After waiting for a few hours, no one returned.

“Report!” At this moment, a four-eyed race liaison ran in in fear.

“Speak!” His face darkened and he suddenly shouted!

“The crusading army has been wiped out! More than a thousand people died, the bodies have been found!” The liaison answered in horror.

“What?” Howl, the city lord, was shocked.

Vegetable and fruit people, how could they be so strong?

A bunch of trash-like slaves, how could they exterminate all of them?

Could it be that there was a mastermind behind this?

Yes, it must be like this!

“Hmph, don’t panic! Tong He and Wolf Fang led the elites of the four clans to kill the Female Fire Dragon!

“The Female Fire Dragon has fallen into the formation and is completely trapped. There is no way for her to break free!

“What’s more, the two City Lords have brought a total of seven ancestral weapons. These are all the remnants of the Hundred Races! That damn Female Fire Dragon is definitely dead!

“After killing that Female Fire Dragon, the elites of our four great clans will return, and we can easily kill these stupid rebel vegetable and fruit people!”

The high-ranking members of the Four-Eyed Clan let out a sigh of relief.


No matter how many vegetables and fruits everyone had, what was the use?

Once the two City Lords returned, even a million vegetable and fruit people could be easily killed by the three pinnacle of the Sea Wheel Realm.

But at this moment.

“Lord City Lord, this is bad!” A four-eyed race ran in in panic.

“What are you panicking about?” Howl hissed in disdain.

What are you panicking about!

Could it be that those trashy vegetable and fruit people dared to attack Four-Eyed City?

“More than a million vegetable and fruit people have formed a huge military formation and are heading towards Four-Eyed City! The 19 strongholds and sentry towers were all killed!” The Four-Eyed race reported in horror.

“What did you say?”

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