All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 240:

Chapter 240:

“?” He Yiming was stunned.

The Female Fire Dragon… No, it should be said that the Female Fire Dragon… Big Sister, a blood arrow suddenly spurted out from her abdomen.

Following that, dozens of wounds appeared on Big Sis Flame’s body. Large amounts of blood sprayed out continuously.

Big Sister Flame’s aura instantly weakened.

“The power of the Azure Emperor’s body has disappeared? Did the wound that had been forcefully suppressed flare up?” He Yiming’s expression changed.

Within a short period of time after the contract was signed, both parties would share their talents and abilities with each other in one breath. Moreover, it would be an explosive activation!

As a result, He Yiming immediately transformed into a dragonborn. He controlled the power of the Female Fire Dragon bloodline that far surpassed the Sea Wheel Realm and could even rival the Heavenly Pill Realm.

On the other hand, the Female Fire Dragon had obtained the healing power of He Yiming’s Immortal Body. In an instant, she seemed to be revived.

However, this effect was not normal, but was temporarily given when the companion contract was signed!

Time passed!

The dragon form on He Yiming’s body instantly disappeared. Similarly, the healing power of the Female Fire Dragon would also disappear.

The injuries that had been suppressed and disappeared before would reappear.

But the companion contract had indeed been successfully signed.

Therefore, He Yiming’s body did indeed possess the power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline. As he gradually mastered and activated it, he would definitely become a dragonborn again one day.

The healing power brought by Azure Emperor Immortal Body was still there!

But it had returned to its normal level!

“Help me!” Big Sister Flame suddenly spoke.

“Then don’t bite me!” He Yiming didn’t know why he would say such a thing.

Taking a deep breath, He Yiming walked to Big Sister Flame’s side. He circulated his pseudo-spirit power to heal Big Sister Flame’s wounds.

Under the companion contract, if the Female Fire Dragon died, He Yiming would be seriously injured and even his foundation would be damaged. In serious cases, he might die.

Therefore, He Yiming didn’t hesitate at all.

It was all thanks to the human form.

He Yiming quickly healed a wound and stopped the bleeding. He then began to heal the next wound.

He Yiming would have to treat this wound for a few months if he was to recover to a giant dragon. He wouldn’t be able to cure her even if he was exhausted!

“Comfortable…” Big Sister Flame closed her eyes, feeling the exuberant vitality flowing through her entire body.

Especially where He Yiming gently stroked his hands, the aura of life continuously spread.

It was cold, gentle, and comfortable.

This was a feeling that the Female Fire Dragon had never felt before, but after only experiencing it once, she was completely intoxicated.

“This… This size… could humans have this size?” Although He Yiming was healing, he couldn’t help but take a look at the wrong place.

Too exaggerated.

That was the size that could suffocate him.

However, He Yiming wasn’t the type of person who would go crazy. He quickly calmed down.

“This one is He Yiming!”


Cough, cough, cough, I say, aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

“I’m hungry….”


He Yiming was speechless.

This adorable new dragon girl, can’t you have human conversation?

He Yiming let out a long sigh after he had healed the beauty’s injuries.

The power of his newly recovered cultivation was almost exhausted again!

“It’s not too safe here! The four great clans… Perhaps more experts would come. Let’s leave first!” He Yiming reminded Big Sister Bursting Flame.

Before he left, He Yiming raised his hand.

More than two hundred magic bags flew into the air and fell into He Yiming’s hands.

“Blood profit, it’s simply explosive level blood profit!” He Yiming was very excited, but he did not show it.

So he turned around and prepared to leave.

“Carry me!” However, Big Sister Flame raised her hands and spoke like a child.

“???” He Yiming was filled with questions.

When you killed someone just now, you were as fast as the wind!

But now, he seemed to be unable to walk?

Liar monkey?

I, He Yiming, am the head of a sect. How could I carry a Female Fire Dragon?

A moment later…


The Azure Feather Eagle soared into the sky. He Yiming stood on its back with a calm gaze.

On He Yiming’s back was Big Sis Flame, who had fallen asleep.

“Huang Xiaolong.” He Yiming turned his head to look at the female fire dragon on his back.

Before sleeping, Big Sister Flame finally said her name.

Huang Xiaolong!

Big Sister Flame!

From a rational point of view, signing a companion contract could be said to be an arrow and eagle. There were hundreds of benefits without any harm.

After all…

The Heavenly Pill Demon Female Fire Dragon, since he can’t defeat it and can’t resist, why not… turn her into a human, weakening her strength!

At the same time, with the help of the companion contract, if they could build a good relationship, they would be able to obtain the power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline for a long time, as well as dragon scales and other treasures.

If his luck was good, he might be able to obtain the Heavenly Pill Realm and become an Female Fire Dragon Knight.

But from a perceptual point of view.

The first time he had encountered Big Sister Flame, she immediately launched an attack and brutally killed one of his disciples!

Wu Liuqi!

This blood feud that killed his own disciple… Oh yes, Wu Liuqi could be revived.

Then it would be fine.

He Yiming turned around and glanced at the sleeping light.

Ordinary people would probably be angry at this moment. After all, they had been chased for three days and three nights. How could ordinary people swallow such hatred.

At this moment, all kinds of harmonious content had already begun.

But He Yiming had a question in his mind.

If he didn’t solve this problem, He Yiming definitely wouldn’t be relieved.

“Why did you keep chasing me?” He Yiming could not understand this question.

If the female fire dragon exploded, it would hate humans!

Why didn’t she chase after the other players? Or perhaps she could just slaughter her way out of the Hundred Thousand Mountains and wreak havoc in the Northern Spirit Realm?

If Female Fire Dragon mistakenly thought that he had stolen her treasure and was madly chasing after her, he would vent his anger.

Why was the companion contract so smooth?

This meant that Female Fire Dragon truly trusted him!

This was illogical ah?

It couldn’t be, chasing after him for three days and three nights, but in the end, he was chasing after him with feelings, right?

He could not understand!

He Yiming could not figure out the answer.

“Let’s temporarily find a safe place to rest!” He Yiming looked around and soon found an extremely hidden cave.


Taking a deep breath, He Yiming raised his hand and placed the flying sword at the entrance of the cave.

Once someone approached, Mingyue would automatically kill them.

He Yiming sat down cross-legged, wanting to put Huang Xiaolong down.

However, Huang Xiaolong tightly hugged He Yiming’s neck. He Yiming had used ninety percent of his strength, but he couldn’t move her slender arm.

“Alright, I’m done!” He Yiming gave up.

With a wave of his hand, more than two hundred storage pouches landed in front of him.

“It’s time to open the storage pouch!” He Yiming looked down. The storage pouches in front of him were like treasure chests.

Whether it was a pile of junk or a wave of blood, it all depended on his own luck.

He Yiming had only heard of this scene in the Haotian Academy. He had only heard of it in a few months when his teacher was speaking about it.

After the intense battle between the numerous cultivators ended, they snatched the other side’s bags of holding and cracked them one by one, obtaining all sorts of treasures. How could they not be excited.

“Mm, you’ve grown up!” He Yiming raised his hand and picked up a bag of holding from a Four-Eyed Foundation Establishment Cultivator.


He Yiming, who is at the Sea Wheel Realm, instantly broke the restriction on his storage pouch.

It was no joke to have twelve times the same level of cultivation!

With a shake of He Yiming’s hand, a large pile of things fell to the ground.

Four low-grade spirit tools, more than a thousand spirit stones, more than a dozen pills, and many documents and scrolls.

Other than that, there were also some food refined from demon beast meat, some cool spirit spring water, and a few jade slips. All of them were Four-Eyed Race’s secret techniques.

As for the rest of them, they were all miscellaneous items. The clothes, shoes, and some self-made tools were all worthless.

Bloody profit, truly bloody profit!

He had opened a random bag of holding for the Four-Eyed Foundation Establishment Cultivator. The amount of Spirit Stones he had obtained was equivalent to half a Spirit Stone mine!

Next, He Yiming’s hand speed was extremely fast, breaking through each and every one of the four great clans’ storage pouches.

Not to mention miscellaneous items, there were almost 150,000 spirit stones, over 300 spirit tools, over a thousand pills, over 3,000 spirit herbs, various spirit materials, and rare ores.

As He Yiming recovered his cultivation base, he opened his bag of holding one by one. It took him more than half a day to complete the task.

It’s time to open the Sea Wheel Realm. At this moment, He Yiming’s lips curved upwards. He couldn’t help but look at the remaining thirty or so storage pouches that were exquisitely made and contained even stronger spatial fluctuations.

The bags of holding of the four great clans.

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